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(2000– )

Episode List


Season 21

7 Nov. 2019
Widow's Weeds
Jimmi and Al reconsider their plans when they realise they have forgotten an important date. Elsewhere, Daniel is being 'woke' and Zara is served a large slice of humble pie.
8 Nov. 2019
Needs Must
Sid tries to help a desperate father who wants more access to his estranged son and is prepared to break the law to make it happen.
11 Nov. 2019
Soldier On
Al soldiers on alone at the Icon. Elsewhere, Jimmi has some advice for a troubled Daniel who has just been into battle with Zara again. And an ex-soldier struggling to cope with motherhood puts Emma in a difficult position.
12 Nov. 2019
Hidden Demons
Karen prepares for a risky future. Daniel opens up about his troubled past and realises he can't move forward without Zara's help. Ayesha is furious when she discovers her cousin Kayleigh is literally trying to step into her shoes.
13 Nov. 2019
Put Away Childish Things
Daniel lays his soul bare, the Hollins family greet their latest foster child, and Emma is seeing double. Ruhma has to get tough with two sisters who are unleashing years of petty resentment while she is trying to deliver a baby.
14 Nov. 2019
Someone Else Not Me
Zara saves the day when Martha has an allergic reaction, but Karen is shocked when she discovers how it happened. Later, Zara has a reaction of her own when she sees who Emma is flirting with.
15 Nov. 2019
Highs and Lows
Karen visits Martha in hospital, Daniel is faced with a vision of the future, and Sid gets suspicious after attending a fall at work.
18 Nov. 2019
Barley, Hops, Yeast and Water
Daniel and Zara conduct interviews for the new practice manager, while Karen finds herself deeper in Martha's family life. Al gets involved in an odd family set-up, all in the name of beer.
19 Nov. 2019
After the Crash
Daniel has some news from Zara, while things go from bad to worse for Jimmi. Ayesha finds herself back on the Churchill after a friend of her brothers starts acting oddly.
20 Nov. 2019
Daniel has another session with Silas, while Gareth helps Jimmi out at the Icon bar. Valerie gets tangled up in a very awkward situation.
21 Nov. 2019
Counting Crows
The new practice manager starts work, to much confusion. Jimmi searches for a new car, and Ruhma deals with a woman whose superstitions are troubling her in the build up to a birth.
22 Nov. 2019
The Unlikely Winner
Bear starts feeling the pressure of the job, while Gareth has a suggestion for Al. Rob investigates a murder, and Emma throws some new light on the investigation.
25 Nov. 2019
Bear wriggles out of a tight corner, Daniel struggles to decide on a new car, and Gareth's good mood is punctured. A police officer learns to look beyond her first impressions.
26 Nov. 2019
Daniel seems oblivious to Zara and Karen's concern that Bear is burning the midnight oil. Ayesha guilt trips Emma into helping with her latest project. Al helps a teenager to reveal who has beaten him up.
27 Nov. 2019
Sid crosses paths with an overworked ambulance driver going to extreme lengths to keep up with his workload.
28 Nov. 2019
Every Dog Has its Day
Ayesha's project leads to petty squabbling, a struggling Daniel lashes out, and Al suspects Bear of hiding something. Zara helps a vulnerable widow reconnect with her husband's dog and learns a valuable lesson in return.
29 Nov. 2019
Smears Without Fears
It's the launch night for Smears Without Fears, and Daniel's Christmas spirit loses its jingle. Ayesha's project helps a mum to confront her anxiety and be there for her daughter.
2 Dec. 2019
M is For...
Personal matters threaten to come between Zara and Emma, the new pool car arrives at the Mill, and Daniel confronts Bear. Valerie finds herself in the middle of a crisis between two old friends and their struggling son.
3 Dec. 2019
Christmas comes to Letherbridge as Valerie and Bear decorate The Mill. Sid helps a patient who is convinced that his partner is using drugs again, but how can he explain them both having symptoms?
4 Dec. 2019
Adam helps Joe through a traumatic event, Sid unleashes his marketing skills, and Bear is left with food for thought. An exhausted father forces his daughter to confront the reality of her grief.
5 Dec. 2019
A Bad Place
Bear receives unwelcome news in the post, Gareth drops a bombshell on Daniel, and Ruhma is spirited away to a house of horrors where a woman in labour is convinced of supernatural goings-on.
6 Dec. 2019
Here for the Beer
Zara worries about Joe's state of mind, Karen has a problem with speed, and Bear and Jimmi are introduced. A beer connoisseur travels to taste the Clash of the Icons, but the beer is missing.
9 Dec. 2019
Wild Heart
Karen tries to get Valerie and Ayesha to assist in a cover-up, while Bear undergoes a life-changing test. Al takes a walk on the wild side when a patient's daughter gives him paws for thought.
10 Dec. 2019
Little Boy Found
Karen is vindicated, Daniel and Zara lock horns, and Emma feels sorry for Gareth. Zara helps a teenager learn the real reason behind his behavioural problems but pokes the hornet's nest with his mother.
11 Dec. 2019
Performance Anxiety
While Gareth conceals his drug addiction to save his career, Daniel and Zara try to outdo each other with ways to help Bear with his dyslexia. Karen helps an elderly couple to make beautiful music together.
12 Dec. 2019
A Breach of Trust
Zara looks forward to Adam's return but finds herself trapped in a terrifying struggle with his crazed twin brother, Gareth.
12 Dec. 2019
He Watches
As Zara deals with the effects of her attack, Rob goes on the hunt for Gareth - but will Adam get to his evil twin before the police? Sid's friend Hayley is convinced that a local publican has been haunting her dreams.
16 Dec. 2019
Appetite for Destruction
Zara can't help seeing Gareth in Adam's face as Emma struggles to make sense of what's happened. Ruhma has surprise news for a pregnant young woman in police custody.
17 Dec. 2019
The Deal
Daniel supports Zara as she ends things with Adam, while Al and Jimmi have a threatening visitor at the Icon. Ayesha deals with the fallout from a dodgy batch of pills on campus.
18 Dec. 2019
Jimmi is stunned when a supply of drugs are found in his car and he is arrested for dealing. Daniel has to step in when he encounters a man who is gambling with his own life.
19 Dec. 2019
Jimmi reels as his efforts to defend his innocence fall on deaf ears. Valerie begins to suspect Bear's motives as The Mill struggles to make sense of Jimmi's arrest.
20 Dec. 2019
Serve Cold
Jimmi realises he is facing a long stint in prison when his bail is revoked. Daniel gets to the bottom of Bear's ambivalence towards Jimmi.
6 Jan. 2020
It Takes a Village
Jimmi's new cellmate makes life difficult for him, and Ruhma helps a new mum cope with two overbearing grandmothers.
7 Jan. 2020
Outside, Inside
Al and Emma try to hatch a plan to free Jimmi, but Rob delivers a warning. Sid treats a prison officer who has been advised by Jimmi on the inside.
8 Jan. 2020
Cold Snap
Bear visits Jimmi in prison but fails to disclose their past connection. Ayesha teaches Al a lesson. When an unidentified homeless man is found dead on a freezing street, Emma feels a duty to track down his next-of-kin.
9 Jan. 2020
Bottled Up
Valerie takes samples of her DNA for testing, Joe has an eye infection, and Karen is worried about Jimmi. Ayesha uncovers a secret while helping a school out with injections.
10 Jan. 2020
Pandora's Box
Jimmi has to deal with a riot at the prison, while Zara tries to catch Daniel out. Al is thrown when a patient wants him to fix a broken laptop.
13 Jan. 2020
A Little Knowledge
Valerie's DNA results have arrived, but what will they tell her? Ruhma visits a mother close to birth but finds a tricky husband alongside. Rob assists an Intervention Group, talking to youngsters about the perils of crime.
14 Jan. 2020
Good Neighbours
Zara and Emma are on tenterhooks, while Valerie is concerned about her DNA test results. Daniel gets caught in the middle of two neighbours who are antagonising each other.
15 Jan. 2020
After Dark
Bear and Karen get more than they bargained for when two patients with complex dilemmas present at evening surgery.
16 Jan. 2020
Daniel manages to tie himself in a knot, while Jimmi finds himself posed with some medical intrigue. Sid has to deal with a patient when his wife goes missing.
17 Jan. 2020
Jimmi gets drawn into the murky side of the prison, and Emma has to take a stand when her patients revolt.
20 Jan. 2020
Ruhma and Zara decide to learn sign language, while Al has bad news for Jimmi about the Icon. Rob notices his colleague, PC Hailey Woodruff, is becoming overly invested in a case.
21 Jan. 2020
A conversation with Jimmi leads Emma and Rob to suspect that Jimmi's father may have framed him. Valerie connects with her Jewish heritage - and Rabbi David.
22 Jan. 2020
Wait Problem
Jimmi starts to obsess about his father being guilty, but Rob isn't so convinced. Bear has a run-in with a woman who has built a business around waiting.
23 Jan. 2020
Roach Motel
Valerie and David's bond grows. Jimmi is visited by his father, but will he provide the answers Jimmi needs? Emma finds herself trapped between two feuding brothers - and their cockroaches.
24 Jan. 2020
Jimmi goes to extreme measures to cope with life behind bars, Rabbi David lets Valerie down, and an old lady with dementia mistakenly finds herself at the Mill.
27 Jan. 2020
Daniel becomes the new resident doctor at the prison where Jimmi is being held, Bear is behaving mysteriously, and an old friend of Al's might have seen a ghost.
28 Jan. 2020
Could Be in a Dream
Jimmi tries to kick his prison habit, Daniel struggles to juggle his commitments, and a blow to the head unlocks hidden potential for one of Sid's patients.
29 Jan. 2020
When his mobile phone goes missing, Bear gets lead down a miserable rabbit hole.
30 Jan. 2020
New Follower
Zara rains on Ayesha's dissertation parade, Ruhma feels out of her depth with a deaf patient, and Karen uncovers a patient's racy pastime.