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Winners battle it out, but only one is crowned Sole Survivor and takes home the $2 million prize; castaways dig deep for a shot to get back in the game.

Season 13

14 Sep. 2006
I Can Forgive Her, But I Don't Have to Because She Screwed with My Chickens
The 20 castaways are separated into four tribes divided along ethnic lines. After the first challenge, the losing tribe heads to Tribal Council and eliminates one of their own.
21 Sep. 2006
Dire Straights and Dead Weight
It's dire straits for one tribe when a lack of fire leads to serious dehydration.
28 Sep. 2006
Flirting and Frustration
An unexpected twist sends the castaways scrambling for new alliances, and the third castaway is voted off the island.
5 Oct. 2006
Ruling the Roost
One tribe finds itself divided by genderÂ-will this division be their downfall?
12 Oct. 2006
Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus
One tribe pays an unexpected visit to the other tribe's camp. How will the castaways react?
19 Oct. 2006
Plan Voodoo
Win or lose, both tribes must vote one of their own off the island.
26 Oct. 2006
A Closer Look
The first fifteen days are revisited and never-before-seen footage is featured.
2 Nov. 2006
Why Aren't You Swimming?!
At an extremely physical Reward Challenge, one castaway collapses from exhaustion. How will that Survivor's tribe cope?
9 Nov. 2006
At the Reward Challenge, the remaining castaways are given the opportunity to leave their current tribe and join the opposing tribe.
16 Nov. 2006
People That You Like Want to See You Suffer
A sealed message in a bottle leads one tribe to an unexpected twist.
23 Nov. 2006
Why Would You Trust Me?
When the tribes merge, Yul attempts to change the course of the game.
30 Nov. 2006
You're a Rat
With only eight castaways left, Jonathan is in the hot seat with certain tribe members after turning on his former alliance.
7 Dec. 2006
Arranging a Hit
With only seven castaways left, the SurvivorsÂ' loved ones arrive in hopes of winning a Reward.
14 Dec. 2006
I Have the Advantage... For Once
With only six castaways left, outsiders Parvati and Adam fight to stay in the game.
17 Dec. 2006
This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3...
After two Tribal Councils and the hardest puzzle challenge in the game's history, three castaways are left to battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor.
17 Dec. 2006
Survivor: Cook Islands - The Reunion
Jeff Probst and the 20 castaways from Cook Islands reunite in a town hall forum for a look back on the season.

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