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Season 8

12 Feb. 2011
Love Triangle
Poof and Foop compete to win the affections of Goldie Goldenglow, a magical new girl at Spellementary School (who's shaped like a triangle) while participating in the Spellementary School play, "Mr. Cookie's Happy Day."
26 Feb. 2011
Operation: Dinkleberg/Spellmentary School
Dad changes Timmy's room into a surveillance center to prove that his kindly neighbor, Dinkleberg, is truly evil./Foop is back! This time, he's seeking to be the most popular kid at magic school. His plan? Running for class president. His opponent? Poof!
18 Jun. 2011
Invasion of the Dads
Timmy's previous wish for a Planet of the Dads backfires when the Dads realize the one thing missing from their lives is Mom, and they come to steal her away from Dad and Timmy.
11 Jul. 2011
Farm Pit/Crock Talk
Dad decides to convert the Turner home into a farm. Unfortunately, it takes Cosmo and Wanda's magic to give Dad a green thumb, and when they're swept away by a tornado, it's up to Timmy to save the farm...and his fairies!
12 Jul. 2011
Food Fight/Please Don't Feed the Turners
Timmy wishes Mom were the best chef in the world. But when Mom opens a place so popular that Timmy can't get a table, he has to find a way to break the spell. The Turners win a contest to be the first family in space, only to learn that it was all a ruse.
13 Jul. 2011
Lights Out/Dad Overboard
Tired Timmy makes a wish for complete darkness so he can get some sleep. But he doesn't count on Cosmo and Wanda turning into Scary Fairies. Dad shipwrecks the Turners on a desert island and has to save the family before the island is blown up.
14 Jul. 2011
The Old Man and the C-/Balance of Flour
Dad admits he dropped out of school in the 5th grade. The next thing Timmy knows, Dad's in his class! Unable to resist the taste of Jorgen's grandmother's brownies,Timmy steals the recipe which gets downloaded into his brain.
15 Aug. 2011
Beach Blanket Bozos/Poltergeeks
Timmy's parents refuse to give up competing with each other to be the best surfer ever. Cosmo accidentally reveals himself to Timmy's parents, who believe the house is haunted and become ghost-hunters.
15 Oct. 2011
When L.O.S.E.R.S. Attack
Mr. Crocker, Dark Laser, and Foop team up to form the League of Super Evil Revenge Seekers and destroy Timmy. His fairy godparents are unable to help, due to fairy-clipse, which prevents them from doing any magic.
23 Nov. 2011
Timmy's Secret Wish!
Timmy has made a secret wish that no one can know about, not even his godfamily.
29 Dec. 2011
Meet the Odd Parents
After Timmy makes some careless wishes, Mom and Dad discover Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof and start making their own wishes. There is trouble when Jorgen finds out.

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