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Sex & Nudity

  • There are several scenes in Sacred Flesh which contain full frontal female nudity, although no explicit sexual acts take place these sequences are long and fairly drawn out.
  • A Nun is seen to fondle her own breasts.
  • The Nun is then seen lying down touching her own breasts and her genital area, full frontal nudity including her vagina is shown.
  • Two Nuns start to kiss each other on the lips. They then begin to fondle each others breasts, they undress each other and continue to kiss each other including their breasts. Lying down they continue to fondle each other including their bare bums, one Nun puts her face between the others buttocks.
  • Two male priests touch and fondle a Nuns breasts, crotch area and kiss her breasts. On an altar they lick and kiss her bare stomach, breasts and thighs.
  • A nun is forcibly tied to a cross with one breast exposed. Then there is a scene with three nuns who are kissing and touching each other. Cut back to the Nun on the cross and she is completely undressed. Back to the three Nuns and two are now bare breasted as they continue to kiss and touch one another. Back to the Nun on the cross and she is being kissed and it is clear that she is enjoying it, the Nun on top of her rubs her bare breasts against the Nuns bare breasts on the cross. Two women nuns do a "69" . Breasts, butts, and vagina's are clearly visible.
  • A woman is crucified on a cross, blood is seen pouring down her breast.

Violence & Gore

  • There are several scenes involving Nuns whipping themsleves or each other, bloody wounds can be seen on their backs.
  • A woman repeatedly hits her head against the concrete floor, a large wound is seen on her forehead which is clearly bleeding.
  • A woman is seen crucified on a cross, blood is seen pouring from several wounds.
  • A still beating human heart is seen at the end when someone holds it up.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

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