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Pretty cool effects for 1994
MartinHafer8 June 2008
The film begins with an early warning station on Earth reporting that an object is hurling towards the planet. Everyone is scared but there doesn't seem to be much anyone can do, so they wait---anticipating the impact of this odd object. However, instead of a disastrous impact, the scene switches and the Silver Surfer appears to a group of naturally scared kids.

While this short film is far from perfect, I was shocked how negative the review was that first appeared for this entry. Sure, the film is way too short on plot, but after all, it looks like it was meant as an experimental film. And, based on the technology that was available in 1994, it is a good film and worth a peek.
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Come with me if you want to surf.
utgard149 January 2016
The Silver Surfer comes to Earth and helps a kid whose Terminator doll was stolen by some bullies in this impressive student film. That's pretty much it. The short was made during the height of the Terminator 2: Judgment Day craze (hence the doll). Presumably the T-1000 in that movie made some people think "wow this technology could help make a wicked Silver Surfer movie" and so they set about trying to prove that on a small scale. We've since gotten an actual Surfer in the less-than-great Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie. While those effects were better than these, they weren't light years apart despite the astronomical difference in budget. Obviously something like this shouldn't be rated on the same scale as something professionally produced (and I've seen far worse "professional" efforts). It's enjoyable for Silver Surfer fans or anyone who likes looking at amateur short films.
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Kirpianuscus28 March 2018
Depend what you expect. the story is moving - the dream of every child. the technonology represents its time. short - a mix of smile and emotion. not spectacular. only nice.
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The character deserves better
Warning: Spoilers
"The Silver Surfer" is an American live action short film from 1992, so this one had its 25th anniversary already last year. The director is Eric Fleming, but he is as unknown (at least today) as basically all the actors in here, not just the child actors. I must say I kinda like the title character in animation, so I was curious with what they would come up here. Early on we see scientists discovering the Silver Surfer coming to Earth before the action and story move away from them towards a boy who has his action figure stolen from him by some bullies. Of course, seriously (?), Silver Surfer has already arrived at that point and comes to the boys help before giving the figure his special treatment. Well, the special effects weren't too bad here really, but the story is just such a mess that you hope that this 5-minute film could end even sooner and all this while it includes a pretty great deal of credits already in these 300 seconds. The little epilogue scene is maybe still the best moment of the entire thing as we have the only comedic moment with scientists and the boy meeting in getting the two stories together as they fight in a (for us) funny manner for the doll as both want it. But itt cannot make up for everything before that. I hope the Silver Surfer at some point gets a quality live action film too. This one here is not it, at best a shallow introduction. Don't watch.
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Impressive effects for the time but that's about it
bob the moo14 October 2007
Something is picked up on radar heading straight for earth. With a time to impact of under ten seconds there is little time to do anything other than watch. Meanwhile in an ordinary street a young boy is being bullied for his Terminator action figure and urgently needs whatever help he can get.

Off the back of Fantastic Four 2 (or "4: Rise of the Silver Surfer" to give it its proper title) I came to this film looking for a bit more surfer action. Very quickly I realised that this film was never made to entertain anyone or be something that anyone would actually pay money to see (or at least I hope not). No, what this film does is showcase some impressive (for the time) special effects. There is no doubting the importance of the film in that regard as the surfer looks cool despite his stiff movements. Certainly considering the budget this was an achievement.

However, watching it almost twenty years later (yeah, makes me feel old too) I have to ask what they did for the non-studio viewers and the answer is very little. There is no story of significance or action to care about. Although I normally deliberately side against the fan boys I too must ask if there was not a more worthy cause that could have brought the surfer into play than a boy with a doll (you heard me, a doll). As it is, apart from an effects shot of a few seconds, there is not a lot to be had here and those looking for more of the surfer will be disappointed to learn that it makes FF4: 2 looks like Hamlet.

Overall then this works really well as a piece of effects development and it is impressive if you put yourself mentally in 1994 while watching it. However those looking for anything more than this will be sorely disappointed as otherwise there is nothing to be had here whatsoever.
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Silver Surfer 1994 STUDENT PROJECT
diamndhd29 January 2009
This 5 minute film basically set the pace for CGI animation. When I saw the Fantastic Four Movie /Sllver Surfer movie, I was moved that they had used the same animation 'styling' that Robert Letterman had used over a decade ago.

What people have to take into consideration is that Stan Lee Comics was NOT going to just 'give' the rights to shoot a feature film to a bunch of film students. Even if said students were attending USC and had access to the Spielberg film studio/lab. Which, at the time, was state of the art.

Also, if you notice, the Silver Surfer was an 'Improved' model over the Terminator 2's nemesis villainous character who was made of "polymemetic alloy" or whatever the hell it was Arnold was trying to say in the movie :)

So, I give this a 10 simply for the effort of the team of kids (at that time) that did this. Personally, I think the thing with the doll was the filmmaker's sense of cynicism and sarcasm. Of course, you'd have to ask them! :)
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Ummmm... what the...?
Schermdog7 June 2003
Yeah, did anyone see a point? I mean, the effects were cool, and really damn impressive for a short film in 1994, but... what the hell was this? I sure didn't see a point. Oh well, if you're bored and like Silver Surfer, don't expect much, but yeah, it's kinda cool.
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The Silver Surfer 1994: Excellent Movie
WakenPayne13 November 2009
This Movie Has Some Of The Best CGI Effects I Have Ever Seen In A Short Movie The Plot Is That In NASA Has Spotted An Incoming Object Coming Towards Earth, Meanwhile A Kid Is Being Chased By These Bullies For A Terminator Doll & Meanwhile At NASA The Object Reaches Earth & At The Street That The Kid Is Being Chased The Surfer Comes In & The Kids Run Away & The Surfer Gives Him His Doll & Changes It From A Terminator Doll To A Silver Surfer Doll & He Flies Away. The Movie Has Cool Effects For The 90's A Short Movie I'd Recommend To Anyone Of Any Age This Is An Excellent Short Movie This Makes Him Have More Of A Time Associating His Human Side Instead Of That 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer All In All I Give This An 8.
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There's a reason for everything.
superpiran28 October 2005
OK, so it might not be the most detailed storyline and, as far as sticking to the comic book, it couldn't really be further from the real thing. But don't be deceived, there's a reason that the Silver Surfer movie was made, and it's more interesting than you can imagine. To learn more about it go to I've been trying to find it on the net for ages so if anyone knows where it is, let me know! I really think this was a ground-breaking clip, not only because of the technological leaps that it took to make it, but also the fact that this was before the comic book revolution hit the screens and already big Hollywood players were scrambling to get into it, well eventually anyway.
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