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Biel and Summer Catch are Hot....
umassjsp11 May 2003
I grew up on Cape Cod. First of all Summer Catch was filmed in North Carolina not the Cape. One Crazy Summer (John Cusack/Demi Moore) was filmed in my hometown on the Cape but I hear the unions make it near impossible to film in Massachusetts now. Some of the pictures of fields and buildings were really from Chatham however. Much of Summer Catch rings true. Very few Cape kids actually have ever played in the Cape League. It is elite baseball. The summer on the Cape is full of babes and booze just like the film shows. The rich of the rich have summer homes on Cape Cod (like Rand in the film)and I was a "lawn boy" just like Freddie Prinz back in the 80s but not good enough to make the Cape League baseball. I could relate to this film and enjoyed it thoroughly. It brought me back to the parties and warm summer nights on the Cape that have a feeling like no where else on Earth. Rent it or catch it on HBO like I did. As for Ms Biel I am a fan for life and I hope she has a great career and maybe comes down to the Cape and parties with us sometime. She burns up the screen. I saw Scooby Doo before this film so seeing Shaggy catching and Fred pitch it made movie a little funny and I ws waiting for Scooby to run on field. Final Analysis...Summer Catch is a Grand Slam!!!
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A delightful interlude of no redeeming value.
acearms9 January 2004
A care free movie about the love of base ball and the opposite sex. Well, Freddie Prinze is the hot shot pitcher trying to make his mark in life while mowing lawns. Along comes Jessica Biel and he is head over heels in love. Playing base ball and making the big time is his goal, but the super rich father of the opposite sex has other diabolical plans and doesn't want the guy who mows the lawn involved with his daughter. But as happens, love congers all and Freddie and Jessica are united in the end. Ad nauseum. Predictable. But a lighthearted movie and worth the time to watch.
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Matt Rhoades
cvillesmb1 March 2015
I like this movie because i can relate to it and it is a baseball movie.. this is what all baseball players wish to do is to play in the cap code league in the summer after collage baseball season ends. so i like it cause it is a dream i and most baseball players can dream for and this movie explains what the cape is like. also it is somewhat of a romantic movie and the girl that the guy falls in love with is pretty smoking hot.. which is a plus while you are watching the movie. another reason why this movie is good is because it is funny at some points and you feel good for the guy when he is pitching. so this movie is a plus for me and fun to watch on summer nights
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Worn plot, tepid romance
FlickJunkie-219 January 2002
`Summer Catch' gets points for trying hard, but it is saddled with so many liabilities that it crashes and burns without getting much altitude. The script is a mish mash of tired themes. Small town boy makes good meets boy from the wrong side of the tracks meets baseball underdog gets big break. The film tries to bill itself as another `Bull Durham' but it has none of the subtlety, comedy or insider perspective of that film. Mostly this is just another lightweight Freddie Prinze, Jr. romantic comedy where Jessica Biel is the catch of the day.

Prinze plays his standard romantic hero role and tries to throw in some baseball. He is fair at both but keeps getting outshined by his supporting cast. I've never really understood the big sensation over Jessica Biel. She shows in this film that her acting is far inferior to her looks. Biel and Prinze interact like marble statues, nice to look at but no chemistry whatever.

The best performances were given by supporting cast members. Fred Ward does a terrific job as Ryan's dad. Brian Dennehy is always fabulous in supporting roles and does not disappoint as the coach of the A's. Brittany Murphy does a fantastic wild thing, with a provocative earthiness that is simultaneously seductive and cute.

There is not much substance here. The baseball scenes are weak and the romance is tepid. The film has some endearing moments but fails to distinguish itself except that it gets goofy far too often. I rated it a 5/10. Fans of Prinze and Biel will enjoy seeing them look sexy for an hour and three quarters. Others might want to miss it.
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stupid, horrible, but it has Biel
twalker9 July 2002
I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Stupid, inane dialog, ridiculous stereotypical characters, predictable story, horrible acting. I would have given it a 1, but Jessica Biel is worth 2 points by herself so I gave it a 3. She is the only reason to watch this awful excuse for a movie.
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Young Girls will love it!
testamp18 March 2001
Unfortunately, I'm not a young girl! (although I am still in the target audience). This utter mess of a movie is so mundane, so poorly acted, written, and directed, that I was literally squirming in my seat as to when the movie would finish.

The basic plot of "Summer Catch" is Freddy Prinze Jr. has some emotional crisis going on because he messed up a chance at 'making it', although that was never clearly explained. See, Prinze is a less-than-minor league pitcher, and he pitches good (those 50mph fastballs strangely clocked on-screen at 95mph!!) but once his mind gets clouded he folds on the mound. So, 7th Heaven star Jessica Biel comes into the fray to win Prinze's heart so he'll be that great pitcher that we all know he can be!

Prinze gives his usual "cute boy who smiles a lot" routine, and Matthew Lillard also gives his usual "side-kick to Freddy Prinze Jr." routine. Although Lillard is hilarious in some scenes, I can't figure out why he didn't have more screen time. Wilmer Valderama (Fez from That 70's Show) gives a great performance, although I don't think I saw him for 10 minutes total in the movie!? Marc Blucas (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) also has a memorable performance, although again his talents are avoided to give Prinze and Jessica Biel more kissing screen-time. I'd say that whenever the story's focus goes back to Prinze's "overcoming-oneself-to-make-it" over-used plot, the movie comes to a complete hault.

Lack of pacing, no story, bad acting, bad casting, and a combination of washed up actors (Brian Dennehy, Jason Gedrick) and new "talent", makes it impossible for me to recommend this movie.
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Is There Love In Baseball?
sarah_0217198629 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The movie "Summer Catch" is a love story that combines the trials of a college baseball player trying to make the majors. The movie takes place in Chatum; it is a town where baseball is life. Every year college players come to the Cape League to get their chance at the major leagues. This year Ryan Dunne (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is getting his chance to play for his hometown the Chatum A's. When Ryan has any problems, he takes them on the field and does not pitch as well. He stopped playing baseball for Boston College, because his mother died and he could not focus. Then he got kicked out of junior college, because he got into a fight with a teammate. During the Cape League season, he faces many problems balancing his old friends with new ones. He also faces problems with his father and his girlfriend, Tenley Parish (Jessica Biel). By the end of the movie, he learns to leave those problems off of the field and that he loves Tenley. He realizes that he will do anything to be with her. Also he receives a contract with the minor league team, the Muckdogs. This leads to him starting for the Phillies.

The film's intent is to tell the viewer about the troubles that Ryan goes through in his life. It teaches the viewers that some times they need to leave their problems behind and move on. It is also a love story about two people from different worlds and the troubles that their relationship goes through. The movie accomplishes these points very well. It lets the viewer see into the mind of Ryan and lets them feel like they are part of the movie. It also has a suspense level letting the viewer wonder if Ryan and Tenley's relationship will survive. This movie is a very good movie for someone who likes love stories, but there is also the baseball element for the guys. This is also a great movie for a couple to see, because they both learn a lesson from the movie. I would recommend seeing this movie many times.
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The worst movie I have ever seen - and that's saying something
Anya-fan2 January 2002
I did not plan to comment on this movie. In fact, I planned to stay as far as possible away from anything remotely concerning it. But after seeing comments praising it I feel I must say something.

This film is like three different films. A mushy teen romance that not even I (a teenager) could fall for, a sports film, and a porn film - none of which seem to be connected in anyway. My friends and I went to see this because a friend of mine loves Freddie Prinze, Jr. She spent days apologizing profusely for it.

We can't talk about plot holes because there is not a plot to find holes in. Perhaps a more feasible exercise would be to try and find the places where it made sense. The dialogue was corny and crude by turns - jerking back and forth between the two with no apparent attention whatsoever. Trying to summarize the story now in my head, I can't do it.

I am not a big fan of sports, but I do like sports movies. I love Tin Cup and it doesn't even take much inducement for me to watch The Mighty Ducks once in awhile. But in Summer Catch, even to someone who understands the game (what was it again? baseball?) would be entirely lost.

The sex scenes, inserted at random moments are so perverse that I will not go into detail. Just thinking about them now makes my skin crawl. Of course the thought of Freddie Prinze, Jr. in a thong doesn't help matters much. (If you're a teenaged girl you might think differently - trust me, from one teenaged girl to another it's not a pleasant sight.)

The theater was practically empty except for my group of friends and another group of people whom we knew who happen to be actresses (I go to an arts school). We were all shell-shocked for weeks afterward, and any time we come even close to the subject of bad movies, this one is always first to come up. After leaving the theater, we told everyone we could find, "We just saw the WORST movie ever made."

One good thing - I laughed more in it than I've ever laughed in anything. The writing, acting, directing, editing, even the costumes were bad. Amidst my revulsion, I simply couldn't help laughing, it was so horrible.

Any respect that I may have had for anyone involved in this movie has gone down 100%.

I gave it 1/10 but it deserves less. And by the way, my friend doesn't love Freddie Prinze, Jr. anymore.
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Don't touch it.
simono845 November 2002
I generally consider She's All That to be my least favourite movie of all time. I caught Summer Catch on a plan trip, and in comparison to She's All That, it's worse.

Congratulations, Summer Catch!

Where to begin? The plot? Oh, that! The main plot has the poor Freddie Prinze Jr trying to overcome the hardships of being a poor gardener's son to become a great baseball player. Meanwhile, he falls for rich girl Jessica Biel. Uh oh, here comes a clash of cultures! I'm sure Jessica's father would not approve!

There are a bunch of subplots relating to the rest of the cast being wacky baseballers, including Marc Blucas falling for a fat girl, Fez from that 70's show having a The Graduate experience, and Matthew Lillard doing whatever it is that Matthew Lillard does in movies. I liked Scream, but the boy needs to stop. There's also a little girl who does something. You'll notice that I'm calling the people by the actors' names, and not by their characters' names. That is because there is not a single memorable character.

No redeeming qualities. At all. This movie simply should not have been made. Unoriginal, uninspired, nothing more than a moneyspinner, and it failed. It won't stop these movies being made, but perhaps it will stop a few from watching them.

On a side note, Brittany Murphy: you have talent. Go elsewhere.

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one of the worst movies ever made
salem7912 August 2002
ok, so i'm a sucker for cheesy romance movies but "summer catch" is probably the worst thing ever made. the movie introduces partially introduces each character and then all of a sudden, the two main characters are dating. they meet once and then the next time you see them, they know everything about each other. there is no logic behind it. it just happens. at the end, you really don't care what happens just so long as it ends. the acting is horrible, especially jessica biel. freddie prinze jr needs to branch off from these romance flicks and try some real acting.
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Baseball is better without the romance
knyventura25 August 2001
Summer Catch is a romantic comedy about a local college baseball player (Freddy Prinze Jr.) playing in the Cape Cod baseball league, who falls in love with a rich girl, Tenley Parrish (Jessica Biel), who is home in cape cod for the summer and is going to leave to San Francisco to work for her rich uncle because her father told her to. The Cape Cod Baseball league is a league of the finest college baseball players who are bought together to play in a summer league using wooden bats. These players are usually close to making the Major League and getting paid. It is said that 1 out of 6 major league players has played in the Cape Cod league. Many scouts come to watch these games. Prinze plays the baseball player Ryan Dunne who is a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde type pitcher. He always starts the game well but ultimately comes to the point where he loses his focus and blows it. Prinze is always seen as a failure to his father and his brother. They think that he will end up cutting grass for his father for the rest of his life. Jessica Biel, has rich parents and can have whatever she wants. She falls in love with Ryan Dunne and is caught between choosing her fathers wishes, moving to San Francisco and working for her uncle, or staying with Ryan whether he makes it to the big leagues or not. At first Ryan is not a hit with some of his teammates such as the Dodger Blue, Eric Van Leemer, who turned down a 2 million dollar contract. Eric acts kind of a character foil for Ryan. They are both off the wall pitchers, Eric has a glove that is different colors and has flames, while Ryan just blows up on the field but Ryan found his success in the end by working hard at it. Eric just always had the talent and never had to look deeper to find his pitching groove. But Ryan becomes good friends with his other teammates such as Billy "Bru" Brubaker, Miles Dalrymple and Mickey "Domo" Dominguez (Wilmer Valderama). The movie does have its funny moments such as the times that Ryan and Bru wear the thongs or how Domo's "baseball mother" loves the young cape cod baseball players and gives Domo his own private show which involves a cucumber (lets leave it at that). But baseball and love stories do not mix. The movies ending is horrible, just as the final baseball game gets to its climax, Ryan is 2 outs away from the baseball Mecca of achievements for a pitcher, a no-hitter, he leaves it for Tenley Parrish. I just feel that he should have at least pitched the no-hitter instead of taking himself out. In the end, Ryan Dunne did make the Major Leagues for the Philadelphia Phillies, and ironically, he still has the destruction point in the big leagues because he gives up a homer. After watching this movie, writers have found a way to turn the American pastime game of baseball into a chick flick.
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one word....ugh
ShortCuteBlonde9 October 2002
When i saw this movie, i thought it was gonna be great, i went to the theater with my friends and we were all set to see it and be amazed by Freddie Prinze Jr., when we got out of the theater, we demanded a refund, this movie had a stupid plot, bad acting, and it was a bad job choosing the actors for the parts of the movie.
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Attractive Cast, Funny Scenes, Then Why is it so PLODDING?
Bob-4524 January 2002
`Summer Catch' is yet ANOTHER `coming of age' movie, albiet with a attractive cast and some pretty funny humor. Freddie Prinze, Jr. leads an attractive, talented cast in a story which is one third `Bull Durham, one third `Porky's' and one third `every boy from the wrong side of the tracks meets rich girl movie you've ever seen." Considering it's pedigree, it's surprising this movie was made within the bounds of a PG-13 rating. Perhaps, that's part of the problem. Just when you are expecting it to open up and get REALLY raunchy, it backs away. Certainly, there is NO problem with the cast. Freddy Prinze, Jr. is quite earnest as Ryan Dunne, the `yard boy' turned pitcher; however, despite the slight accent, he's not particularly believable as an Irishman. As Prinze's love interest, Tenley Parrish, Jessica Biel brings the same qualities to the screen as Jamie Lee Curtis, in more ways than two. Once you get past the stunning figure (well showcased, briefly, in a bikini), you realize she's a real person, and a quite likeable one. Matthew Lillard is very funny as Billy Brubaker, as is Marc Blucas as Miles Dalrymple, Gabriel Mann as Auggie and Jed Rhein as Pete. Brittany Murphy makes an appropriately "local bar tramp," and Beverly D'Angelo (an incredibly well preserved 48) as the movie's `Mrs. Robinson'. Zita Gray is cute as Jessica Biel's little sister, Katie. Even Randi Layne makes a favorable impression in a VERY small role as Jessica's mother. Please don't let me forget the contributions of Brian Dennehy, Fred Ward, Bruce Davison and Jason Getrick.

One of the BIG problems with `Summer Catch' is the repetitiveness of the subplotting. You don't get just ONE example of the `boy virgin meets ‘Mrs. Robinson,' you get FIVE. The same goes for the `big talk about your career problems scene,' `local bar tramp causes the jock to miss his appointment,' etc. Perhaps that's why the movie seems overlong, which is a killer for a comedy. HOWEVER, I can't remember another movie I've seen recently in which I can remember the names of so many of the characters. That counts for a lot with me...
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a sorry excuse for a romantic comedy
I love romantic comedies. Most of them. Especially if they're actually, um, ROMANTIC. And if the humor is good.

I thought "Summer Catch" had a cute plot, and a good title. So I popped in the DVD and watched it with my mom. Well, as it turned out, I had to sit and blush through an hour and a half of unoriginal thong jokes, makeout sessions between two characters that produce no chemistry whatsoever, and bad acting. I didn't laugh at loud once, which is rare for me, and I didn't even buy Ryan and Tenley's relationship, which is rarer.

About the bad acting, Freddie Prinze, Jr., was never an award-winner. But in this flick, I don't believe a word he says. And Jessica Beil is pretty good most of the time, but at other parts she is monotonous. But they are both really cute, so it's appealing more to the eye than the mind.

The only thing that makes this movie worth watching (if it even is) is Matthew Lilliard and Brittany Murphy. Lilliard plays Prinze, Jr.,'s hyperactive sidekick who eventually falls for Murphy, the outlandish but likable town tramp who pours beer in guys' mouths from bottles between her legs (one of the few priceless scenes).

If you're looking for a funny movie, this is an okay choice, but not if you're looking for a romance.
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worse than another players strike
AaronBrungardt15 July 2002
Summer Catch is, by far, the worst film I've seen since Exit Wounds. It made me ashamed to watch movies and if I ever saw it again I would surely take my own life. I will not even dignify this "flick" by summarizing the plot. All I will say is I have seen better writing on cancelled UPN sitcoms.

As far as the acting is concerned, Freddie Prinze Jr. is the worst young "actor" this side of Britney Spears. The thing that saddens me most is that it took me a while to realize that. Jessica Biel is hot and always bra-less and horribly melodramatic. After the Tremors sequels, I didn't think Fred Ward could be in a worse movie. John C. McGinley is the only good actor in this movie but his part is so small (yes, there are small parts) and badly written that even his acting skills couldn't save it. Now I have some questions. How did they get Hank Aaron in this movie? I'm a huge baseball fan and having him play a tiny part in it is a disgrace and irresponsible.

This film proves to me that the Hollywood machine in this N'Sync driven society of recent years will take any lame script and any young "bankable" named actor and waste a perfectly good opportunity to make a quality film. Next time Hollywood producers, save your money, and leave Hank Aaron out of it.
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one word... yawn
Media_guru11 August 2002
I litrelly jumped out of my seat for joy the nanosecond I saw the first credit! the plot was way to jumpy and non sencical I found my self reminsing on by past get togethers to entertain my self! I left the room three times during the movie once to just put a cup in the sink! I am sorry if my reveiw has little to do with the movie but I know five pepole who have seen this move (six incuding me) and not one liked it!
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Nothing great but not horribly bad.
TheyKilledTheGiggler5 August 2002
Although this movie was no gem it wasn't a complete waste of time. The whole movie centers around Ryan Dunne (Freddie Prinze Jr.) who is a pitcher dreming of making the big leagues. During the summer Ryan plays for the Chatham A's (a minor league baseball team) and hopes to do his best in front of scouts). There are some pretty good parts in the movie but unfortunately the entire love mess between Prinze and his rich neighbor Jessica Biel is extremely annoying and drags the movie down. The best performance in the movie in my opinion) was frm Gabriel Mann who played one of Prinze's friends. Matthew liliard is also pretty good but Freddy gives a pretty poor performance. While there are some good moments in Summer Catch, There are also some very bad and poor ones. In the end Summer Catch hits a double to left field...however the runner is left stranded at 2nd (sorry for the baseball analogy) OVERALL: 5/10
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The best Freddie Prinze movie I've ever seen! *SPOILERS*
FeverDog16 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Well, this IS better than SHE'S ALL THAT and DOWN TO YOU, right?

After reading all the harsh words here slung at SUMMER CATCH, I had to contribute some levity. Yeah, the baseball scenes are edited to avoid showing actual baseball mechanics, but does that really matter in a movie like this? Some of the baseball action with Freddie Prinze was almost exciting, and this is the first time I can honestly put "Freddie Prinze" and "exciting" in the same sentence without inserting "not" between them. (Please note, I wrote "almost.")

Let's now get the negativity out of the way. First, I couldn't believe all the sex play in this PG-13 movie (which replaces COYOTE UGLY on the top of the Jack Valenti Wall of Shame). I'm no prude, but this movie deserves an R-rating for its lewd beer-pouring moments alone. And speaking of sex, while Beverly D'Angelo cucumber-loving den mother looked fantastic in this movie, her role here was an uninspired retread of similar characters from BULL DURHAM and YOUNGBLOOD. And what was with that guy who dug, well, "a whole lotta woman"? He made some comment about admiring guys' butts, but that quasi-queer angle never made a second appearance. Yep, SUMMER CATCH is PG-13. (And ALMOST FAMOUS gets an "R." Someone please explain this inconsistency!)

So, anyway, besides all that, there's also the laundry list of ancient clichés: Overcoming parental loss, losing one's virginity to an older woman, the stoner peanut gallery, the cute kid, love crossing class boundaries, climbing from despair to victory, winning the Big Game, and, finally, Freddie Prinze is a Really Nice Guy while Sidekick Matthew Lillard Provides Comic Relief. And who could sleep while being soaked by a sprinkler? And the diction of Freddie's brother for some reason reminded me of Steve from SEX AND THE CITY;

The soundtrack is filled with forgettable rock tunes and a score inexplicably reminiscent of the music in THE LAST SEDUCTION. And with all the product placement here, was this movie sponsored by the Samuel Adams brew company?

So, why don't I hate this movie? I dunno, maybe since I watched the sleazy SWORDFISH earlier in the evening and most any movie would look better after that crap. Or maybe because of the unexpected Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey and Beverly D'Angelo cameos (Ellen Griswold never looked so fine), or since our hero made his big-league debut with Philadelphia (I was raised in South Jersey and will always be a Phillies Phan). Like I already said, some of the baseball stuff is kind of fun despite the sleight-of-hand direction. And, hey, I'm the guy who likes THE FAN; maybe I just cannot totally trash any baseball movie. No, not even FOR LOVE OF THE GAME, which resembles SUMMER CATCH in that both movies should have kept their stories on the field and dropped their goopy romantic subplots.

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This is a bland exercise with points of interest.
labebe25 August 2001
The first aired previews of Summer Catch only showed the bits with Freddie Prinze , Jr. and Jessica Biel and those did not interest me. Only when I saw that the movie cast included Matthew Lillard, Marc Blucas, and Brittany Murphy did I even want to see it. I had low expectations from the outset and so I wasn't disappointed when the bulk of the movie centered on two very attractive, terribly blank actors such as Jessica Biel and Freddie Prinze, Jr. Mr. Prinze seems like a nice enough guy, but he does not project real emotion. Ms.Biel is appealingly American in her stance but her acting lacks conviction.

The script for the movie is pretty banal. The viewer doesn't really care about the primary and secondary struggles of the central characters because we absolutely know that things will work out just fine.

The parts that showcase the rest of the cast are pretty fun. Matthew Lillard is fabulous. Marc Blucas is charming with his affection for chubby chicks. Brittany Murphy is great, as ever. It was nice to see Brian Dennehy, Fred Ward, and Jason Gedrick, though the inconsistent New England accents were kind of pointless.
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Don't let the grumps scare you away
msecour30 January 2002
This is not a great film in the tradition of Bull Durham, but it will provide some good laughs and a pleasant diversion. I have seen films that were, in fact, a colossal waste of time and Summer Catch isn't close to being in that crowd. Is there anything really new? No. You have seen variations on this theme and plot before. So what? The leads and supporting cast are fun to watch, even if Freddie Prinze Jr. doesn't come close to looking like a professional pitcher. Couldn't believe one reviewer referring to Brian Dennehy and Jason Gedrick as has-been actors. That alone caused me to question the objectivity of the rest of the review. Go ahead and rent it. My wife and I both enjoyed it.
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Could have been better than what it was
camcurwood2 January 2002
As some users have commented, the crude jokes were a bit much, and indeed they were. They were quite out of place in the movie - it was almost like watching two different movies at once - not in a good way. There was quite a bit of needless dialogue and interaction, almost all of it dealing with the crudeness and offensive jokes mainly directed at women.

The other parts of the movie were not bad, and I wish there was more of them. The interaction with the father could have been expanded, as well as the brother. The scenes with Jessica were good, and the baseball scenes were ok, and quite well made. Unfortunately, the plot was a bit predictable, with my girlfriend shouting out what she thought would happen next, and she was always right. The crude parts and predictable plot drag the rest of the movie down. I debated whether to give it a 4 - thinking I slightly disliked it, or if I was neutral and would give it a 5. In the end, it had to be 4.
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Poop on a stick
poop-76 December 2001
Honestly, this movie would be all right in my book if they would have taken out all the jokes making fun of overweight women and the gratuitous sexual content. It would have been a nice family movie. But no, they had to go and make it crude, and now I've lost all respect for Brittany Murphy! When will they make a movie that's suitable to watch with my little sister? Probably never.
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Well, I'm a I feel satisfied? Absolutely not.
Go_rated_R5 November 2001
I hate Freddy Prinze jr. And this is no better then all his horrible movies. He is just no good. I have seen other teen's comments saying on how only adults dislike this movie. I have news for all those girls: I am not an adult, and I HATED this movie.

Notice how the trailers clearly say: "If your hot, then you'll like this movie!" Ok, that's wrong. What they meant to say is: "If your a ditzy airhead, than you'll love this "romantic comedy" made my people who don't even know what they're doing."

The plot is predictable, the acting is horrible, the directing sucks, and Mathew Lillard is a loser. Sorry, but it's the truth. It's the worst movie of the year, and it will be forgotten faster than you will forget this comment.

I'll spare you the explanation, just don't ever waste your money, ok?

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Stupid,Poor,Boring... probably the worst baseball movie ever
Funkypizza200123 October 2001
Freddie Prinze Jr. is a good actor who does horrible movies like this one, "Head over heels," and "Boys and Girls". I think the only movie i actually like by him was "She's all that". This is a movie about a boy, Prinze, who falls in love with his rich next door neighbor, who is just here for Summer, is played by Jessica Biel. Prinze also dreams one day about becoming a major league baseball player.

I am very disappointed with a lot of films that have came out this year so far... Scary Movie 2 is one of them. This has to be on the worst list of 2001. I was very disappointed with this film, i mean i almost fell asleep watching this stupid, dull, poor, boring movie. I tell you highly, do not see this film. It is not worth spending your money on. I really was disappointed.

I give it *1/2 stars out of ***** stars.
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