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Gets better with time
tea-1615 April 2008
First of all - this is not a meaningful movie. But it wasn't meant to be. I hate it when I hear critics slam a movie mainly because it doesn't fit into their favorite "Type" of movie. Some movies are made to sit through wincing - leaving you sore emotionally and some are light silly goofball creations that wont change the world, but sure are nice to just zone out with.

This movie will never turn Roger Ebert's crank...its silly and goofy and irrelevant....Its also over time revealing itself to have been at the time...subversive. This movie has a lot of little things about it that are becoming more relevant as the years wear on...

When this first came out I thought "An alright movie with catchy songs" This was before I myself got involved in the Music industry. After living through three bands and two contracts over ten years I would like to say this movie isn't as unrealistic as you may think. It is still a spoof, but close enough to reality to warrant another look. Originally waved away as being pure fluff I now find this movie creepily prophetic.

Since this movie was made we have witnessed the fall out of bands like Back street boys the breakdown of pop-stars like Brittany Spears and a slew of young actors & actresses separated from family & friends whose entire personalities have been written and designed by stylists and are seen battling like some weird "Fashionista" roman gladiators under the tutelage of sycophants and managers.

Media/pop culture, with its out of control emphasis on looks and weight over talent and personality, have resulted in actual government legislation regarding model weights and rampant anorexia amongst young starlets.

Musically there has been a huge increase in management interference (listen to Pink's first album regarding the pressures placed on a young singer to conform to a label's Vision) dictating how the artists shall look and act. If it hadn't been for the internet download revolution of Lime wire and such I think the Music industry would have happily continued to control what consumers were ALLOWED to buy and ALLOWED to see...

This movie was also made prior to the outing of "gay" boy band members Stephen Gately, Lance Bassit, Jordan Knight but the top selling song for the Boy Band "Du Jour" in this movie is the most homo-suggestive song I've ever heard. (Is it really called "In Through Your Back Door"?)

After all this fallout, the world of Josie & the Pussycats seems much less stupid to me.

Again...Not deep, but possibly prophetic...and fun to watch Just don't expect to feel moved. Its popcorn at its best - light and salty, not really a meal...its a snack and as that type of movie...shouldn't't be judged solely for its nutritional value... I'd rate it a 7
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Guilty Pleasure
mazdp12 April 2001
Do not go to this movie expecting anything that's logical or realistic. It is a purely fun film with a rocking soundtrack.

Viewers who would most appreciate this would be the ones who have at least a vague memory of the television cartoon series because there are a lot of jokes and references that might go over one's head otherwise--not to say that kids wouldn't enjoy it as well, because they will.

There's a lot going on in this film. So much happens so fast, but that is intentional. It is highly visual, and the style almost seems like a cross between Steven Soderbergh and Tim Burton, of course with a lot more pink and glitter. The images literally pop out at you at times. And while the plot is somewhat contrived, you might not mind too much because it speaks so clearly to our current culture.

The parody of Boy Bands and Pop-Star Girls is dead-on and that's why this is such a guilty pleasure. You can appreciate how they are made fun of and enjoy the characterizations at the same time. And all the performances are first rate--from the cameo performances by Breckin Myer and Seth Green as members of the Boy Band "Dujour", to leads Rachel Leigh Cook and Tara Reid as Josie and Melody, to the supporting players, particularly Alan Cumming and Parker Posey as the record executives. Also look for cameos by Carson Daly and Ken "Babyface" Edmonds.

Rosario Dawson as Valerie makes quite an impression. Her strong but anxious portrayal helps set up the classic conflict of female friendship vs. "diva-like" fame--a conflict we've seen played out over and over again in many VH-1 "Behind the Music" episodes.

All in all, this is a film you'll enjoy upon first viewing and maybe even more with repeated viewings. If anything, you'll be dancing out of the aisles as you head home.
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Movie has a bold message, executed with brilliant humor
tmillen0430 March 2005
This is a movie that satirizes today's pop culture, and does a brilliant job of it. The cast and musical score are excellent and all of its jokes are funny and well placed. People say that the movie becomes what it is making fun of. Well, isn't that the idea? The movie is packed with about a billion logos appearing everywhere you look in the background, and a scene with an audience of cardboard cut-out celebrities. These are there to add to the atmosphere of the film. This movie is very strong, very well done, and has a real sense of humor. To top it off, it's led by a band with music that's so good you can't even tell they're not real. If you haven't seen it, go watch it. I'd recommend buying the soundtrack as well.
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Amusing satire on the power & brainwashing of the music industry
Wuchakk14 August 2011
I never saw the original cartoon but decided to pick up 2001's "Josey and the Pussycats" because Tara Reid's such a cutie and it looked like some fun entertainment.

Yes, it's fun and the girls are attractive (also featuring Rachael Leigh Cook & Rosario Dawson) but, surprisingly, "Josey and the Pussycats" shoots for something deeper. As my title blurb points out, this is an amusing and potent satire on the power and manipulation of the entertainment industry.

Alan Cumming is outstanding as the villainous band manager who uses, abuses and throws away at whim. His opening scene with the fictional boyband Du Jour is worth the price of admission! Parker Posey is also good as his diabolical superior.

Ever wonder why all those musicians die in mysterious plane crashes, overdoses, etc. at the height of their fame? How about all those successful government cover-ups? How do artists with little actual talent and songwriting abilities become hugely popular while the truly talented artists languish in obscurity (like Meliah Rage)? Why do you sometimes have this insane drive for a Big Mac or Coke? "Josie and the Pussycats" explains all, lol.

As for the doofuses who complain about the product placement, they all live on Aduh Street.

The film runs 98 minutes.

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Ahead of Its Time
keithbrown-901959 July 2018
I can't believe this movie was made in 2001. It seriously has a sense of humor that feels so modern. You can just picture the memes and gifs that would come from this nowadays.

Anyways, the plot is absurd, but pretty funny. The music is catchy. The characters are ridiculous and the villains are amazing. Only thing that holds this back from being a perfect movie is Tara Reid. They needed a smart actor to play someone so dumb, but, you know, it's just Tara Reid being Tara Reid..
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Prophecy in a fun rock film that deserves more attention and appreciation
martinwjordan17 March 2018
It didnt do too well at launch because it was unfairly compared by Ebert as a Spice Girls movie clone. Unfair and damaging. He was nearly 60 - this wasn't a film for him and he didn't have the foresight this film had to see where teenage pop culture was going. Watch this now and you think - "how did they know?" - the tongue in cheek parody of the music industry and teen marketing is amusingly encapsulated in a film with good rock tunes and a stereotypical fun, teen storyline.

I think this film failed because people thought it would be more loyal to the comic / cartoon but it tried to be a bit more clever than that. Sadly, the audience at the time were not ready for that. Look at comic to movie executions and you see the same sarcasm and self deprecation that this exudes.

Also, Rachel Leigh Cook, Tara Cook & Rosario Dawson do a grand job as the leads and Alan Cumming hams it up wonderfully.

Also - DuJour - on the money.
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good movie
geez_isaythatalot3 July 2005
Pretty decent feel-good movie. Superb soundtrack, talented cast. Not a disappointment at all. Lots of energy in the young cast, humorous laid- back script, and good message.

Humorous at certain points and worth watching if your a teenage girl, or especially if you like all the conspiracy theory stuff =)

Is meaningful in that it puts emphasis on importance of certain things in our lives, leaves you wanting to download the track and has a light hearted attempt at portraying messages to young people without the boring political side.

Josie and the Pussycats is lively and funny at points. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes movie's like Mean girls, Legally Blonde etc as it is humorous and meaningful, without being overly politically correct.
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An enjoyable satire although it is rather undone by the silly mood that pervades it
bob the moo16 July 2005
When Du Jour, a top boy band go missing after an "unfortunate" plane accident, manager Wyatt Frame decides that the time is ripe for him to go and find "the next big thing" to sell to the teen market. He discovers a failing girl rock group in a small town and offers them a deal without hearing them. Within hours they have been styled and dressed by the label and are ready to cut their first record. Within a week they are number one, have screaming fans following them everywhere and have a strange desire to buy products that they had no previous interest in. However Josie starts to notice something strange about all of this and is soon asking more questions than the label would like her to.

I hope my description above gives you an idea of the silly sense of humour that runs throughout this film because, although it could have been a sharp satire, it isn't quite as insightful as it could have been. Mostly this is down to the material - the targets are so easy (hell, pop music is practically a parody of itself in some regards) it is never sharp although it is pretty on-target for the most part. It doesn't help that the tone of the whole thing is that of a silly teen comedy rather than a satire and perhaps it was the strange mix of things that confused me a little bit and put me off it. Despite this though I still quite enjoyed it; it was amiable enough, was quite self-aware and was pretty funny at points. I can understand why many were put off it and it doesn't break any new ground but it is still pretty enjoyable and it was nice to see a teen movie actually try to do more than just pander to its audience (well, not much anyway).

The actors involved give some clue that the material is up to something despite the weaknesses – Parker Posey doesn't just turn out for every teen comedy that is around you know! The three leads are all pretty good – delivering the silly mood but also being in on the joke and into it. Cook is probably the least fun of the three but she does well to carry the narrative. Reid is fun in a simple ditsy role that made me smile and Dawson is as gorgeous as ever while still delivering an enjoyable character. Cumming is a bit annoying and he adds to the silly mood with his overly daft performance. Posey is fun and somehow manages to be daft but still effective in the role. The support are mostly in on the joke and the star cameos send themselves up well – Carson Daley and Levy particularly. Biggest surprise was that I liked Missy Pyle – normally she is terrible but here she works.

Overall this is a strange mix of pop satire and teen movie. This produces a rather silly tone, which may put some off, not helped by the fact that the easy targets do rather take the edge off the material somewhat but for my money it was refreshing to see this try to do what it did. I enjoyed the humour and the fact that the cast were all into it and, although it is not a great movie I would certainly watch it again.
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Hilarious, Music Friendly, and a Must-see!
heywhereismycat30 April 2006
I absolutely love this movie! It is by far my favorite. here's the list.... 1: Amazing clothes (from the eyes of a fashion designer) 2: Amazing and catch pop-rock music (and the soundtrack is equally amazing, and I'm currently listening to it) 3: The roles were so perfectly placed, there could not have been a better of any of the characters. 4: There's so much chemistry between Josie, Val, and Melody that there's no way you can't love it. 5: The plot is very easy to follow. And it brings up a lot of points about modern day society... which includes brand named everything.

I recommend this movie to anyone! It's very light hearted and the music is amazing and makes you want to sing or dance or whatever. This movie is amazing. *enough said*
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sedruol6 April 2001
I got a chance to see a sneak preview of Josie & the Pussycats this past week. I really didn't have many expectations for this film...all I was looking for was a fun movie that wouldn't make me cringe (too much.) Well, without hesitation I can say this movie totally blew me away. It was by far one of the funniest movies I've seen in a LONG time. Sure, it was campy, but it garnered genuine and consistent laughs from the audience. It's been a long time since I've seen a movie with such energy and well-balanced pacing.

All three actresses were fantastic as the Pussycats, staying very true to their comic book/tv characters. Rachel Leigh Cook was an excellent choice for Josie...she adds a poignancy to the role that was completely unexpected. As you can imagine, there is the usual romantic subplot, but Cook gives it an honesty and sweetness that saved it from becoming a cliche. Rosario Dawson also did a wonderful job of humanizing Val, portraying her as a strong yet insecure woman. Tara Reid had the hardest part of all. How do you portray a ditzy character so that it doesn't degenerate into a one-note gag? Answer: Make the character endearing. Reid did a wonderful job at making Melody's sappy optimism and absent-mindedness absolutely adorable. In less capable hands, some of the gags would have fallen flat...but they got me smiling, and even laughing.

The soundtrack utterly rocks...the last teen movie I can think of with a soundtrack that was so well matched to the visuals was "Clueless." Songs that could have been just filler really added to the overall energy and appeal of the film. The music style was more "hard rock" than the original TV series, but they managed to get the theme song in there somewhere, so I was happy. :) At the screening I went to, people actually danced in the aisles during the end credits...not something I see every day. ^_^

The script is phenomenal, filled with many in-jokes and great timely references. What's most amazing is that Josie & the Pussycats is a movie with something to say, yet it got its message across in a witty and entertaining way while avoiding being too preachy.

I can honestly say Josie & The Pussycats is one of the best TV-to-Film adaptations I've ever seen--very enjoyable for fans of the old series, but remaining accessible for those who weren't.
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"Josie and the Pussycats" is a jerkin' movie.
TxMike12 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
This is another one of those movies that my local library has on DVD, so all it cost me was 90 minutes. Well, maybe 2 hours when you consider the extras I watched. With low expectations going in, I actually like this film a lot. It is "jerkin!" (See the film, one of the subliminal messages, along with colors, food products, shoes, and of course the band itself.) Josie and the Pussycats is a product of Archie Comics.

The back story is the need for record producer (Parker Posey) to find a new group, any group, simply as a "carrier" for their marketing messages. The group doesn't need to be very good, and this one isn't. Rachael leigh Cook is excellent as Josie, the lead singer, and Tara Reid is funny as the ditzy drummer of the group. (As an aside, they all were taught to play their instruments during performances so they look natural, even though professional playing and singing were over dubbed.)

Well, eventually the smart Josie figures out the scheme and foils it. They give a real, unencumbered concert performance, she gets the boy she wanted all the time. The whole film spoofs product placement and the recording industry that takes unknowns and through hype, molds them into hit groups for the profit of the handlers. Sort of like the current TV series "American Pop Idol" where a winner will be selected in a few weeks.

"Josie and the Pussycats" is a well-made and entertaining film, if one just watches it for what it is. Most professional critics just don't "get it."
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Josie and the girls, well, they rock!
inkblot1113 June 2006
Josie (Rachael Leigh Cook) is the lead singer and guitarist for the all girls rock band, as depicted in the Archie comics. They are mocked by fellow students, despite being quite talented. No has discovered them, its true, but things can change. A deceptive and evil record producer needs new blood and orders an underling to find some fresh faces. Naturally, Josie's group practically falls into his lap. They are signed and touted everywhere. But, is this the real thing or is the mother of all exploitation plots being hatched? Will Josie and the girls stay sweet and unjaded by their fame? What a fine and fun film this is! Girls will love it, yes, and the guys will love the chance to see three beautiful gals on celluloid. Tara Reid is very, very funny as the slightly dense rocker and Cook is a joy as the talented and pretty leader of the group. Parker Posey and Alan Cummings are terrific as the evil music executives and they appear to be having a ball oozing bad vibes. The costumes, needless to say, are just what a fashion loving female would admire. There is a love story, too, for those who beg for tale of romance. Then, too, the three young rock stars are very good role models for the younger set. Ladies, whatever your age, try to spend a bit of time with Josie and company. The laughs are infectious while the sweetness-versus-evil plot is guaranteed to provide a venue to help you forget your worries and make you smile, smile, smile.
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Very Entertaining
annaria725 February 2005
This is one of my favorite movies. It's definitely one of the funnest movies I've ever seen. The music is very high quality and the soundtrack is excellent! It's a good change from all the violent movies out there, this one lets you escape...and makes you want to sing! It's one of those memorabilia movies that reminds you of the cartoons you used to watch. It pokes fun at the entertainment industry and subliminal messages. This is a very light hearted movie. It is suitable for children and adults. There are a few innuendos in the movie, ones that small children would not catch. I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a laugh!
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Criminally Underrated
utgard1423 June 2014
What an awesome movie. I suppose I would have to categorize this under guilty pleasure since it seems to not get much love. The rating on IMDb is wrong on a level I can't wrap my head around. This is one of those movies a lot of people, particularly guys, will look at and dismiss it just by its concept. Well, it's their loss as they're missing out on a very fun and funny movie. I'm a straight guy and I enjoy this movie on the face of it. Not for camp value or any other backhanded compliments. This is a well-produced musical comedy with great songs and some biting satire of the music industry and commercialization. The actors are all good and seem to be having a blast. The three leads are especially fun. One of Tara Reid's better movies, with some early Rosario Dawson and "She's All That" herself, Rachel Leigh Cook, both of whom I always like.

I've been a big fan of this movie since it was first released. The music is upbeat and catchy. Way better than the average music written specifically for a fictional band or artist in movies. I played the soundtrack to death back in the day and still listen to it when I need a pick-me-up today. It's not just the Pussycats songs that I like but also the parody songs from the boy band Du Jour. I think in years to come Josie and the Pussycats will become a cult favorite. It's too good to go ignored forever. I really hope history vindicates what I consider to be one of the best comedies that came out in the 2000s.
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satire disguised as bubblegum girly fluff
katiepoppycat7 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers

I've never seen the cartoon version of Josie and Pussycats - in fact, I thought they were the girls out of Captain Caveman. Ooops. However, I find it difficult to believe that the cartoon version can be any more fun than the movie. This is one of those films that you don't set out to watch. I caught the last 30 minutes on TV one night and rushed out to buy it. I'm sure there are plenty of early teenage girls who will watch this film and just enjoy the girly-rawk music, and the romance and triumph of the goodies over the baddies. The grown ups out there will get a lot more than they bargained for. JATP is a great satire on the fickleness of the modern music world and how it feeds on and feeds up the fads of todays teens. From the branded hotel rooms through to the merciless killing off of any musician who catches on to the plot, it mocks modern life in such a gentle way that many people don't even realize what it's doing. Even the anti-climactical ending seems to sort of fit - Fiona's big plan to brainwash the youth of America to like her is so absurd it's hysterical.

The pussycats themselves are pretty good - there's a real chemistry there between the girls that's lovely to watch. It makes you wish that you'd had friends like that when you were their age. However, for me, the show is stolen away by DuJour. Although their appearances are only brief, they summed up everything that is wrong and right about the pop industry today. And I can't believe they got 'back door lover' past the censors. And the description of how they sustained their horrific injuries in the parking lot of the Metallica gig had me creased over.
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tbobiwsky10 March 2019
Great movie if you wanna lose yourself in something mindless for a bit! All the product placement is a riot!
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Three Small Words: Not That Good
moonmonday31 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Josie and the Pussycats is a film that a lot of people understandably avoided upon its release. Not only was it surrounded by the unpleasant controversy of equally unpleasant Archie Comics completely screwing over their most famous artist of over 40 years -- who was reasonably outraged of their unauthorised usage of a character based off his wife -- but it was also very clearly a desperate attempt to cash in on characters that had not featured prominently in any popular media for years.

Entertainment does move in cycles, and it shouldn't be surprising to anyone that, in the squeaky-clean teenybop year of 2001, that one of the original squeaky-clean teenybop groups would attempt to stage a comeback. Archie Comics as a company are well-known for attempting to exploit any and every possible trend or fad, and they can't really be blamed for that. However, the real-world events behind the film completely ruin its attempted message.

Essentially, the message of the film attempts to convey exploitative corporate (and governmental) evils. It's impossible to take it on its own, however, despite the directors' clear attempt to make the characters and circumstances their own: it's a film attempting to take the moral high ground on the topic of corporate evil, made possible by a company that at the time was committing one of its most grievous corporate evils. Because of that alone, the film is undermined before it even begins.

There are some amusing moments and some satire that works in the film. The acting isn't too terrible for the most part, although there are some truly shameful performances in it, and by that I mean career lows. I can't imagine most of the cast would happily recall Josie and the Pussycats as a film they were too proud of making. Between the mediocre-to-bad songs, the self-aware attempts at humour that almost always try too hard, and terrible miscasting in places, it's difficult to feel much affection for the film.

Even for fans of the comic (Josie hadn't had a regular series of her own in nearly 20 years when this film was released), the film couldn't help but be a disappointment: the actors barely resemble the characters they're intended to be, such as the skinny Alan M. who is a mousy, terribly untalented folk singer. While his looks don't thrill, he also doesn't have a personality to make up for it. What happened to Alan M. the muscular blond roadie? What about the Cabots, longtime best enemies of Josie and her gang? They didn't even pop in Pepper for a cameo.

The worst thing about the film is that it really didn't know what it wanted to be or who it wanted to appeal to as an audience. People who already knew Josie and the Pussycats would be insulted by the 'interpretation' of the characters, which were far off-base and barely included any of the memorable cast from DeCarlo's comics. People unfamiliar with them would either not be interested in a superficially teenybopper film or put off by the heavy-handed attempt at satire which simply falls flat more times than not. Was it a romance, a satire, a parody, a comedy, a chick flick, a friendship movie, a romance...what? It's all over the map, and not in a way that respectably combines themes to form a stronger whole. In this film, Josie and the Pussycats could have been replaced by anyone, and nobody would have noticed the difference.

Of course, it also didn't help that by 2001, even the most popular girl group in years, the Spice Girls, had largely faded off the map and gone their separate ways. By 2001, people of all ages were growing tired of the sentiment embraced by the film Pussycats; they wanted a break.

While the intentions of the film might have been honourable in questioning corporate endorsements and government roles in popular media and entertainment, the film itself was not realised as well as it could have -- and should have -- been. Surrounded by the controversy of the nastiness of its own corporate master, Josie and the Pussycats is an exercise in irony more than anything else, and on so many levels. For a film that makes such fun of pre-fabricated pop music and artificial groomed 'instant celebrities', it certainly tries to dole out those very things, which is regrettably hypocritical. So it fails even as a commentary, even if taken on its own merits, apart from Archie Comics and their machinations. It's not very funny, it's not that interesting, it's nothing that hasn't been done before, it's not subtle, the music isn't very good, the acting isn't that great, the casting is terrible, and isn't Josie and the Pussycats at all.
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Dumb, dumb, dumb...
kibler@adelphia.net7 October 2003
Josie and the Pussycats (2001) Rachel Leigh Cook, Tara Reid, Rosario Dawson, Alan Cumming, Parker Posey, Gabriel Mann, Paulo Costanzo, Missi Pyle, Tom Butler, Alex Martin, D: Deborah Kaplan, Harry Elfont. Live-action version of those three small-town musicians from the Archie Comics, who get a hold of a record deal and find themselves at the center of a diabolical brainwashing plot with subliminal messages in their music. Parodies teen pop bands and commercial products with a self-satirizing energy and its songs have an enjoyable beat, but its given real dumbed-down treatment. Running Time: 95 minutes and rated PG-13 for mild sensuality, crude humor, and some language. **
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It's jerkin'!
Griff6418 July 2001
Okay, so:

1. It comes very close to being the thing it satirizes.

2. The ending stretches credulity like a bungee cord over a sumo wrestler.

3. That guy who plays Josie's boyfriend looks like James Spader. A lot like James Spader. It's actually pretty creepy.

4. Every mug and smirk of Alan Cumming and Parker Posey scream "WE'RE SLUMMING!!!"

But on the other hand:

1. While the Tara-Reid-brains-Carson-Daly scene would have been overly cutesy had they not subsequently broken up, now it's actually pretty funny.

2. I keep hearing that "3 Small Words" song in my head. And not in a bad way.

3. Rachel Leigh Cook shows every sign of actually being a pretty good actress.

4. The fake boy band, especially Seth Green and Breckin Meyer, are a closeted, faux-homeboy hoot. Listen to the lyrics to their song "Backdoor Lover" during the closing credits. I dare you.
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rpo-127 March 2002
There are exactly two good scenes in this film that satirize the capitalist notion of the modern pop music industry, and the gullibility of teenagers with too much disposable incomes. The first of those is the first scene in the movie. The second happens about 25 minutes into the film, which sets up the "crisis". Everything else is just filler about a nobody whose insecurities add up to "middle, middle class, bourgeois horse----" as James Caan would have put it. Put your money away and go see a Bergman movie.
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So Fking funny!!!
sallyride-260462 July 2018
THIS IS A CULT CLASSIC UNDISCOVERED GEM. Amazing songs, hilarious 2001 style, and a goofy Zoolander-type industry spoof with DIVERSE WOMEN as the leads????? Um, okay I get why it wasn't a critical hit but come on, this is FUNNY. Missi Pyle, Parker Posey and Alan Cumming are all hysterical and I quote this movie all the time with my friends. Do not watch this thinking it will change your life. But I guarantee you, if you actually give it a chance, it will make you LAUGH. And that's better.
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Criminally Underrated - 5.3?! REALLY? C'MON! More like a 7!
andressolf1 August 2015
I don't know what is wrong with you people who gave this a 5 and below. What were you watching? Or missing rather? Everything is the answer to the latter. The script is not perfect and unwinds a tiny bit in the last half hour of the movie- but other than that the direction, cuts, angles, timing, graphics, and acting are all top notch! When I saw this movie I wanted to know WHO directed it because I found their style really effective for this movie and rare! The directing talent of this movie is rare in that it seemed very comic-book stylized- like they followed well drawn story boards perfectly. As I said, the cuts (transitions) from one interesting camera angle to the next created a nice flow- and the voice acting and expressions were for the most part all good. The story is rather simple but so many other movies have simple stories and fail- i thought this movie had a simple story and succeeded in it's delivery of it. It could have had better character development so that we would care more about the characters- but for some reason I don't expect that nor care for that because it's Josie and the Pussycats for crying out loud! The only silly movie I can think of that had good character development was Austin Powers- where it showed Dr. Evil's childhood and background and gave you a sense of why he was evil. That was good. he was a well developed evil villain. Had this movie shown the background of the background perhaps it would have added a needed level of depth. But overall I enjoyed this movie enough to give it a 7 out of 10 at least. The poor 5 rating of this movie on IMDb is one of many inaccurate ratings on IMDb. There are many other movies I think are good enough to be a 7 but are rated a 5. It makes me have less faith in this rating system and from now on if I read an interesting synopsis for a movie and it's rated a 5 i am going to watch it anyway! - rendering this site ALMOST useless.
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Take the Chevy to the Levy.....
FlashCallahan20 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Record industries inserts subliminal messages into music so that they can make teenagers do nothing but buy whatever is requested.

Whenever a musician or band finds out the truth, the record company silences them to keep the truth from coming out. When boy band DuJour discover this, their manager, Wyatt, has the plane they are flying in crash, and leaves him looking for a new band to use for evil schemes.

Enter Josie and the Pussycats, a small band who wants to make it to the big top. When they are discovered by Wyatt, they give in and become big rock stars.

But will they find out that they are just pawns for the record industry or will fame take them over......

Cruelly overlooked on initial release, this film is a damning satire on product placement, which manages to fit placement into almost every scene. It kind of defeats the purpose, but its intentionally hilarious.

It's camp from beginning to end, and I can imagine that many on here have given it a low rating because they are ashamed to admit this film is rather good, but hey, life's too short, and its a lively fun movie, that doesn't hurt with the fact that Leigh Cooke is beautiful to look at and makes the film really easy on the eye.

Read between the lines of the film, it really does stick a big middle finger up to teens and manufactured bands who clog up media attention one minute, and disappear next.

It's very topical, and I for one feel that this movie should be shown to teenagers between the ages of 13 to 18, to be used as a warning that these boy bands, girl groups are just there to make you buy lots of poorly made goods at stupid prices.

Actually, this film is probably based on true events.

Hilarious and probably kryptonite to Simon Cowell.
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Ohhh.... Rachel!
Tracy_Terry_Moore29 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Rocker chicks get a record deal.

It's a free-for-all when fame and fortune tears apart the friendship of three girls in a heavy metal rock band who have secured a contract to become the next international music superstars. Maybe this film would have been better if it was given an R-rating so that Rachel Leigh Cook could show her chest. That's all I was thinking about every time she was standing there without a bra under that flimsy little piece of cloth she was pretending to use as a top. Female teeny-boppers may like this for the music and the glitz, but I like it for the purpose of staring at Rachel's shapely boobs.

Rating: Two stars - one for each boob.
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