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Season 1

11 May 2004
After discovering ZIM has a severe reaction to eating beans, Dib decides to stage a food fight in an attempt to expose ZIM as an alien once and for all.
30 Mar. 2001
The Nightmare Begins
Unqualified and delinquent alien ZIM is sent on a (thought to be) hopeless mission to capture a planet light years away along with an idiotic and humorous robot.
6 Apr. 2001
Parent Teacher Night/Walk of Doom
Zim is worried his robotic parents aren't ready for Parent Teacher Night and Zim and Gir get lost.
13 Apr. 2001
Bestest Friend/Nanozim
Zim gets an annoying best friend and Zim shrinks himself to a microscopic size to get into Dib's body.
20 Apr. 2001
Germs/Dark Harvest
Zim studies germs and then steals his classmates' internal organs.
27 Apr. 2001
Attack of the Saucer Morons/The Wettening
Zim has to salvage his Voot cruiser after colliding with a bee and crashing / Dib discovers that Zim is vulnerable to plain water.
4 May 2001
Career Day/Battle-Dib
Zim gets a job in fast-food and Dib tries to get on TV to tell all about Zim.
17 Aug. 2001
A Room with a Moose/Hamstergeddon
ZIM implements his most horrific plan yet, a room with a moose. Also, ZIM uses the skool's pet hamster to try and destory the Earth.
24 Aug. 2001
Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain/Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy
Gir messes with the security features of ZIM's house. Also, ZIM uses a time machine to 'attack' Dib throughout the past with the most vile of all weapons, rubber piggys.
31 Aug. 2001
Planet Jackers/Rise of the Zitboy
ZIM must protect the Earth from the Planet Jackers, a race of aliens that need to keep throwing planets into their burning sun, just so he can be the one who destroys Earth. Also, when ZIM grows a zit with hypnotic powers, he uses it to try and get information out of Dib.
7 Sep. 2001
Plague of Babies/Bloaty's Pizza Hog
ZIM suspects that a neighbors baby is spying on him, and he may be right for a change / Gaz is forced to save Dib from ZIM so that they could have a family night out.
21 Sep. 2001
Bolognius Maximus/Game Slave 2
Zim infects Dib with a genetic virus which slowly turns him into bologna. / Gaz competes with an annoying, hyperactive child to purchase a hot new video game console.
26 Oct. 2001
Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom
Experimenting with alternate dimensions, Dib and ZIM get stuck in a nightmare world on Halloween.

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