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Boston Globe
It's slick, sleek, and stylish, and if it doesn't quite redefine cool, it certainly offers a snazzy update.
L.A. Weekly
The most purely entertaining movie to come out of Hollywood so far this year, and if that doesn't seem worthy of Soderbergh's talents, it's worthy enough for a night's amusement.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
The movie, in a very real sense, is about the privilege, the sexiness, of being a movie star. Certainly it isn't about the heist; never was.
A champagne bubble of a movie, lively, effervescent and diverting. If it bursts earlier than we'd like -- and it does -- that takes nothing away from the considerable pleasure it provides along the way.
In her byplay with Clooney, Roberts only occasionally strikes a spark. Clooney, on the other hand, generates heat.
A caper that rarely goes wrong.
Portland Oregonian
It's not deep for a second -- indeed, it repels depth deliberately as if allergic to it -- but it's as swell a swell time as grown-ups could want at the movies.
Chicago Sun-Times
Serious pianists sometimes pound out a little honky-tonk, just for fun. That's like what Steven Soderbergh is doing in Ocean's Eleven.
The New Yorker
The most confidently professional work Soderbergh has ever done, but it's also the least adventuresome and emotionally vital. It vanishes faster than a shot of bourbon. [Dec 10 2001, p. 110]
Doesn't offer much.

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