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Season 2

28 Oct. 2000
The Return
Starting off the season by saving a hijacked NY City tour bus, Rachel is then promoted to be Max's boss, while Josh is approached by a pubescent girl to support the kids' efforts to get an extreme sports park built. Laura isn't in the episode -- but is mentioned as leaving on a one-year trip. But, arriving back at the apartment to try to spend a little time with Pete for a change, Josh finds a that Pete's been taken by Dread, who has survived last season's climax, and demands Max steal for him a vial of nano probes and a research disk, sending Max on a chase through a...
4 Nov. 2000
Fun in the Sun
Things are quiet for a few days at N-Tek (with the robotic dog problems of last week, 'Berto's now developed a robotic cat reminiscent of Sony's Aibo [who's the studio making this show!?!]), so Rachel lets Max take 'Berto to Waikii Beach, Hawaii, where they can both vacation, and Josh can talk to a submarine scientist at the Pearl Harbor naval base about his latest designs, helping Josh with his civil engineering class project. After Josh & 'Berto make friends with an initially-hostile local windsurfer, a strange tsunami hits their hotel, and more rescues are in order...
11 Nov. 2000
Max is dispatched to the Amazon rain forest to investigate, as large swaths of the forest are mysteriously being cleared. There's another N-Tek operative, named Kat, who has been on the job for a few days, but her communications have gone silent. Also, 'Berto has to come along, because Max's communications won't work properly inside the dense rain forest (huh ??) and 'Berto knows the area. (Being from Columbia, he knows Brazil well.) After landing, Max & 'Berto are jumped -- and it turns out that they've surprised Kat, alive & well, but with a broken communicator. Kat...
17 Feb. 2001
Max Steel goes undercover and enters an extreme sports event as himself (Josh Mcgrath) and teams up with Tony Hawk. Meanwhile trying to find out which extreme pair are robbing factories or sports performance drugs that can kill if taken too often.

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