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Sex & Nudity

  • On repeated occasions, Sandrine is shown in bed with her visiting friend, even though, on one occasion, she has established with him that they are just friends.
  • No nudity is shown however.

Violence & Gore

  • During her training as a farmer, Sandrine is shown assisting in the slaughter of an adult pig, which is wrestled to the ground, tied to a fork lift by its feet to hang upside down, in which position it is shot in the head. The blood is caught in a bowl, and Sandrine has to keep stirring the blood with a large spoon even though she is quite upset. The farmers keep pumping the pig's legs to make the blood flow, and the pig's head is shown drenched in blood.
  • A dead rabbit is shown on a dinner table, without its skin, though the feet still have the skin and fur.
  • A goat is shown giving a very difficult, painful birth to two dead goat kids, and Sandrine has to grab the feet of the stillborn animals and pull them out of the goat's birth canal.
  • Full grown cows are shown being killed, via electric shock, in a slaughterhouse. The cow's face is shown as it gasps its last and has its death spasms, and then the cow is shown rolling down a metal slope to where it lands on slaughterhouse floor.


  • In the English subtitles on the DVD, Sandrine uses the F-word at least once.
  • One use of "God d****t*," several uses of "f**k" and one use of "a**."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The old farmer is shown having his heart attack, in a commuter train, during which no one in his car notices.

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