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Plan Z

After a visit with Boston Rob and Sandra, one castaway has a chance to seize an opportunity to prove their power of persuasion.

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Honesty Would Be Chill

New tribal dynamics put the castaways on edge; one castaway gets an opportunity to complete a risky task in order to gain an advantage.

Season 1

31 May 2000
The Marooning
16 average Americans board the Mata Hari only to later salvage supplies, jump overboard and be marooned on the small uncharted deserted island of Pulau Tiga in the South China Sea off the Malaysian Coast of Borneo.
7 Jun. 2000
The Generation Gap
At Pagong, Ramona is dehydrated whilst B.B. won't quit working. Greg and Colleen begin to grow close. Tagi is dealing with the previous vote. Upset Rudy isn't gone, Stacey claims he's too old to play. Rudy thinks Stacey is "too prim like."
14 Jun. 2000
Quest for Food
At Tagi, Stacey still wanted to get rid of Rudy and tried to create a girl alliance, but Sue chose not to. Rich proves his worth using the spear they won to catch several fish. Greg and Colleen find a mud pit for Pagong to play in.
21 Jun. 2000
Too Little, Too Late?
Ramona feels better after being sick and tried to start pulling her weight, but Jenna says it might be too late for her. Greg provides entertainment and relief, which Gretchen thinks will get him far. Rich creates an alliance of 4 at Tagi.
28 Jun. 2000
Pulling Your Own Weight
Dirk and Sean are still trying to fish instead of working at camp. Sue says it's a waste of time. At Pagong, people feel vulnerable as their tribe gets smaller. Greg and Colleen have interesting sleeping arrangements.
5 Jul. 2000
Udder Revenge
Both tribes are thinking about the merge. Tagi, down a number, are worried. Rich decides to wear his birthday suit. At Pagong, Joel feels confident but Colleen is wary they could still lose someone. Gervase and Joel offend the girls.
12 Jul. 2000
The Merger
Pagong and Tagi merge into one tribe called Rattana. The Tagi 4 enter the merger strong, whereas Pagong (and Sean) are a little more disorganized. A new form of immunity is introduced to the game.
19 Jul. 2000
Thy Name Is Duplicity
The remaining members of the former Pagong feel vulnerable after the alliance voted out Gretchen. Jenna tries to develop an all-girl alliance, bonding with Kelly and Sue. Rich worries about who voted for him at Tribal Council.
26 Jul. 2000
Old and New Bonds
While Rich is fishing, the others begin to realize that nobody votes him out because he provides. He celebrates turning 39 in his birthday suit, which bothers the girls. The alliance continues to piggyback Sean's alphabet voting strategy.
2 Aug. 2000
Crack in the Alliance
The Tagi alliance is worried about Kelly, who didn't vote how she was supposed to at the last Tribal Council. They think about replacing Kelly with Sean. One of the castaways gets pleasant news from home.
9 Aug. 2000
Long Hard Days
The game is taking it's toll on everyone. The alliance plans to blindside Kelly after her actions in the past week. Sean gets a surprise visit from a loved one.
16 Aug. 2000
Death of an Alliance
A Tagi member is finally going to be voted out. Kelly and Sean feel vulnerable. Rich conspires to get rid of Kelly, whilst Kelly explains how she doesn't trust Rich. Sue and Kelly have a massive fight.
23 Aug. 2000
The Final Four
The final 4 reflect on how the game has affected them and how they and the others chose to play. Richard, Rudy, and Sue plan to vote out Kelly - if she doesn't win immunity. In the end, only one will remain with the title of Sole Survivor.
23 Aug. 2000
Survivor: The Reunion
Bryant Gumbel speaks with the 16 castaways in a reunion following the season finale. Jeff Probst tells us that Survivor will be back - in the Outback.

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