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Aggressively Unlikeable
SnoopyStyle28 October 2013
Dave (Devon Sawa), Sam (Jason Segel) and Jeff (Michael Maronna) are three experts at scamming cheating their way to graduation from Holden University. Only they get found out by geeky Ethan Dulles (Jason Schwartzman) and blackmailed to win over hot girl Angela Patton (Jaime King).

While it's great to see some of the great future stars in action, there's nothing likable about anybody here. In particular, Jason Schwartzman is aggressively unlikeable. The style is ugly. The story is ugly. It's all ugly. The only thing not ugly is Jaime King and Laura Prepon. Although it's very freaky to have the name James King.
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A great comedy from college comedy times
ComedyFan201021 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Somehow I missed out on this movie when it came out and didn't even know it existed until I now randomly found it. This is even surprising since Jason Segel is in it. But I am glad it happened because now many years after the college comedies were a big thing I got to enjoy one as a new. And maybe I liked it more now than I would have back then because it seemed so different unlike it probably was then when it was just one movie of many similar ones.

I must say I have laughed through most of it. The story is simple and pretty fun. The cast is great. For many this movie was in the beginning of their careers and we can see now how far they went from it.

Jason Schwartzman was absolutely perfect as Cool Ethan. He is a geeky psychopath and we are glad he didn't get the girl at the end but at the same he is a total pleasure to watch. Everything he does makes me laugh. He really stole the show.

I felt bad for Laura Prepon who was in this movie for no reason whatsoever, played a very boring character (masturbating on the couch didn't help) and was pretty useless for the story. But other than that I loved it and would watch again.
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Ironically, this could have used more effort
Why do I have the feeling that this is going to read like I'm a bitter jerk who can't relax and enjoy something for what it is? OK, think of American Pie, at least the first one; wouldn't you say that you can describe the most featured characters(that, by the way, can not be cut from the flick without it impacting something), and that they'll be consistent, their actions being ones that you can recognize as ones you might, under similar circumstances, see yourself taking? I hate to sound like that guy who asks for the volume to be turned down, but there's a reason for the former producing hits, in and outside of this sub-genre. Here, essentially, no one has any personality and can't even remain consistent to their one defining attribute, often behaving however the jokes and gags demand them to. Sense is thrown out the window as a common practice in this. That can work, but this lacks an "anchor", there's nothing to relate it all to reality. Also, it often tries way too hard at times; an easy example is, well, you know how these often have someone who's just... weird. Not necessarily any explanation provided, that's merely how he is. This one has two. To be fair, if you accept this at face value, it can be funny, albeit it tends to confuse controversy with humor. This should be recognized for its creativity(if this quality of it possesses all the aim of a cluster-bomb fired in the dark), with dream/fantasy sequences and other odd stuff. Sawa and King bring charisma and acting talent to this, aspects it would otherwise have none of. The pace and energy to this aren't bad. There is plenty of strong language, a lot of moderate sexuality, several hot chicks and brief nudity in this. I recommend this to big fans of R-rated teen comedies. 5/10
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Worst film of 2002 (so far!) /Schwartzman better get a new agent pronto!
george.schmidt5 February 2002
SLACKERS (2002) 0 stars. Devon Sawa, Jason Schwartzman, James King, Jason Segel, Michael C. Maronna, Laura Pepon, Joe Flaherty, Cameron Diaz (Cameo).

Crass, vulgar, immature and inept on all counts for this completely tasteless and unfunny collegiate comedy that defies comprehension as to how the hell this got greenlit: Loser Schwartzman (who better get a new agent pronto ; this is your follow up to "Rushmore"??!!) stalks hottie King and coerces trio of Sawa, Segel and Maronna into getting her to fall for him. Schwartzman's ‘character' is the sleaziest, creepiest sociopath to emerge onscreen in quite some time and each time he's onscreen it compares to nails on a chalkboard; hideous! (Dir: Dewey Nicks)
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A series of "new-lows" for the teen comedy genre
StevePulaski10 April 2013
Slackers is the kind of "late-night comedy" that doesn't even benefit from being shown after 11:00pm. I doubt assistance of alcohol or another abused drug would make it much funnier either. The film victimizes a lot of great actors to its dirty-minded, juvenile humor that is void of any heart or wit. When That 70's Show's Laura Prepon's time to shine involves her fiercely masturbating on the couch while a character scrounges through her roommates' things, you know you've hit a new-low.

That's what Slackers is; a series of "new-lows" haphazardly jammed into a collage of skits attempting to pass as an eighty-six minute film. Certain comedies can get by with that sort of style (The Blues Brothers and Wayne's World achieved tremendous heights on that basis), but the succeeding ones boast more than a talent for spitball-comedy. In addition to that talent, they could give us characters we like, one-liners we could remember, and an inspired cast. Slackers has characters that would be indescribably lucky to serve Jake and Elwood or Wayne and Garth dinner.

The plot: Dave (Devon Sawa) has cheated his way through grade school, high school, and now college, with his buds Jeff (Michael Maronna) and Sam (Jason Segel). They go beyond the usual call of duty, setting up intricate, fool-proof plans on how to get themselves to succeed and help their close friends as well. Apparently, it takes less time to devise schemes than it does to actually study. Moreover, they get caught cheating by Ethan (Jason Schwartzman), a weird student obsessed with Angela (Jaime King), a beautiful girl who attends the same college. Ethan blackmails the three guys behind it and tells them he will get them expelled if they don't set him up with Angela. But of course, when Dave tries, Angela winds up falling for him, leaving Ethan enraged and seriously jealous.

It was just a few months ago I watched Wes Anderson's Rushmore, a film I found difficult to grasp, marginally entertaining, and surprisingly cold to the audience. One of the issues I had was with Jason Schwartzman's Max, who was pompous and self-indulgent in his approach through life. I admired Schwartzman's acting, but that was the extent of that, since I found his character frustrating to say the least, yet after seeing Ethan, I regard Max as a more attractive character to say the least. Here is a deeply depraved character - less a villain and more mentally unstable, as he is obsessed about stealing things of Angela's, such as her underwear, clothes, bracelets, etc. He even goes as far as to collect single-strands of her hair to knot them into a small doll. Consider a scene where her picks up her stray hair, anxiously inhales its aroma, and states how she is using a new shampoo. One, how much scent can be in one strand of hair, but is this a scene we're supposed to laugh at? I cringed and I cringed hard.

And so the mood was set for Slackers, which shockingly doesn't falter because of its reliance on gross-out humor, but reliance on situations that aren't funny, characters that aren't interesting, and lame, uninspired comedic drudgery. Think about a film like American Pie - one of the many ribald comedies this one so desperately wants to be - and think about what made it funny and enjoyable. I hope you recalled the beautifully imperfect, naive characters we watched grow into beautifully imperfect, naive adults, or the fact that there we so many characters it was difficult to choose who was more likable. Here, the one-dimensionality of the cast is stunningly uninteresting, and even worse, stop and think about the characters we're for; loud, obnoxious, stereotypical, cheating idiots. If the aforementioned content wasn't enough to turn you off, try imagining rooting for that one schmuck you know who cheats and does his work unethically. You wouldn't root for him/her at work - why would you in a movie?

Starring: Devon Sawa, Jason Schwartzman, Jaime King, Michael Maronna, Jason Segel, and Laura Prepon. Directed by: Dewey Nicks.
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The Worst Film of 2002? Maybe...
MovieAddict201624 July 2003
I think we can all agree unanimously that teen films are getting worse and worse every year. John Hughes' teen flicks from the 1980s were very special, because they showed "real" teens in "real" situations, and not the stereotypical figures present in all teen films these days. "Not Another Teen Movie" may not have been a great flick, but at least it had the courage to try and spoof all the other films from its genre - "Slackers" doesn't; it just becomes another teen flick.

Here's what we've got: The Three Cool Guys (one of which is an Ugly Cool Guy who should be a Dork) on Campus get blackmailed by The Geek, who wants The Hot Girl, who is interested in The Head Cool Guy, who tries to get The Geek hooked up with her, but ends up falling in love with The Hot Girl. The Other Two Cool Guys get hooked up with other Ugly Girls, and The Geek remains a geek. There always has to be a small band of cool guys breezing past school, there always has to be a geek, there always has to be a pretty girl, and there always has to be the girl everyone thought they wanted but found out they didn't after all.

"Slackers" is about The Three Cool Guys (including "Night of the Twisters's" Devon Sawa) who are happily cheating their way through college, until The Geek ("Rushmore's" Jason Schwartzman) sees them cheating and blackmails them. He wants to get hooked up with The Hot Girl in school, but as I said before, The Hot Girl is interested in The Head Cool Guy, and so when The Geek finds out what's going down he gets mad.

This film is so basic it hurts, but even when you think it can't get more does. The director, Dewey Nicks, has got to be one of the most untalented slackers (har-har) to ever film a movie. Every scene is not only handled with minimum care, preperation and outcome, but shots are suddenly split in between other shots, and imaginations are put into sudden shots. Maybe one time is original, the fiftieth time it gets annoying. It's like a really bad music video that just won't stop playing. Among these very badly cut scenes is one where Jason Schwartzman is talking to two girls and suddenly imagines them licking him all over, then it cuts back to them talking, then licking. Another is when The Three Cool Guys start imagining themselves bicycling and shooting "Star Wars" guns and being chained to a bed by a transvestite. That didn't make sense, did it? No. It doesn't when it suddenly appears in the film, either.

I saw Devon Sawa's first breakthrough role, TV's "Night of the Twisters," and I then saw him in "Wild America." What has happened to him since? "Idle Hands" and "Final Destination" and "Extreme Ops" is what, and honestly I don't think I hear many people talk about him at all. I blame it on "Slackers"; right as his career as an actor started to take off he got stuck in the middle of this wretched film. Eh, I never really liked him anyway.

I do, however, like Jason Schwartzman, who showed some real talent in "Rushmore," which was a bit of a teen movie but had more originality, flare and humor than this film. (It also starred Bill Murray.) "Slackers" has made me lose interest in Schwartzman, because I cannot honestly understand why a young man with so much talent would choose this script over all the others he could have had at this point in his career.

"Slackers" has made me lose respect for everyone involved in the project. If you like any of the actors involved in this horrible production classified as film, I suggest you stay away from it.

1/5 stars -

John Ulmer

(P.S. - Notice the unbilled cameo from Cameron Diaz in the film.)
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very low grade teen comedy (spoilers)
Buddy-5130 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Just when you begin to think that the teen movie genre can't get any worse, along comes a film like `Slackers' to remind us that barrel-bottom scraping has long stood as one of Hollywood's most lucrative and time-honored traditions.

`Slackers' features a trio of amoral buddies who spend most of their time devising elaborate schemes to help each other cheat their way through college. Starting from this rather dubious premise, the film proceeds to encompass every cliché from every teen comedy ever made. With few exceptions, the characters are all unlikable oafs, some of whom actually seem to be suffering from some serious cases of mental illness. It's a little difficult to laugh when you begin to see someone as a genuine threat to the safety and welfare of other people in the vicinity.

As with most youth comedies, `Slackers' serves up a plethora of crude sex gags, only in this case, none of them come across as particularly witty or imaginative. In an attempt to achieve a certain `originality' the film also throws in a few `fantasy' sequences that fall flat through sheer lack of inspiration. Moreover, the college classroom scenes are all appallingly unconvincing, particularly in terms of the kinds of shenanigans that are permitted during test-taking times. And the silly, all's-forgiven ending rings as hollow as everything else in the film.

`Slackers' bombed big time at the box office upon its release in early 2002. Perhaps that shows that Hollywood CAN go broke underestimating the intelligence of its audience after all. It gives one cause for hope.
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Unlikely characters star in a typical teen comedy. Not so often you watch something like it.
insomniac_rod17 August 2009
I enjoyed this movie mainly because I didn't have any expectations on it. I just programmed it on Sky on a Monday night. I watched it, and ended up liking a lot because it's a movie where the main characters and villains (if you can call them that way) are unlikely. What do I mean? The lead character played by Devon Sawa got the guts, the cool attitude, and the on-screen charisma. The antagonist, Jeff, is a freak with some anger problems and really gets on your nerves. Still, he works perfect as the pain in the ass.

The supporting characters do their work pretty well and you can remember about your "Saved by the Bell" years.

The situations are funny and will truly transport you to high school or college.

The only problem I found about "Slackers" was it's over the top situations, and unrealistic climax. Hey, it worked as mindless entertainment at least.

Oh, special mention for Jaime King who looks hotter as hell.

Watch this movie if you're into the kind of humor that goes on high school.
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Smart Comedy Gone Stupid !
elshikh417 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
(David H. Steinberg)'s script seemed initially having some real smart points that could've made good romantic comedy, BUT BUT BUT, oh dear, what did ever happen in the way??!!

I'll tell you what happened. Originally it's (Animal House - 1978) and (Porky's - 1982). Although that was long time ago, but those are the pioneers, the godfathers of the new genre: the crude teen comedy. Then the 1990s came. After important instances that became smash hits, repulsive hits am I add, such as (Problem Child - 1990), (Dumb and Dumber - 1994), (The Nutty Professor - 1996), and (There's Something About Mary - 1998) which I think (Slackers) is affected by, there was the top of the era and the prophet of the next era, the one and only: (American Pie - 1999) which's undoubtedly and incomparably a genre's icon. After that, I think every comedy of that kind got to be that highly filthy, cum laude nasty, to be admired by the youth; otherwise it might be out of fashion!

I believe that (Slackers) had a smart plot first as a script, then its makers got to add a really big amount of: rudeness, filthiness, strangely shameless sex to be made - at those days - as easy as pie! Like they had to fill every scene with freely elements such as: masturbation, oral sex, urination, etc. just to look a la' mode. They're wholly unnecessary elements to the story, but SURELY they are so necessary to make the profits, and to catch the latest vogue in making teen comedies. The problem is in how all of that has replaced already any possible comedy in it.

Some of its moments looked literally horrible, and - as you see - that was the point. It's all in (Jason Schwartzman)'s looks and performance; memorably disgusting to the utmost. So the ambition transformed from being that romantic comedy into making what wasn't done before of pure skinning images. To be more like a horror where you're asking all the time; what nastier that could happen; vomiting?, farting?,.. since these became the easiest combination to create a comedy nowadays.

I was sad over the potential "smartness" of it. Remember well the details of stealing the exam, in the first 2 minutes sequence, so the movie's main plot, about a weirdo who tries to reach a girl by blackmailing cool guys, through the pattern of: boy loves girl, and girl loves another boy. Because save them, the script dealt with its material the tacky way bunch of dirty-minded college boys would do, with making mawkish quip out of anything. So that smartness was happily buried, and the movie was designed to be outrages-for-outrageousness like an adolescent's naughty dream. Though, it ended up as another cheap stupid comedy, and such a nightmare!

Nevertheless, it managed to say something in the end (can you imagine?!); about how it's the time, and the place too, for the impostor or the slack to win, totally like this comedy itself. It sounds good ending yet for totally another movie; which assures my opinion about this one as smart one.. once. And it doesn't need much to understand that this movie's makers are the real slackers. Maybe being stupid is a way to be smart in today's Hollywood, but even if; the result here wasn't at least witty by any sense of the word.

P.S: Its scriptwriter (David H. Steinberg), who wrote the story of (American Pie 2) as well, has a page on the IMDb where you'll find under the "Additional Details" his usual "Plot Keywords" which are: Sex / Vulgarity / Crude Humor. They just forgot to write: Urinating while Showering, and Baring 70 Year Old Women!
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rbverhoef21 May 2003
You have the old high school and college movies like 'Risky Business' and 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' which are funny and pretty innocent. You have the new high school and college movies like 'American pie' and 'Road Trip' which are pretty funny and not so innocent anymore. And you have the latest editions of these movies that have lost all there innocence. 'Van Wilder' in my opinion still was nice and now we have 'Slackers'. I don't know if it is really such a bad movie, but it does anything to get a laugh. And by anything I really mean anything.

I had some kind of fun, I guess, watching this movie. I think I had fun because I still am in my high school and college years. The movie starts with two guys cheating on exams. The way they do it will probably never work in real life, but it looks kind of cool. One of the guys Dave (Devon Sawa) makes a mistake by giving his phone number to a girl Angela (James King). Another guy Ethan (Jason Schwartzman) who is desperately in love with the girl know the truth and blackmails Dave and his friends. They must get Angela and him together. Of course Dave starts to like Angela himself and we have the comedy with all its dirty jokes.

Like I said, I had some kind of fun. You probably will not have any. Almost any other review will say you will not like it. I would give it a try if you are a student yourself, but only then!
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* out of 4.
brandonsites19813 September 2002
Awful film is an early contender for worst film of the year. A group of slackers led by Dave (Devon Sawa) have cheated and lied their way through high school and college. On his final day of exams in college Dave is caught by stalker Ethan (Jason Schwartzman) who forces Dave to help him sit him up with the girl of his dreams (James King). However, she can't stand Ethan and Dave and her end up falling in love instead. Has the production values of a late night screening of Assault of the Party Nerds and features some of the most uneasy, nastiest attempts at comedy including a scene involving Mamie Van Doren. The cast deserves better material then this.
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"How to Meet Girls and Alienate Friends"
Kamurai2510 March 2021
Decent watch, could watch again, and can recommend.

I don't think this is a movie anyone is going to watch again and again, but I believe it's memorable enough to be somewhat infamous.

This is the movie with the hairdoll.

My big problem with this movie is that the protagonists are scumbag liars and cheaters, and while the antagonist is somewhat crazy, he's the villain because he catches them in the act of misdeeds. That he uses the information to his advantage is actually somewhat symbolic of heroic stories, but he's such a nutcase that it is twisted.

I'd love to see a reboot of this with Schwartzmen's character as the protagonist, but with some proper character development would be a great movie, this is, at best, a good movie.
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Schwartzman stole the film,
Matt_Layden6 December 2009
The film is amusing and Devon Sawa plays himself, yet again, in this teen comedy fare that takes place in College. The story centres around these three guys who cheat their way (elaborately) throughout college. This one 'loser' who calls himself Cool Ethan (played by Jason Schwartzman in a stand out role, discovers this and blackmails them in order to get a date with this hot chick that he is stalking. I use the term stalking loosely, he has a shrine dedicated to her, a video of her playing in this shrine 24/7 and he collects her hair all over campus and made a hair doll that he sleeps with/talks to and uses to masturbate. Weird right?

Formulaic script goes on and Sawa falls in love with the girl he was paid to seduce for Schwartzman. She discovers this and hates him, he has to do something romantic and win her back, yawn. Jason Segel is one of the three 'slackers' before his rise to fame and right after his role Freaks and Geeks. It's nothing big, just a supporting role.

The film is really weird and out there, even for a teen comedy. One of the slackers, the ginger one, sings to his penis...and his penis literally sings back to him. He has a sock on it and it sings, mouth moves and everything. Why is this scene here? What does it do for the film? I have no idea. This character is weird and funny though, one standout scene is when he has to finish an exam and the teacher calls for pencils down. He continues to write and flips off the teacher, the teacher yells that he has failed. When he walks up to the desk the teachers says don't even bother handing it in, the ginger asks if he even knows who he is. The teachers replies no, so the kid throws his paper in the middle of the pile of tests and throws them around, then runs away. Funny and something I can see actually happening....singing penis, not so much.

I did laugh, mainly because Schwartzman stole the film. Segel has gone on to be a part of a hit show and a regular for the Apatow crew. Schwartzman has a new show on television and has his bits with Wes Anderson. Sawa? I don't even know what he's doing anymore. He has his fame when he was younger and the girls wanted him. He got ugly and fell off the map. I wanted more of their elaborate cheating schemes and less of the love story that doesn't make sense. They love each other after two or three dates?
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Not for the plot. Not for the humour. Not even for the acting. For the honesty.
Howlin Wolf6 March 2005
It's hardly a surprise that the critics (and indeed a number of cinephiles on here) seem to reserve a special kind of scorn for "Slackers. It's appallingly 'loose' or endearingly ramshackle, depending on your view; and does not in any way let itself down concerning the mandatory 'vulgarity quotient' that appears inbuilt into pretty much every teen comedy these days. The performances, as weirdly appropriate as they seem to be for this kind of material, won't shake the foundations of 'the method' either; so from this quick overview, there appears to be not much to recommend it, and one begins to understand the vituperative comments hurled its way. Indeed, initially I was casting my eye upon it in much the same manner, until...

... something new became apparent to me; a 'freshness' not normally present in Hollywood product that was able to gradually sneak up on me precisely because it was so unexpected. It's produced unerringly from the perspective of its characters, is true to them, unflinching from their idiosyncrasy to the extent that the finished result feels the least 'manufactured' it's possible to get in todays climate. It's made by people who seem to know what it is to BE 'slackers'; (and that's a compliment!) so small wonder that bumptious critics were virtually falling over themselves to cock an easy snark at such a decadent and wasteful way of life. Of course, THEY work hard, THEY are cultured, worldly and sophisticated. The fact is though, a distinct 'subculture' exists who possess NONE of those attributes; and expecting an informed judgement to come from those who are completely alien to such a lifestyle is sheer foolishness. It's nice to see a piece of work come from those who know of which they show. So often these days we get films about collegiate people made by those whose indolent days are obviously well behind them. (if they ever existed at all) This is that rare film that gets it right; capturing authenticity, and then selling it so perfectly back to us that no wonder some people are turned off by what they see. If you've been there, though, then you'll be one of the few who 'get' it... This is a script that understands how sometimes certain people say random 'odd' things that nevertheless sound hilarious to the attuned ear.

If you're a slacker, then you'll like it; even with reason trying to tell you that perhaps you shouldn't. For the rest - stay away; it was never meant for you anyway. F.U.B.U - For Us, By Us... !
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So So teen comedy
DunnDeeDaGreat23 October 2002
Slackers is a so so teen comedy. I mean the film has a few one liners and a couple of gross out parts but all in all it's a waste of time. Jason Schartzmen who made such a memorable debut in Rushmore is wasted, the same goes for Devon Sawa who made a splash in Final Desnation. For die hard teen movie fans only.
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You're smart. I like you. I'll probably give you a nickname.
film-critic10 August 2006
For me, Slackers wasn't a poor film, but it wasn't, by far, the greatest comedy ever written. I am basing this fact on the "laugh" factor. For a reason that I cannot explain, I found myself mildly entertained by this film. I don't know if it was the constantly changing tone of the film, or the fact that Schwartzman pulled the comedy off with the greatest of skills, but this meager film critic found some value in this little off-beat comedy. I will have to whole-heartedly agree with other critics that Slackers was cliché, random, and at times, very very dull, but overall it seemed to fit. I have found quite a bit of articles comparing this film to the infamous American Pie movie, but to me, it seemed more like a less-nudity, less-bodily gas humor version of Animal House. The intelligence skirted around this film, at times entering in it providing one or two great moments, but overall it couldn't counter the random blandness that seemed to further creep in, surpassing the greatness.

I think we should begin with the good of this film, because again, it is what stood out greater in the scheme of it all. Jason Schwartzman. Bar none he carried this film. From his random songs, the great scenes in which he "volunteers" with Angela, and his well-celebrated hair doll, Schwartzman was funny. In fact, as you watch this film, one could say that in each scene Jason is honored to be in, he dominates them. His lines are not just perfect, but his mannerisms seem to also accentuate his character very well. Schwartzman is worth the price of the rental alone. Outside of me just drooling on Jason's character "Cool Ethan", I thought that the sporadic (and need I say random) way that this film was actually filmed, with the "Magic Number" relapse, the true way to help Ethan find a girl, and the singing sock – of which that is all I believe I can say. These enjoyable interjections made Slackers a bit more unique. I wasn't expecting this level of satire for such a small film. It felt like director Dewey Nicks did his comedy homework. He knew how to make some people laugh. Now, I am not saying that he graduated from Comedy College, but he did finish his homework early as well as do the extra credit.

Jason Schwartzman was phenomenal in this film, but those that accompanied him deserve some respect as well. While I think that Devon Sawa was struggling in this film (see next paragraph), his co-conspirators held their own. Jason Segel reminded me of a young Ken Marino, just not as funny) and Michael C. Maronna had a funny bit or two. Laura Prepon, of That 70s Show fame, added some flair to the duller moments, but seemed more like eye-candy than any sort of actual actor value. The hair doll was an odd, yet fun element. I don't want to drool over Schwartzman in this entire review, but it was entire do to him that this film did not fail in my eyes. He was short, spastic, and completely unappreciated by other critics. This was one of those small films that allowed Schwartzman to fully grow and demonstrate his humorous ability. I could go on for some time, but I have to discuss the ultimate pitfalls of this film.

Slackers was funny, but it wasn't great. I don't think I could bear to watch a second time. While I previously drooled over the amazing comic ability of Schwartzman, he could not match the downfalls of this film. There was not visible plot. There was a very cliché storyline that could be viewed in nearly every other film of this genre, but nothing that immediately stood out. While I did just mention how amazing the one to four humorous imaginative scenes were (thus making it a memorable film – not just forgettable), there were plenty of faulty scenes that followed. I would have to criticize Jaime King for her very poor acting in this film. She was purely placed in Slackers to advance the story, nothing more, nothing less. Her lines were wooden, her character was trite, and nothing was appealing about her in the least. She attempted some comedy, but obviously could not handle the talent that surrounded her. The same could be said about the ending of this film. While I did think that it wrapped up decently well (for a comedy college film), there were increasingly more random moments (one featuring Cameron Diaz) and less actual character development. I wasn't expecting a character driven story here, but I was expecting to know this trio a bit more. I would have loved some history on "Cool Ethan" and his demonic love for Angela. I felt that everything suddenly situated at the end of the school year. Why couldn't we have seen Ethan's passion for Angela grow instead of tossed directly in our faces? I just seemed that Nicks should have expanded his comedy segments, developed a funnier story with Ethan, and given us a stronger female lead, and he would have had a keeper of a film. Instead, he force-fed us mediocrity, until we could not do anything but enjoy it.

Overall, I liked Slackers for trying to break the genre norm. Did it succeed in being imaginative and original? My answer world be "no", but it did give over 100% in trying. For those wanting to see Schwartzman roots, this would be a great place to start. I will agree that he was playing from his Rushmore character a bit to much, but I didn't mind. He was out of the box and insane at all the right places, bringing some much needed chuckles to the film. I would recommend it to friends, but not as more than a one-night viewing. It definitely had some potential, director Nicks just chose not to exploit it.

Grade: *** out of *****
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mattymatt4ever2 February 2002
Not to my surprise, Dewey Hicks (director of this disaster) has NO films on his filmography. When I say this guy can't direct his way out of a paper bag--I mean it literally! And whoever edited this film must've fallen asleep. The movie has no rhythm whatsoever! It is all over the map--to say the least! I'd rather watch some stranger's home movies.

There is not one appealing character present in the script. Who are we supposed to root for? Should Jason Schwartzman get the girl? Should Devon Sawa get the girl? I really don't give a damn!!! All I was rooting for was the go faster! I've never looked at my watch more times in my life. And this is only a ninety-minute film! That's a shame!

Schwartzman is a terrific actor, and I see real potential in the young man. I wasn't a fan of "Rushmore"--in fact, I pretty much dread the film--but I still saw a great star-making quality in Schwartzman. He took a long break from film, before he took on this obnoxious role. Well, he made an appearance on Conan, and he mentioned that he is doing a movie with Al Pacino, and another one with Mickey Rourke. So hopefully, he will lead a promising career, AVOIDING lame flicks like this.

The gags are flat as a board, which is how I felt--BORED!! How can you make a female masturbation gag fall flat? And there's one unpleasant gag involving an over-the-hill bimbo exposing her raggedy breasts and asking Schwartzman to sponge-bathe them. Please explain how that was supposed to be funny? This film doesn't even make an effort! OK, so this is a R-rated comedy and besides the two gags I mentioned (and one involving a singing sock puppet on someone's penis), this is the not the teen gross-out comedy you would anticipate. But that's not saying much. All I'm asking for is some laughs!

Why, oh why, did Cameron Diaz have a cameo in this film? And what surprises me even more is that her appearance wasn't unbilled! If you check out the cast list on the IMDB, it says "Cameron Diaz as herself." BTW, Gena Gershon also has a cameo. But her name is nowhere to be found. Gena, you did the right thing!

Most of these teen flicks are really lame, but they usually have some so-bad-it's-good qualities to make them somewhat watchable. "Slackers" is not only bad, not only incompetent, but it's one of the most boring films I've seen in a long, long time! And that is why this movie scrapes the bottom of the barrel of teen comedies. I would put this movie alongside "Drive Me Crazy" with Melissa Joan Hart.

The real slackers are all the people involved in making this "comedy"! I don't see how ANYONE can enjoy this movie!

My score: 2 (out of 10)

One positive note: There's a cool rendition of "Teenage Wasteland" at the opening of the film.
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Better Ones Have Come before, But This Was Pretty Funny.
movies2u3 June 2002
Slackers is a story of Dave, who has cheated his way through junior high, high school, and now college, so basically he has cheated through his life. But when he is caught by the dorky Ethan, Ethan threatens to tell on them, unless they give him something he dreams of, which is a girl named Angela who he obsesses over. Dave and his friends are willing to do this, but when Dave and Angela fall head over heels in love, Ethan goes mad, and in crazy and wild mishaps Ethan's antics go extreme.

That is basically the story line,and this movie was pretty funny. I enjoyed it. I give Slackers a 7 out of 10. :)
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Just another teen comedy.
Jack the Ripper18886 April 2003
Many of the critics usually can teen films such as this one because they feel that the films are not "original" enough. Which they usually aren't. SLACKERS is not much different than all of the billions of teen films which have come before it (SHE'S ALL THAT, BOYS AND GIRLS, CAN'T HARDLY WAIT and the spoofing parody NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE). There are thousands more, but that is enough for right now. Anyway, the people who made SLACKERS probably felt that they were just making another forgettable teen flick, but towards the middle of filming, it seems like they forgot that.

The film turns all 'romantic' and then turns stupid....

The cast was not filled with any really big names. Devon Sawa (IDLE HANDS, FINAL DESTINATION) is probably the biggest star here, because I don't really recognize any of the other actors. The film's sense of humor wasn't even all that great really. It starts out with simple 'teen movie' humor and throughout the course of the film, it doesn't really change a whole lot. I thought SLACKERS was mildly entertaining, but the film is not to be given too high of a rating, because like many other people have said, the film is really not all that original and some people even consider it to have been one of the worst films of 2002.

SLACKERS: 3/5. (Not the greatest teen comedy, but still funny with widespread appeal).
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Barely watchable
K3nzit4 January 2020
Saw it on TV one late night and I guess I found it decent enough to not change the channel. I remember that Devon Sawa's acting was really bad.
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200th IMDb movie review!!!! Burn all copies of this movie please
jessegehrig22 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Hey movie, go f*ck yourself- is what I would like to say to this inanimate object- fist that greasy f*ck right up in there. This movie's only likable character is the antagonist, played by Jason Schwartzman. What does that say for a movie when it's only likable character is portrayed as creepy and alone? What does it say for this movie when at the end the good looking guy who never has known alienation or desperation ends up with the good looking girl who has never known suffering or defeat- Am I supposed to be glad for this union or horrified? Is the purpose of this film to crush my soul? Yeah, none of the central characters ever worked for anything, they scammed and lied and cheated for everything, just quality sociopath behavior, awesome that we glorified it in film. Yeah, so Devon Sawa, you are a piece of sh*t. Also, Jamie King, on the movie's poster you are billed as James King, so suck on that!
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Poor comedy
Spanner-24 February 2002
In this "comedy", Jason Schwartzman (who was so excellent in "Rushmore") plays a college geek/stalker who blackmails Devon Sawa into helping him win the hottest babe on campus (model James King). Predictable stuff as Sawa falls for the girl as well, mildly entertaining at times but full of bad writing and poorly developed characters that seems to have almost a pro-cheating message... a misfire on all cylanders. GRADE: D
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Pretty Surprised
jts04053 September 2009
Going into this, I thought Slackers was going to suck big time. I actually ended up, not loving, but enjoying this movie. It definitely is worth a watch one time. The greatest character is by far Cool Ethan. I feel that Jason Schwartzman played the part extremely well, and I could not see someone else in that role now. Other than Schwartzman's hysterical performance, this was basically just another comedy focusing around guy's slacking off and meeting girls. For a change we actually see it take place at a College instead of the normal High School backdrop. But really this is worth it for those that like a dumb yet funny movie.

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Slackers fails to deliver the laughs
christian12317 May 2005
Slackers is just another teen movie that's not really worth watching. Dave (Devon Sawa), Sam (Jason Segel) and Jeff (Michael C. Maronna) are about to graduate from Holden University with Honors in lying, cheating and scheming. The three roommates have proudly scammed their way through the last four years of college and now, during final exams, these big-men-on-campus are about to be busted by the most unlikely dude in school. The plot is very stupid and there's no reason why to watch this unless your looking to shut off you brain for a little while. Slackers is just a predictable teen flick that really adds nothing new to the genre. The comedy in Slackers is either hit or miss but there's no real true funny or original moment in the movie. Its really just a collection of gags and some are actually pretty funny. Though for every joke that works there's at least eight more that don't. The screenplay is full of penis and breast jokes that some high school and college students may enjoy. Even if they do they probably won't remember this film after awhile as its not a very memorable comedy. Jason Schwartzman plays the freaky Ethan and after appearing in some good comedies he has stoop pretty low. Jaime King and Devon Sawa are the other main stars but they do a rather poor job in this film. This is directed by Dewey Nicks and this is his first film so you can't blame him too much. The funniest character was probably Laura Prepon though, she's not in the movie very much. The film is very short at only 86 minutes long however, that may be too long for some people who don't really like this type of humor. Slackers isn't the worst film of 2002 but certainly is below average. When compared to other films in the genre there's a lot better out there such as Not Another Teen Movie, American Pie and its sequels , Scary Movie 1 & 2 etc. So unless you have seen most of them and you're looking for something new then Slackers might fit that bill but its better if you just watch something else. Rating 4.3/10 a below average teen comedy that's worth skipping.
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Unappealing, hateful, disgusting
kibler@adelphia.net7 October 2003
Slackers (2001) Devon Sawa, Jason Segel, Michael Maronna, Jason Schwartzman, James King, Laura Prepon, D: Dewey Nicks. A trio of friends happily cheat their way through college, but when nerdy Schwartzman spots one of them stealing questions, he threatens to blackmail them unless they find a way to make his strongly obsessive crush on beautiful King ring true. Hatefully gross teen-movie-of-the-week gets gagged to death by sluggish, unappealing gags (which will literally make you gag), with reference to penis puppetry, masturbation, and oral sex. Exploits the aged 1950s sex-bomb Mamie Van Doren's breasts in a sponge bath joke, which shows the only female nudity. And yes, that is Cameron Diaz being smothered by one of the stars. Running Time: 87 minutes and rated R for strong language, sexual content, some nudity, and for brief drug use. ½ *
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