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Brings maximum subtlety, nuance and insight into the timeless story of first love.
New Times (L.A.)
Charged by Rideau's amazingly sexy performance as the most forthright gay character put on screen to date, this is a fine piece of filmmaking.
The elusive, quicksilver nature of young love is often reduced to crude simplicities by the movies, but director Sebastien Lifshitz and writing partner Stephane Bouquet have observed it with a superb balance of aesthetics and insight in Come Undone.
The photography is strong, the performances sympathetic and the sex plentiful.
A delicately managed piece that is by turns intimately detailed and elliptical, and that's an approach that suits the tangled emotions of its two protagonists.
A moody, subtle drama that has more in common with the tragedy of "Endless Love" than "Where The Boys Are."
Village Voice
Come Undone's true subject is, simply enough, the perspective-warping enormity of first love, as preserved in a scrapbook of before-and-after snapshots.
Baltimore Sun
Come Undone would have benefited immensely from less constricted performances from Elkaim and Rideau, both of whom go through the film determined not to crack a smile.
New York Daily News
There isn't much here besides two self-absorbed kids.
New York Post
One of those French films whose makers won't lower themselves to tell a story in a way that is entertaining or compelling.

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