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Season 2

19 Feb. 2000
The Cold/The Camp-Out
When George catches cold Martha gives her all to nurse her best friend back to health. But George enjoys the sick role so much that he keeps playing it long after his symptoms are gone. And by the time Martha catches on she?s caught the cold herself.
20 Feb. 2000
The Reader/The Decorator
George volunteers to read stories to the local schoolchildren and learns that he will have to read in front of his former teacher, the dreaded Miss Appleberry. With Martha?s encouragement he wows the kids . . . and his old teacher.
26 Feb. 2000
The Badminton Tournament/The Caddy
George has a chance to win the club?s doubles badminton championship by teaming up with the former national champion, but he?ll have to drop Martha as his partner. Will he win the trophy, but lose Martha?s friendship?.
27 Feb. 2000
The Roller Derby/The Spa
Inspired by the rough-and-tumble antics of their Roller Derby idol, Hal Onwiels, George and Martha square off against each other in a no-holds-barred race that threatens to bruise their ribs and their friendship"
5 Mar. 2000
The Argument/Happy Palms' Finest
It looks as if their efforts on behalf of their alligator friends are going to send them into a tiff of their own;When George wins the opportunity to become a real Happy Palms policeman for a day he learns that there?s more to the job than eating donuts and handing out tickets.
12 Mar. 2000
Flying Donut/Martha's Cousin
George is convinced that space aliens have invaded his bedroom. When his outrageous story makes him the laughing stock of Happy Palms Martha comes to his rescue by providing the town with a close encounter of the funniest kind. Will Martha choose family loyalty over friendship?
19 Mar. 2000
Big Splash/My Stars
After executing an excruciatingly painful belly-whopper George develops a paralyzing diving phobia. It?s up to Martha to cure her best friend of his fears and help him win the big diving competition for Happy Palms.
1 Apr. 2000
The Blabbermouth/Life and Breath
Martha has a deep, dark secret and George has an irresistible impulse to tell it. But when he spills the beans about his best friend he discovers that turnabout?s fair play;George is suffering from a horrendous case of halitosis. (Actually it?s everyone around him who?s suffering.)
2 Apr. 2000
The Best Friends Show/The Sleepwalker
George and Martha get a chance to test how well they know each other when they appear on a local TV game show. George keeps his best friend from harm, but he loses so much of his own sleep in doing so that he ends up sleepwalking-or rather, sleepdancing-himself.
8 Apr. 2000
Funny Business/The Tease
When George and Martha set up a lemonade stand together they learn that it?s easy to mix lemon juice and sugar, but that mixing business and friendship is a lot harder;George has developed a passion for knitting and Martha can?t help teasing her friend mercilessly about it.
6 May 2000
The Play's the Thing/The Sore Loser
When George tries to hog the limelight by writing, directing and starring in his own play, Martha takes center stage and brings down the house; Martha?s attempt to bolster her best friend?s spirits by throwing a croquet match turns into the hottest competition of all.
7 May 2000
The Costumed Duo/Temper, Temper
It?s time for the annual Happy Palms Costume Ball and this year George and Martha are determined to win first prize. Nosy neighbor Penny thinks she has a solution, but she turns out to be all wet.
13 May 2000
The Fibber/The Mascot
The tales George spins about himself when he volunteers to lead the local pack of Wilderness Troopers are far too tall for Martha?s taste. But their attempt to pass for a cow turns into an udder disaster.

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