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Season 2

3 Sep. 2001
The Man with Two Legs
Jeff is smitten with a woman he's seen on the train. Well, actually, just with her leg as that's all he's seen of her.
10 Sep. 2001
My Dinner in Hell
Susan's sexually frank parents are coming to dinner, and Steve's worried. Seeing a nature TV show with Susan that talks about the need for the male of the species to continue to "enjoy" himself doesn't exactly help. Patrick and Jeff become obsessed with, shall we say, publicity rights. Meanwhile, Jane has discovered a talent for identifying people's ideal celebrity friend just by looking at them, and she has a surefire technique for meeting and befriending those celebrities. TV news presenter Mariella Frostrup stars as herself ... though her cellphone seems to be ...
17 Sep. 2001
Her Best Friend's Bottom
Steve accidentally sees Sally naked!
24 Sep. 2001
The Melty Man Cometh
Sally and Patrick both try to deal with the fact Patrick had some trouble performing "in the sack".
1 Oct. 2001
Jane and the Truth Snake
After getting herself fired from her radio job as a traffic reporter, Jane invents a sock puppet named Jake the Snake in preparation to launch a career in children's TV. Jake's honesty, though, could cost Jane her friends. Back at the bar, Patrick has an ingenious plan to dump his girlfriend for rejecting any hope of a threesome, a plan which backfires when she arrives in mid-phone call with the news she's changed her mind.
8 Oct. 2001
The ultimate "ticking time bomb" lands on everyone's door: a wedding invitation. Now Steve must answer the ultimate question: Do you have a future, or are you getting married?
15 Oct. 2001
Patrick needs a pretend-wife to show off to a colleague while Jane has a dinner date. Only problem: She is a tad underdressed.
22 Oct. 2001
Jeff meets co-worker Julia and is interesting in going out with her as she is with him. Jeff explains his ineptitude to Steve and Patrick at asking women out. Elsewhere, Julia explains her ineptitude at being asked out to Susan, Jane, and Sally. Neither the guys nor the girls are aware of who the love interest is.
29 Oct. 2001
The End of the Line
A bit of sexy role playing creates havoc between the friends: who is the sexy Frenchwoman Giselle and the studly Australian Dick Darlington?

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