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Bigfoot finally "gets some"
lazarillo19 January 2008
Here's one for all of my fellow bigfoot movie completists. This starts out as a typical 1970's PG-rated bigfoot movie with grainy 16mm pseudo-documentary footage of a group of male and female hikers in the wilderness while the standard cheesy voice-over narration explains that they are searching for bigfoot or "the geek" (although to my knowledge in no other bigfoot movie has he been referred to as "the geek"). Then suddenly almost without warning it turns into a hardcore porn movie! (I was wondering why one of the female hikers was wearing knee-high go-go boots). The human-human sex scenes are very bad and generally unappealing. They're actually only kind of semi-hard and seem a little truncated, possibly due to censorship but more likely (given the obscurity of this production) because a horny projectionist stole the more explicit stuff. Actually the words "semi-hard" and "truncated" also describe the male actors here, but frankly I can't blame them--it must be hard to have sex outside with women who are only marginally attractive at best. What little dialogue there is is priceless though. One guy lures a girl to his tent by offering to show her his "Italian sausage" then afterwards confesses that he was a virgin except for the time he almost made it with his sister!

None to soon bigfoot shows up (or rather a drunk guy in a bigfoot costume). He is a big disappointment. I'd hope he'd be violently raping and killing people like in the wonderful "Night of the Demon", but all he does is toss around the guys and make primitive, sasquatch-style love to a couple of the woman (who don't make much effort to get away or seem entirely unwilling). The bigfoot sex scenes are the best, not because of the bestiality or rape, but because they're mercifully softcore (I suspect "bigfoot" was to drunk too, y'know, perform). This was all done infinitely better later, of course, in the Walerian Borozyx Eurotica classic "The Beast", but that wasn't really an American-style bigfoot movie. This barely makes it as bigfoot flick either after the first five minutes, but it edges out the similar "Beauties and the Beast" and "Monster at Camp Sunshine" since bigfoot actually "gets some" here (well, kind of). I don't think it really makes it as a hardcore porn flick either (but those aren't really my thing anyway). If nothing else though, it's definitely quite a curiosity.
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What's big and hairy and lonely in the woods...?
suspiria1026 September 2010
The Geek (1971) Genre: Adult / Horror

Synopsis: A group of tree huggung hippies search the Oregon forest for signs of "The Geek"and to film it. Along the way they get busy with each other and learn the hard way that Bigfeet need love too.

My Thoughts... I guess calling this the "Citizen Kane" of Bigfoot adult films may be stretching it. It has everything going against it. From horrid stock music to crap acting "The Geek" certainly has more sin behind the camera going for it than in front. Man did that Bigfoot costume look like it was scrapped up off a country road somewhere. Fans of the craptastic may enjoy a little hardcore Bigfoot action but most will shaking their heads why?

Rating: Liked It
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Hilariously Awful Bigfoot Porn
Michael_Elliott29 March 2015
The Geek (1971)

1/2 (out of 4)

Hilariously awful film about six scientists (three women, three men) who go into the Oregon woods to try and locate Bigfoot. After walking, walking and walking some more, two of the couples end up having sex. The next day they head out into the wilderness (probably the director's backyard) where they run into Bigfoot who wants some sex too.

THE GEEK is an outrageously horrible movie from start to finish. It was edited down to 14-minutes for a Something Weird Video extra but the complete version clocks in at 49 -minutes but even this one appears like it could be missing some footage. This movie is just awful all around and there's really nothing good to say about it besides the fact that it gets so awful that you can't help but watch and once Bigfoot shows up things get so stupid that you can't help but laugh.

As a porno the movie is quite awful because most of the "action" takes place off camera and it seems like the director really doesn't know how to film the scenes. I know this here was before the "golden age" of porn but the sex here is just ugly, poorly filmed and certainly not erotic. The first ten-minutes of the film pretty much shows the six people walking but we get some pretty funny scenes like when the women go searching for firewood and find a pile of wood that was obviously just put there since it's in the center of a field. Another hilarious moment happens after the second sex scene in the tent where the guy admits that he was a virgin. The girl asks if he ever came close and he says yes when his 15-year-old sister let him feel her breast. Then, the woman, asks if he could have gotten anything more out of her!!!! What on Earth were they thinking?

Once Bigfoot shows up he decides to get in on the action and rapes a couple of the woman and fights the men. The two rape scenes are both towards the softcore but I'm curious as to why the women just lay there and take it. There's never an attempt for them to fight Bigfoot off. While they're being attacked, the men are basically just watching without much thought. THE GEEK is without question one of the worst movies ever made but at the same time it's so bad and so stupid that fans of bad cinema are going to want to watch it. Bigfoot didn't use protection or pull out so it's too bad we never got a SON OF THE GEEK.
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Why The Geek is my all time favorite hard core sex movie.
p-olstad8 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Not only is The Geek my favorite. It is in fact the only hard core sex movie I ever saw that I actually liked.

Now what do I like to see in a sex movie? Being male I like to see naked horny women taking pleasure in sexual acts, possibly even reaching satisfaction. Naturally there has to be male participants otherwise the women would have no-one to have sexual intercourse with. And a sex movie is something one might want to watch with one's wife or girlfriend and the male participants will then cater for her tastes. Personally I also like to see films describing female sexual fantasies, whether realistic or non-realistic fantasies. And I like to see naked women who have delightful natural bodies, being naturally hairy is also a good thing.

And did The Geek deliver? It did! To a surprisingly high degree in several respects. The quality of the print was bad but that can't be helped.

There were some prolonged sequences with the hikers wandering about in the wilderness building exciting anticipation.

And the girls were lovely! My favorite was the one who initially wore pants, though I as a rule prefer girls in skirts, she was my favorite! She was wonderful! And I had the pleasure to see her in action twice. First with her boyfriend and later with Bigfoot.

Now I would like to say that The Geek met my expectations not only because of what it contained, but also because of what it did NOT contain.

1. Cum shots. Being male a cum shot is something I absolutely don't want to see! In addition it destroys the ending for the female participant as well as for the viewer. The Geek included no cum shots.

2. Lesbian acts. To me a sex movie should be something that not only show female bodies, but also triggers one's imagination and fantasies. Lesbianism does not trigger my imagination! In addition, if I want to see a sex movie with my girl, we certainly don't want lesbians scenes. The Geek included no lesbian scenes.

3. Prolonged close-ups of male genitals, including oral sex. Again being male this is something I don't want to see. Short glimpses don't bother me, and of course glimpses of close-up female genitals are wonderful but don't have to be exaggerated either. Well balanced not too prolonged close-ups for the benefit of both the male and the female viewer are OK. The Geek did not include too prolonged close-ups of genitals. It did have some prolonged close-ups of actual penetration, but that's a different thing and always very nice. And the film did have some wonderful full body female leg spreading scenes which added a lot to its appeal.

4. Brutality, pain inflicting etc. There weren't any such scenes in The Geek. The 'forced sex' and 'rape' scenes in The Geek were of the female sexual fantasy type with the girls suffering no harm and secretly actually liking it. Bigfoot was obviously completely harmless for the girls, in some scenes he even appeared tender and gentle. He also added some comedy to the film which didn't hurt either. He was a bit rough on the guys to keep them away, but that's a completely different story.

To sum it up: The Geek was an unpretentious less than 50 minutes appealing sex flick. And in fact the only hard core sex movie I have seen so far which I actually liked.
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Porno Sasquatch.
HumanoidOfFlesh15 August 2009
A group of hippies is searching for Sasquatch in the wilderness.They are walking a lot and having graphic sex.Bigfoot is hiding in the bushes.The creature is horny.Two women are raped by the guy in a cheap gorilla suit."The Geek" is an epitome of low-budget crap with some of the worst acting I have ever displeasure to see.There are two unerotic porno sequences and two Bigfoot softcore rapes.The plot is deadly dull and consists of many meaningless scenes of ugly people walking.The score is irritating,the cinematography is grainy and the film is as inept as they come."The Beauties and the Beast" is marginally better and more entertaining than this piece of utter trash.3 out of 10.
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The best Big foot movie ever.
Ben Kasik24 June 2013
This movie is really erotic, I mean, it really nice to see a movie SO good that no one wants their names attached to it. It really is a site to behold. I loved it all the erotic lecture on Bigfoot, the stimulating scenes of human love making, and the big finally, the arrival of the big man himself in all of his homeless glory. The only bad things I can say about it are the cliffhanger ending and that big feet doesn't mean big chickens in this pineal of the fine arts. If only the creators made a long string of sequels because this could have been a long lasting franchise that could have made as much money as the new batman trilogy. I love this film and I can't wait to see a remake if it ever comes out.
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An appallingly awful Bigfoot porno abomination
Woodyanders20 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This astonishingly woeful no-budget early 70's porno atrocity might very well be the worst Bigfoot flick ever to disgrace celluloid. This singularly horrid groaner begins with a blurry, barely in focus, hard to read opening credits title card that clearly establishes the freakishly feeble messed-upness that's tenaciously sustained from ghastly start to hideous end. The story once more is your standard "here we go again" trite premise of six coed (and decidedly libidinous) young adults wandering into the woods in search of you-know-who. Forty murderously protracted minutes of preliminary copulation ensues, followed by a last reel ten minute appearance by unquestionably the sorriest, most abjectly unconvincing Sasquatch to ever haul its pitiful raggedy butt in front of a camera. This miserable monster is a laughable sight to behold: he's a hulking, heavy-breathing, repulsively greasy'n'grimy grungeball biker type with out of control shaggy hair, black shoe polish covering his beefy face, a nastily frayed, tattered, beaten all to hell fur coat and a puny penis hanging out of the open zipper of his filthy brown corduroy pants! Bigfoot proceeds to wearily sodomize two ladies in a pair of harsh, but thankfully abbreviated rape scenes that almost put the infamous ventriloquist dummy sexual assault sequence in "Black Devil Doll from Hell" to shame as far as severely twisted and depraved cinematic misogyny is concerned.

Technically, this dud is borderline Doris Wishmanesque in its staggering ineptitude: the tunelessly droning orchestral sludge score, the limply staged, strangely unenergetic and thus totally unerotic sex scenes, lots of ponderously drawn-out trekkin' through the wilderness travelogue footage, the terminally clueless "I couldn't blurt out my lines or hit my marks with even the faintest hint of skill and ability"-style (non)acting, the scratchy sound, the obstinately stiff'n'stationary cinematography (what few pans and tracking shots featured herein are very awkward), the tin-eared dialogue (sample line: "*Beep* me now, lover! *Beep* me!"), the grimly spiritless, meandering and moribund pace, and the hopelessly listless, let's just get this sucker in the can perfunctory direction all ensure that this horrendous turkey is resolutely rotten in every conceivable department. Don't even bother giving this one a watch. It's not even fun in a so-shoddy-it's-sublime schlock sort of way. Instead it just plain stinks.
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