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Two heads are better than none
Op_Prime1 August 2000
This was a hilarious tv movie that is a spin off to the show, Kenan and Kel. This movie had all the charm and fun of the series. The premise was unique and, as usual, showed Kenan and Kel getting into some kind of trouble. It has a great ending, but I won't say what it is. But you'll lose your head over it.
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If you like the film, you'll like the film
silversprdave3 January 2002
This film is quite good for a low budget, made for TV movie. The acting and sets come across more like a daytime soap opera than a polished Hollywood production - which suggests that there wasn't that much effort put into the movie. At times the action gets sidetracked, with several scenes that seem out of place, as if their main purpose was to fill time. The movie more than makes up for it with its humor. Although predictable, I found many of the gags got stuck in my head only to come out days later and bring a smile to my face. This movie seems to be one of those Halloween specials - and would be good to watch or rent around mid October. In some ways, the totally stupid title describes the film well. If you think its as funny as I do, then you will probably enjoy the film. Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed. I rated it a "6" out of 10.
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Robbie142 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
(SLIGHT SPOILERS) I first saw this movie on Summer Snick, and I decided to go and record it on tape. From then on, I watch it whenever I need a good laugh! It's just a really funny movie. The story is like this: Kenan and his family go on a vacation, and Kel sneaks in and goes with them. Along the way, Kenan sees a "Headless Knight", and it scares him to death! When they go to a weirdo museum, they see a statue of a Headless Knight and it says that he lst his head in a battle and survived! He also cuts off the heads of his victims and wears them as if his own, and he eats the bodies! Gross... So begins an adventurous journey and with a few laughs. Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell make this movie very very funny, along with Ken Foree, Vanessa Baden, Teal Marchande, Thomas Knickerbocker, Michael Berryman, Tim Winters, Bonnie Hellman, and Terry Ray, just to name a few!

This movie gets a ****.5/*****
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