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Not as bad as I was led to believe
TheLittleSongbird12 December 2009
Cats and Dogs was a pretty entertaining film. I will admit it I think kids will enjoy it more than adults, but it is fun. It has a silly but clever plot, a commendable voice cast and some decent acting in the human cast. While there are some funny moments, there are some parts in the middle half that are lacking slightly in comedy, and the script is a tad weak in parts. Despite the film's short length, it goes along at a swift pace, and the characters are at least likable. I have to say Lou(voiced with earnest conviction by Tobey Maguire) is adorable for a dog, and while you certainly don't want to mess with villainous feline Mr Tinkles (Sean Hayes seems to having a whale of a time here), though he is cute to look at. I have to say I think the best lines came from Mr Tinkles, they were often hysterical. As I said, the voice cast do a commendable job with the material they are given, and Jeff Goldblum and Elizabeth Perkins turn in decent human performances as well. The technical aspects are very well done indeed, and the music is good. Laurence Guterman does well directing, better than he did in the dreadful Son of the Mask four years later. All in all, not perfect, but it is cute and has a great concept. Kids will love it, adults might. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Clever, Likable Kids Movie
ccthemovieman-19 April 2007
This was a pretty clever film mixing live characters and human voices for the dogs and cats. The dubbing is extremely well-done, and so is the humor. It's a funny story, although it displays the typical whacked-out father, which is another political correctness feminist agenda (mother = good; father = bad). Other than that, it is a very entertaining film even with a bunch of silliness.

Check the cast out. How often to you see Susan Sarandon and Charleton Heston in the same movie. Now THERE is diversity, even if it's only their voices!

People here complain the film is too much for kids, and not adults. Well, isn't that terrible? Imagine the nerve of these filmmakers, doing something just for children!
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It's good for the kids - that's all that matters...
general-melchett19 February 2007
I personally thought Cats and Dogs was really good. The espionage war between the cats and the dogs was an inspired, if not so original idea, and the fight scenes were hugely amusing - the ninja cats had me in stitches, to say the least. The way Mr. Tinkles suddenly finds a way to make his plan succeed is a little rushed - how did the fainting of his owner suddenly change everything? There are several plot holes in this film, and a little more explanation wouldn't have done harm. But this film didn't try to be intelligent or gripping - it's basically the Cold War with pets for most of the film, but with a climactic finish in which everything is suddenly resolved and all the baddies are ruined. Even if it is not a corkingly intelligent piece of cinema, it sure is an amusing one, and it isn't badly done either. In fact, the climactic finish is brilliantly done and very amusing - machine guns are replaced by spraying machines, and bombs are replaced by spraying machines too (you'll see what I mean). It stays funny throughout, and it is amusing to see how all of the espionage happens behind all the humans' backs. Even if it does make human beings out to be a bunch of idiots who could quite easily be invaded by animals, this is still a great film which will tickle anyone's funnybone (unless you're a cruel, heartless critic of course...) 7/10
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Good for kids but fails to have any adult comedy
bob the moo4 January 2002
Scientist Brody is working on a formula that will wipe out dog allergies, thus making dogs the most popular pets on earth. When the dog agent protecting the house is kidnapped he is accidentally replaced by an untrained puppy Lou. Lou is trained up with the help of Butch, Peeps, Ivy and Sam. However with Mr Tinkles chasing the formula and Lou growing near to his family - can the formula be protected?

This had great potential - a good plot, a really strong cast and a good opportunity for children and adult jokes alike. The plot delivers what it has - a little silly but quite clever in places - but the comedy is seriously lacking for adults. For children there are some fart jokes and plenty of cat and dog slapstick but there are almost no jokes for adults that other films such as Shrek and Toy Story had in spades.

Given the cast this is very surprising - Jon Lovitz is a great voice but is hardly used at all, the character of Mr Tinkles could have been a great Dr Evil character, but even he is wasted. This is a great shame as all good children's films need to have something for adults to enjoy again. The great cast (Maguire, Baldwin, Clarke Duncan, Sarandon, Pantoliano, Charlton Heston, Lovitz) is a good draw for adults but having almost nothing to deliver for them is a big disappointment. The only funny scenes are the ninja cats and a handful of others but mostly it's wasted. The human actors are bland - Goldblum playing a scatty scientist? Surely not! That'll really push his barriers.

Overall a disappointing film that'll please children but needed a lot more work to keep adults entertained.
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Who Will Rule the World? Cats or Dogs............
pied21 October 2001
Why can't people just let a movie be cute instead of analyzing it to death. Sure the plot is a bit much--cats are trying to prevent a Mr. Brody from inventing a vaccine which will cure dog allergies--thus making dogs more popular than cats. With a "Mission Impossible" format dogs and cats battle each other for domination of the world.

The plots gets carried away with itself toward the end, but who cares?

The dog and cat agents are all good (their voices, excuse me). Especially, good is the voice of the persian cat, Mr. Twiggles, whose owner is bedridden. The housekeeper/nurse makes Mr. Twiggles' life a horror by continually dressing him in feminine outfits which he hates.

Another favorite is Lou, the beagle puppy who is adopted by the Brody family and is drafted as a secret agent in the war against cats.

I gave this movie 8 stars.
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Great special effects and energy, but a less-than-great story. ** (out of four)
Movie-125 January 2002
CATS & DOGS / (2001) ** (out of four)

In "Cats & Dogs" you get a cat and mouse chase movie, except the dog replaces the mouse, and the feline's goal is not just to catch the opponent, but to claim world domination.

That's a pretty weak concept for a bid-budget, special effects action film, especially when the production features the best technology has to offer. The movie uses more than 800 visual effects, and 200 animators, designers, compositors, sculptors, and technicians. With so much going for it, "Cats & Dogs" should have utilized these tools to bring a great story to life. It does breathe life into a plot filled with energy and gusto, but it sure isn't great.

Unbeknownst to humans, cats and dogs have always fought for world domination. A power-hungry Persian cat, Mr. Tinkles (wonderfully voiced by Sean Hayes), has broken a truce between the species. He plans to lead an attack against man's best friend.

Jeff Goldblum stars as Professor Brody, a scientist allergic to dogs. He conducts experiments in the basement of his house, hoping to invent a cure for man's allergic reaction to dogs. Mr. Tinkles designates the Brody home as ground zero for his global battle plan.

Initially, the folks at Warner Bros. considered doing the film as an animated feature, but they finally decided on a combination of live action, cutting-edge technology, complicated puppetry, and computer animation.

The results are splendid. Each animal has their own vivid personality, complete with facial expressions and physical gestures. The special effects do not overwhelm the film. Lawrence Guterman, the film's director, doesn't exploit the amazing special effects, but focuses on creating believable animal characters.

Sadly, however, the sight of a talking cat eventually wears off, and that leaves "Cats & Dogs" with little interest. It might entertain children with high energy action and talking animals, but a movie cannot run on those things alone. Perhaps the film could have worked as a comedy, but it lacks any form of wit or impulse. "Cats & Dogs" thinks its concepts are funny and entertaining enough, which is probably why it puts so little thought into the story.
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The eternal fight between cats and dogs
Lady_Targaryen13 November 2005
This movie is so cute! It's all about the eternal fight between cats and dogs. (And it's funny to notice that cats are always the bad ones) We have famous actors as Jeff Goldblum as Professor Brody and Elizabeth Perkins as Mrs. Brody. The famous voices are from Tobey Maguire as Lou,Alec Baldwin as Butch and Susan Sarandon as Ivy,only to mention a few. The story is kind of simple: Professor Brody is trying to find a formula to cure the people's allergies to dogs, being himself one example of an allergic person to them. The cats of course, are worried about this,because the cure of the allergy would make dogs even more popular among humans,making the cats rejected. The story turns around Lou and his dog spy friends,who needs to protect the formula and also save Lou's owners of the evil cats. Ps: The dogs have a high tech technnology to cause all the humans jealous. ps2:Ivy,rules. ps3:Mr.tinckles is hilarious.
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Cats and Dogs!
Movie Nuttball14 January 2005
Cats and Dogs is a great comedy action film that stars Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alexander Pollock, Miriam Margolyes, Tobey Maguire, Alec Baldwin, Sean Hayes, Susan Sarandon, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jon Lovitz, Joe Pantoliano, and Charlton Heston! There are several hilarious moments in this picture. The action scenes are done very well. Goldblum and the other actors were. The castle scenes were really cool. The music by John Debney is very good. The movie is totally funny. I thought it was something else seeing all those different types of dogs and cats. So if you who like Jeff Goldblum and the rest of the cast mentioned and comedies with animals then I strongly recommend this film!
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One of the better family films I've seen recently
Quinoa19846 July 2001
From the commercials and trailers to this movie, I thought it was going to be a live action (albiet long) cartoon. I was right, although I found out what cartoon it was trying to do. Not exactly Looney Tunes, although it takes from them often. I found a connection here with an old show from Nickelodeon called Ren and Stimpy where cats and dogs fought constantly, and while the dog was the smart one, the cat who also though he was smart was really and idiot (eediot really). That's why I give Cats and Dogs it's rating here because this is the type of family film that more often than not can work for the whole family because while the kids can laugh at the pratfalls the dogs and cats encounter, adults will find humor in the ninja cats, the dictator-like-boss cat and other small things. Like Spy Kids, it's more for kids, which I Highly reccomend this movie for, but maybe even parents will get a chuckle. I know I did. Voices include Tobey Maguire, Alec Baldwin, Sean Hayes, Michael Clarke Duncan, Joe Pantoliano, Susan Sarandon, Jon Lovitz and almost un-recognizable talents from Robert Stack and Sir Charleton Heston. B+ (strong one at that)
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oh come on! cats aren't evil!
rebeljenn6 November 2005
'Cats and Dogs' is probably best described as a children's comedy film about the never-ending struggle between cats and dogs. In this film, however, dogs are considered the cool heroes while cats are considered the enemies. That said, this film would probably be enjoyed more by those of you who prefer canine company to the company of felines.

There isn't much for adults, and I think children will be a little bit lost in some of the technology and dialogue. However, children will probably enjoy some of the humour (which is really immature but not nearly as bad as Fox's dialogue in 'The Incredible Journey' remake in the late 1980s or early 1990s) and the constant action throughout the film.

I personally would not recommend this film over the hundreds of other films out there that are so much better.
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Worth seeing!
crazy4beagles1 September 2002
I loved this movie, from the diverse animal characters, to their human counterparts, to the amazingly funny dialogue! I've seen it about 10 times, and it's still one of my favorite movies! (and I'm no spring chicken...I'm in my 50's) Some animal movies aren't worth seeing more than once or twice, but this one is worth seeing many times! It won't go down in history as a classic, but it certainly puts you in a good mood and keeps you there!

I love dogs, especially beagles, and the one in this movie ("Lou") is just adorable! Tobey Maguire is the perfect voice for him, and Sean Hayes is hysterically funny as Mr. Tinkles' voice! The writers should have gotten several awards for the script! Jeff Goldblum is always good, so it's no surprise that his character, Professor Brody, suits him to a tee. Everyone plays off each other very well, and the storyline is original and appealing. I love the fact that Charlton Heston plays the voice of the mastiff at Headquarters! Very well cast!

I hope they do a sequel, with all the original actors & voices! Oh yeah, did I mention how great Susan Sarandon was, as "Ivy" ???

Bravo to all these actors, and to the director, the writers, and the producer!
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A big smelly dog turd of a film
evil_dustbin8 December 2001
I've just whatched this on video after renting it from the video shop and i just have to get my frustration out of my system. IT'S A DISGUSTING FILM. Apart from some impressive(if a bit cartoony)visual effects,cats and dogs is about as much fun as having one's pubic hair plucked out by a pair of pliers. It has none of the charm,intellegence or the captivating story of babe(or the underrated paule)all it has is dumb jokes about poo and cheep sentimentality. Also the slapstick is surprising violent. And what the hell is jeff goldblum doing sluming it as a bofin who descovers a cure for dogie odder.(or something like that,i lost interest by then) The novelty of seeing cats and dogs walk,talk and fight wears off after two minutes,so whatch the trailer instead. If you whatch the film you will only be depressed at the amount of misery these poor animal's look like they are going through just for the sake of cheep,nasty,moronic entertainment.

one star out of five

p.s not even my dog was interested. After twenty minutes,my dog fell asleep in front of the fire. All human's should folow suit.
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I expected a lot more
Mac Styran19 July 2001
Was that it? A cute little film for kids? Saturday afternoon Disney Channel stuff?

Oh please... judging by the trailer I thought this movie will be ... at least FUN.

But it wasn't.

It was not as bad as Tomb Raider or Pearl Harbor or all the other major disappointments this summer but is wasn't very good.

I have seen Budweiser commercials with the same special effects when it comes to talking animals, so nothing special here.

Jeff Goldblum was annoying (wasn't his fault, he was pretty much the same as always; the script ruined it), Elizabeth Perkins looked good, nothing else, I hated the kid and the story lacked good ideas.

Also, why did they have the lights on in the trailer when it comes to the Matrix cats, but had the lights OFF in the film, so you could hardly see anything?

Again, I have to say this: the trailers nowadays take too much away.

What I like about the movie:

Little. The music (John Debney) was an amusing odd version of Mission:Impossible. Funny and pleasing. But why the hell did they have a piece of Chicken Run (John Powell & Harry Gregson-Williams) at the end?

By the way, if you are about to see the film: try to count the continuity problems. I gave up after an hour!

'nough said
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It's a cute movie
Smells_Like_Cheese16 January 2004
I thought this movie was going to be only a movie for the kids, but I watched it with my cousins, and I was surprised. I laughed a lot. It had some really cute and hilerious moments. And Jeff Goldblum is in it! What more could you want? If you don't mind a little cute humor, I'd recommend "Cats & Dogs".

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Cats Don`t Deserve The Bad Press
Theo Robertson19 August 2003
There`s a train of thought that cats are evil creatures silently biding their time to replace mankind as the planet`s dominant species . Utter nonsense of course though I can`t help noticing that when a cat stares at a human it`s almost like the cat is reading the person`s mind . Slightly creepy . I`ve got to confess that I can`t stand dogs which is mainly down to the owners letting a dog do what dogs do naturally . It`s no joke walking along the pavements of a Scottish island watching where you put your feet as carefully as you would walking through the mine strewn countryside of Afghanistan or Bosnia . In fact you find yourself hating dogs and that people who keep dogs are the lowest form of species on the planet . This what I disliked about this film : Dogs = good . Cats = bad

That said feline phobia was the only thing I disliked about CATS AND DOGS . Boy what a pitch that must have been " It`s about the pussy revolution that`s under way " The cats are taking over and only the canine commadoes can save us " Man I bet a few Hollywood shrinks had an emergency call at that sales pitch , but it`s nice to know that some producer managed to stop laughing long enough to consider making this film because CATS AND DOGS is a very entertaining family film . It`s also nice to see a film that`s not overlong .

Just don`t confuse this movie with STRAW DOGS or there will be trouble
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Don't waste your money (or 2 hours of your life)
Sara-4510 July 2001
At three times during this movie I seriously considered walking out (which I have never done). Why did I stay? I guess I hoped it would take a turn for the better. Needless to say, it didn't... it only got worse.

I think the reason I hated this movie so much is that I wanted it to be something else. I wanted an original take on this ancient rivalry, instead of the standard "cats bad, dogs good". (Forget an original story, I just wanted a marginally good one.) I wanted the animals to be real characters, treated with respect and earning our emotional reactions, instead of being used as props - hurt, tossed around, put into scary situations - to manipulate our emotions.

That it's a "kid's movie" is no excuse. What an insult! Kids don't deserve quality entertainment? Movies have to be dumbed down for the kid audience??

If you can handle watching a disturbing, strange, disconnected family (and not in a good/funny way), a squirmingly bad kid actor, some very ugly cats, sloppy editing, and as many cliches as you could ever want, then go see this movie. There are one or two clever moments, and some of the people around me did seem to enjoy it. But make sure you catch it on dollar night.
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Cute, but it's a funny-for-kids film....
MovieGeek22430 June 2001
When I went to the sneak preview of this, I was hoping for the kind of humor Shrek had, hilarious for people of all ages. I found Shrek to be one of the funniest movies I have seen all year, this wasn't.

It was full of childish humor, and really had nothing at all to give to people who are over the age of 10, except celebrity voices and a few funny covert spy lines. If you are 10 and under, go see it, if not I don't think you would find that much to it.
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Fun film....for the kiddies.
Lumberjackyl17 November 2001
Cats and Dogs is a movie that is fun for the little ones. However, older children and adults will get tired of this movie very quickly. The effects are fantastic, and there are some certain scenes that are quite amusing, however, overall, it is a film for small children.

Dr. Brody (played by Jeff Goldblum) is a scientist, who in his basement, is working on a formula to fight allergies to dogs. This sets the scene for the battle between cats and dogs (who can all talk when there are no humans around). The dogs see the advantage that this formula would give them in the world of household pets, so it is their duty to protect the formula from the evil cats. The cats wish to get the formula, and change it to make all humans allergic to dogs. This sets the scene for the war between the species.

The movie is rather dull, and overblown. Dogs and cats with James Bond-like gadgets? The writers of this movie must have been severely traumatized as children, or been smoking something very illegal.

Parents, drop your young ones in front of the television set for this movie, however, remove yourselves from the room so you don't have to watch it. After this one is done, watch Shrek, a film that will appeal to both you and your kids, as Cats and Dogs certainly does not.
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Actually quite funny and cute
SeverityOne7 October 2001
I was reluctant to see this film, based on all the negative comments I've read here. But I'm glad I did so anyway.

Admittedly, a spy film about talking cats and dogs is likely not going to be the best in cinematography since Casablanca, but for its intended audience it's a very funny and well-made film.

The star of the film is Mr. Tinkles, a beautiful and megalomaniac white Persian cat, who wants to take over the world. Not coincidently, it's exactly the same cat that Blofeld from the Bond movies had on his lap. And there are more clever hints at Bond movies.

Mr. Tinkles is hilarious as an arrogant and aristocratic feline. A comment I've read is that the film is anti-cat biased, because of the way how cats are portrayed. As a matter of fact, the only real Bad Cat is Mr. Tinkles, whereas the others are merely his henchcats. I'm a cat lover, and quite frankly I'm inclined support the opinion that, from a cat's point of view, we're merely there to serve them. In my day-to-day contact with our two cats, I've found that they can be bad-tempered, and even outright vile.

The only real let-down of this film is the sub-plot of the "father doesn't pay enough attention to his son" kind, which we've seen too often before. Because of this and the sentimentality surrounding the puppy, it balances somewhere between a children's film and a more regular one.

If you want to see a no-brainer film which is still funny and cute, and too which you can take your children, I would definitely recommend this one.
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Bow-Wow of a Time!
meeza2 January 2002
For those cool cats that think that pussies are the cutest, you will not like `Cats & Dogs'. However, for my dogs out there that think the bow-wow is the doggoned best than `Cats & Dogs' will roll you over. This very inventive family film is about manipulative cats who try to seize an allergic cure to dogs that agent dogs are protecting. The animal voices executed by Tobey Maguire, Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Jon Lovitz, and Sean Hayes were good enough for me to fetch on to this film again. The only pet peeve I had about the film were the idiotic acting performances by Jeff Goldblum and Elizabeth Perkins. `Cats & Dogs' will scratch your funny bone and bark you up with laughter. **** Good
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Decent kids movie that can be liked by adults
bellino-angelo201416 February 2021
I might have seen this movie for at least 4-5 times during my childhood as they aired it often on channel 6. After at least 10 years I re-watched it a few months ago and yes, it might have aged but it was still funny. And of course it gave me lots of good memories.

The film is about the secret and high-technology war between cats and dogs as a scientist (Jeff Goldblum) is making LOTS of experiments for finding the best cure for dog allergies and the evil cat leader (voiced by Sean Hayes) is very angry because he thinks that cats will be neglected.

The animals are the main characters of the movie and most of them are adorable and with some various actors who voice them: Lou the Beagle (Tobey Maguire), Butch (Alec Baldwin), Ivy (Susan Sarandon) and the Mastiff (voiced by veteran Charlton Heston in one of his last movies) were the most memorable characters. The action scenes were very funny and most made me laugh a lot (especially the living room one) and I loved the scene where Mr. Tinkles goes to the Christmas tree factory with his ill master's car and the car crashes various times as the cats can't drive. The direction by Laurence Guterman was very good and focused, MUCH better than when he directed the wretched SON OF THE MASK four years later! And the soundtrack was very adequate for the movie's crazy actions.

Overall, it's not a perfect family movie but it has a great story idea and the people involved in it managed to make it look even better. Kids of course will love it and most of the parents forced to see this movie with them might have a chuckle from time to time. I saw the sequel a few years ago and I thought it wasn't as decent as this one, but at least it wasn't among the worst sequels ever made. If you are an animal lover then you'll love this movie too.
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Not A Bad Family Film
aesgaard419 July 2001
I'm an avid dog lover which is one reason I had to see this movie. Watching characters and personalities evolve out of dog breeds and statuses is a very funny comedy bit; a Mexican dog will speak with a Spanish accent and so on. The relationship of dogs and cats to humanity in this movie is quite strained; I think Disney's Homeward Bound and the Doctor Dolittle movies with Eddie Murphy hit it a lot closer. Another thing quite strained is the concept that dogs and cats could create such an elaborate hidden society with their own rules and technology-level is quite ridiculous. Once you get past the inane concept, you have a very funny, live-action cartoon for the whole family including the family pet. I'm sure you're never look at your cat or dog the same way again.
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Great Fun, Family Classic
mikayakatnt13 January 2020
Not sure why all the bad reviews. This was a 90s film that came out in 2001. It's meant to be silly, dumb, and fun for the family. These silly movies were the pulp fiction of the film industry.

3/5. Wholesome comedy. But age didn't do this film justice.
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The Fur Is Flying!
EmperorNortonII12 August 2001
I like animals. I grew up in a dog-owning household, but I can live with cats. Loving animals as I do, I found "Cats & Dogs" enjoyable. It comes off like a live-action cartoon, not unlike "MouseHunt." And its concept is kind of like "Baby Geniuses." But when some people think it's silly, I find some cleverness in it. The movie does give you some idea of how dogs feel about their human owners. There is some bias towards dogs, which after all, are man's best friend. Maybe cats will get equal time in a movie of their own!
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This movie rocks the house, period.
mhasheider11 March 2002
Hilarious parody of the James Bond and "Mission: Impossible" series even though the two feuding parties aren't human, it's between the cats and dogs. The story follows a lovable beagle pup, who becomes involved in the animal version of "The Cold War" and plays a pivotal role in thwarting a cat's fiendish attempt to make the humans allergic to dogs. I was sort of disappointed that the cats weren't the good animals, then I realized why the dog is always referred to as "man's best friend". I had more fun watching this movie than Brian DePalma's movie version of "Mission: Impossible". And I can't avoid to mention the cast, which is very good here. This movie rocks the house, period.
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