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Blake Lively Thanks Ben Affleck for Awkward Sex Scene in 'The Town'

Blake Lively apparently has to push through awkwardness when filming sex scene with Ben Affleck during her first day of shooting "The Town". During a chat with her on-screen lover who also happens to be the director of the action crime thriller for Interview magazine, the "Gossip Girl" beauty thanked him for that.

The 22-year-old came up with the remark after Ben praised her for being "very poised and comfortable" and "more mature than some of the crew members" during the filming of the scene. "The sex scene was really awkward. It was my first day, so thank you for that," she said. After Ben responded by saying "You're welcome", she added with a laugh, "I guess it was good to break the ice."

Sharing the secret why she can be comfortable despite the situation, Blake said, "Well, I have a big family and no one ever treated me like a child.
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Heidi Klum back on runway

New York, Nov 21 (Ians) German supermodel Heidi Klum has returned to the runway just five weeks after giving birth to her fourth child.

Klum left baby daughter Lou with singer husband Seal to slip into a purple corset for the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret show here, reports

Sharing the secret of her perfect figure, Klum said dropping pounds comes easily to her.

‘I don’t have to do too much. I do eat very healthy and I drink lots of water and I breastfeed. This keeps me very active and healthy,’ said Klum.
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I actually feel like I am 25 or 26, Shahrukh

King Khan turns 44 today but the actor still feels that he is 25 or 26. Growing age has not weakened his will power and feels that he has miles to go. Speaking on his birthday, Srk said, "I accept the age that I am in, but I actually feel like I am 25 or 26, except for a few physical injuries that I have had."Sharing the secret of his good looks, Shahrukh said, "The funny part is that when I look nice, people think that I must have done a plastic surgery, and when I look bad they say I am over and done with. The secret is that on days when I sleep well, I look good and the days when I don't, I look old."Shahrukh was not...
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The Pull List Comic Reviews: ‘Green Lantern’, ‘Spider-Man: Clone Saga’ and ‘Die Hard: Year One’

Pull of the Week:

Green Lantern #46 – DC – $2.99

Score: 7.5

As Blackest Night continues, as does the rest of the saga of Hal Jordan and the other Lantern Corps. This issue picks up immediately following the Indigo Lantern teleporting Hal away from the Flash in Blackest Night #3, Hal finds himself in the middle of the Star Sapphires battle with the Sinestro Corps as well as the Black Lanterns.

In the process of the attack from the Black Lanterns, the Star Sapphires must also worry about the threat of the Predator being released. Sharing the secret of how to destroy the Black Lanterns with Star Sapphire, Indigo-1 quickly transports away Hal, Sinestro and Star Sapphire as they try to gather bearers of the various lights. But to unite the various Corps, the split within the Sinestro Corps must be mended and only have one leader. Hal, Sinestro and Star Sapphire quickly realize that
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