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Shopping For Justice, Oh Our Little Heroes!!
johnkeel10526 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This timeless epic in American cinema ranks with the heights of other great films like Flying Ryan and Mac and Me! From the start we see our two talented canine companions, Hercules and Pounder, protect a Californian family of moderate wealth from dangerous criminals.

After their father, leaves his family alone in their modest mansion, to lobby against the big tobacco industry, that has funded their entire lifestyle, the adventure really begins. Two brave crooks walk into the joint and unleash extreme violence and hate crimes against the minority house keeper, who did not show her papers at any point in the film. This includes a professional kidnapping, which is defended against by our furry friends. A war of attrition begins between our little heroes and the kidnappers, a la Home Alone. No one is left psychologically or physiologically unscarred, even the audience, nor Pizza Hut who sponsored this film.

The movie also has one of the best chase sequences, it definitely inspired the second Matrix film. It also serves as a warning to not betray the company you worked for that made you filthy rich. Also no mansion has ever sustained this much easily repairable damage. The action packed fight in a horse barn is one for the Guiness Records.

Animals using remotes, using shopping cart to stop thiefs, Asians, incompetent parents, Carney and Slick, Neverland Ranch, and a multi cultural cast make this a timeless film.
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sarahelouis6 August 2019
This movie is ridiculous in the best way possible. There are a million plots, they kind of intersect, but most importantly the dogs high five multiple times!
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