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MPAA Rated PG-13 for language and sensuality

Sex & Nudity

  • One kiss onstage in the middle of a concert which is also being seen on a big screen above the stage.
  • A young man touches a young woman's back tenderly as he tries to help her fasten her dress.
  • There is a near kiss.
  • A woman is seen in an itty-bitty, teeny-weeny gold bikini.
  • A music group sings and dances with suggestive wiggles. The costumes are retro-'70s with lots of really low hiphuggers and halter tops exposing cleavage and midriffs. The hiphuggers are so low that bottom cleavage is often exposed.
  • A boy band's song, "Backdoor Lover", heavily implies anal sex.
  • A man opens his shirt to release his large, hairy belly.
  • A woman's fly is open.
  • A young woman flashes a sign reading "Honk if you love Pussycats" out of a open car top, but a sign covers the "cats" in the sign.

Violence & Gore

  • Two men jump from a plane mid-air leaving four young men presumably to crash.
  • There are references to killing off bands who ask too many questions and there is a conversation about killing two young women in a fiery car explosion.
  • Two men threaten two young women with baseball bats and talk about killing them.
  • They chase them through a fake TV studio, swinging their bats and breaking paper scenery.
  • A man stumbles and falls into a tarp and a number of things fall on him.
  • A young woman hits a man with a cardboard cutout and knocks him over a railing, and a young woman jumps on a woman and a fight ensues including hair pulling and slapping.
  • A woman tosses a young woman to the ground, and a young woman beats a man up with karate kicks and punches.
  • A woman swings a guitar at a young woman and ends up hitting a piece of electronic equipment instead, blowing it up.
  • A man stomps on a woman's foot and she screams.
  • When a young woman gets out of the shower we see a message written in lipstick on a mirror and she screams.
  • In two instances, two young men yell at each other (including insults) and nearly throw punches, but are stopped.
  • A young woman is grabbed and dragged into a van which speeds off.
  • A young woman clumsily knocks over a tower of CDs with her guitar.
  • A young woman attempts to sit in a chair but misses and falls on the floor.
  • A young woman who is distraught runs along a street and falls off her platform shoes, landing on the sidewalk.
  • A man is seen with a sling on his arm and cuts on his face.
  • Four young men are seen in body casts.
  • Girls scream and chase after celebrities.
  • A group of young women drive off recklessly, squealing their tires as they go.


  • OMG - 6 Crap - 2 Hell - 3 Damn - 3 Ass - 8 Bastard - 1 B*tch - 3 Sh*t - 4 (2 bleeped out) D**k - 1 P***y - 2

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

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