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Best Television show and movie for all ages
Sonya Woods6 November 2001
Little house on The Prairie and the movies are all excellent movies for all ages to enjoy. I can never get enough of that show and watch it back to back in the morning on TBS. I would love to go back to their days and see what they had to go through compared to the way things are done today. It's to bad they didn't give the part of Carrie a bigger part. She was such a cute little girl. It's a shame that Michael L. and Victor French passed away. It would be great if there was a reunion and had the orginal cast members come back including, Carrie, Nelly, Willie, and everybody else who helped make LHOTP the big success it has and always will be.
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Little House on The Prairie is one of the greatest series of all times
jjmom123 June 2010
I always wondered myself whatever happened to Albert. After that episode with him and Laura climbing up the hill and he making it to the top, I never saw him again. Did I too miss something? Did he die or did he get better and went off to be a doctor? If anyone saw anything beyond the hill episode please let those of us who missed it know. I never get tired of watching the re-runs. I watch them over and over. They contain many timeless truths that if many of them are applied to this day and age we will all be the better for it. Excellent source of family values. Young people should watch these series. Michael Landon Jr. should be proud of his father's work and the timeless legacy that he left behind which can relate to all generations both present and future.
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malibu19805 March 2005
I have always been a big fan of this show. I have watched reruns so often, I can almost say the lines with the actors. One thing I must have missed was whatever happened to Albert. I know he was supposed to have a fatal disease. But the last show I saw him in was when they were having a town celebration and he and Laura climbed the mountain along with all the school children. I know he made it to the top, and that was where the episode ended. There was at least one more special after that where they all blew up the buildings in the town, but they never mentioned Albert and how, when or if he died. Did I miss it? Or was it just supposed to be understood?
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