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A Pleasant Surprise from Our Neighbors
Ron Smolin22 December 2003
Thanks, Canada, for this well done TV movie, filled with intelligence and visionary material, with excellent acting and images. The story itself provides a close look at the mind of evil --acting without any regard for consequences. Did Darren engineer the murders just for the money? Or was he also angry enough because he was scorned by his mother for his sexual proclivities? In any event, this is a fine TV film.
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A mindgripping journey trough the mind of a killer
cinema-301 October 2000
This is an absoulute masterpiece. A journey throug the darkest corners of a killers mind. A greek drama set in modern time. And it's true and accurate in all sense. Thats the most mind bugging part of it. It is a film that grows deeper on you as time passes. I was absoulutely taken all the time and kept thinking and admiring the craft of this filmmaking, for hours afterwards. Eric in the role of the killer, that had lost all sence of reality in his makebelieve, sterile, upperclass existance, delivers his part in "Oscar" bravour. The art direction, filming, rithm, passage, lighting, direction, performances and a brilliant script. All is flawless and makes this film a feast to see. It takes you. It holds you and does'nt let go untill days later. It is the best docudrama on murder I have seen. So suttle and down to earth, character oriented and scaringly real without any blood or gore. I think it will surprice its own makers in succsess. Congratiolations Sturla!
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