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Season 1

5 Mar. 2000
Just Act Normal
The series starts with Chance being six years old and Danny is taking a family picture. Danny gives Chance a gun for the picture and Chance accidentally shoots Danny. Danny is ecstatic. Fast forward five years. The Arnos are at church, not that they are religious; it's just a great place to meet mobsters. Barbara (mom) chats up the wives. Celeste (16) charms the sons. Ruby (14) charms the grandpas. Chance (11) is Danny's regular number two-watching dad's back while Danny chats up the men. One drawback is that Celeste is always falling in love and sometimes forgets to ...
12 Mar. 2000
The Line
The Arnos go undercover to bring down Steven Kesseling (David Brisbin), a crooked stockbroker who is stealing from his clients and selling worthless stock at inflated prices. Celeste's involvement with Kesseling's son (Seth: Jared Rushton) winds up putting her in great danger, while Chance fears his father may have gone too far undercover as he watches Danny fall under the spell of a beautiful female suspect. (Karen Lamond: Nancy Bell). Is Dad just doing his job - or has he crossed the line? Chance wants to know who the girl in the white dress on the bike is (Jessica ...
19 Mar. 2000
Domestic Terrorism
A routine surveillance assignment winds up putting the Arno's lives in danger when Chance and Ruby witness a gangland murder while working undercover as baby-sitters at a crooked councilman's house. Danny is thinking about moving the family to Minneapolis (a career maker) but the family does not want to move. Among other things: Celeste is taking dance lessons, Chance is the top seller of chocolate bars for school and Ruby is making a fortune doing babysitting. And they are all tired of moving and starting over. Chance finds out that his music teacher is stealing from...
2 Apr. 2000
Where Have You Gone, Sandy Koufax?
While working to implicate a wealthy accountant in the murder of his partner, the Arnos cross paths with Spiros Damalis / Floyd Goldman (Shaun Toub), a crooked New Jersey club owner they investigated eight years earlier for the murder of a cocktail waitress. Is Damalis connected to the current crime? Will he blow the Arnos cover? And does he still hold a dangerous torch for Barbara? The current case is about crooked CPAs' working for casinos and one of them is missing-presumably dead. Part of the cover is Chance being on the same little league team as one of the ...
9 Apr. 2000
Perfect Frank
Danny is assigned to investigate Edgar "Eddie Breeze" Bryzinski, who is running a bookmaking ring from the back room of his local ice cream parlor. Breeze is part of a larger criminal organization, the head of which the FBI wants to nail for several murders. Hoping to implicate Breeze, Danny makes a number of big bets guaranteed to lose, but Breeze keeps covering his losses. Chance is placed on the inside as a counterman at the ice cream parlor. Part of the problem is that Danny does not know who the enforcer is. Finally, Danny lets his family convince him to seek the...
16 Apr. 2000
Beauty Marks
Danny is looking for the "coyote", part of a smuggling ring. When three young Mexican girls trying to get into the U.S. are found dead in the trunk of a car from carbon monoxide poisoning, the FBI suspects fashion designer and possible sweatshop owner Gabrielle Vega is to blame, and Danny is assigned to the case. Danny poses as a buyer from an East Coast department store interested in Vega's new clothing line while Ruby enters Vega's beauty pageant/fashion show. Barbara hams it up as a "stage mom", while Chance poses as a "youth-in-media photographer" and snaps ...
23 Apr. 2000
Our Mr. Brooks
While investigating a dangerous heroin dealer named Gina (Tressa Pope), Agent Brooks is shot by an unknown assailant and dies in Danny's arms. Unwilling to blow his cover--and convinced the shooting is related to the drug bust--Danny strikes out on his own to find the culprit. Meanwhile, Barbara, Celeste and Ruby host a birthday party for Chance and four of his friends, and havoc soon ensues in the Arno house as the party guests discover incriminating family secrets that threaten their cover. When the lies about Danny being IRS don't work, Chance tells them the truth;...
26 Jul. 2000
The Fever Flip
Danny has been telling "The Fever Flip" story to his kids for years, but Barbara hates the story and wishes Danny would stop talking about it. It's all about a case he and a "talented female partner" worked on before the kids were born. Cary Fever had been a pornographer who brought under-aged girls across state lines to be in his pictures. But when they brought him down, Danny and his partner went too far while busting Fever - they wound up ruining Fever's whole life. Now Fever has tracked Danny down, and he's seeking revenge. Fever starts toying with Danny, but his ...
2 Aug. 2000
Turtle Soup
A rare albino turtle has been stolen, Celeste has found a new "cause," and Danny's not happy about any of it. After attending a meeting of animal rights activists, Celeste decides to help the group rescue some kittens from a local medical research facility. This means breaking and entering, and Danny is furious that she will be breaking the law, even if it is for a noble reason. The situation goes from bad to worse when Danny discovers that the activists' ringleader, Peter Logan (Benjamin Shelfer), is under Federal investigation for animal smuggling. That ...
9 Aug. 2000
When aging Mafia kingpin Joe Collado retreats to a luxury resort-style hospital, the FBI suspects he's only pretending to be crazy in order to escape an indictment. To find out for sure, Danny checks in as a patient, and the family tags along to help him check out the mobster. Their biggest obstacle: the mobster's brother Anton, a murderer with too much too loose if the ruse fails. He's put up a strong wall of defense so far, but even he has a soft spot - Vicky, a beautiful nurse from the hospital who he's been dating. Chance is immediately smitten with her as well. ...
16 Aug. 2000
Bazooka Joe
Chance watches his house blow up and it is assumed that his entire family is dead. The local police investigate, but is blocked by the FBI. They know his family was FBI, so he tells them about the latest case. However, Lt. Lisa Ramone and Sergeant Bonner have a problem believing it. Flashback: Danny goes undercover as a small-time gun dealer to infiltrate a local mob crew, but just when he's making headway with one of the crew boys, his contact turns up belly-up in the ocean. Was he whacked by his own crew? Danny slowly establishes contact with the remaining mobsters ...
23 Aug. 2000
The Book of Danny
The Arnos are settling into their new home in Utah when they receive a visit from an FBI accountant. Danny is shocked when he is told that he's being investigated for "misappropriation of funds (a lousy $400.00)." In an even more bizarre twist, Danny's brother Frank suddenly shows up at the house after having been released from prison early. Danny meets with Agent Aubrey Lang, the head of the Utah FBI, and soon becomes convinced that Lang is out to get him. Lang froze all of the Arno's accounts-personal and business. Later, at his hearing, Danny finds out that Lang ...
20 Sep. 2000
Killing Me Softly
On the trail of known arsonist and murderer Weist/Anthony Rossi (arsonist: Cameron Watson), Danny and Barbara stage a divorce-without confirming for the kids that it's all for show. (The family golden rule is "no secrets". You can't back some one up if you don't know the plan. The problem is Chance know they are not being told the whole truth). The school counselor (Mr. Fabian: Paul Kierman) tries to reach out to Chance. The plan: to catch Weist in the act of offering his known hit man services to Danny. The murder-for-hire offer comes as anticipated, but Danny is ...
The Hit Parade
Danny goes undercover as an assassin, and is hired to whack two guys by Michael Pappas aka Billy Dvorak, a middleman for a number of higher-up criminals. Danny and Chance stage the "hits" and take the intended victims, Barrett Connelly and Gil Fedder, to an FBI safe house (on an old military reservation). Both claim no knowledge of anyone who would want them whacked, and deny having previously met one other. Barbara and kids also go to the facility for a "vacation". Barbara makes a mistake by inviting Barrett to lunch. She finds a severed body part in the freezer. Her...
7 Jan. 2001
Just two days before his execution, the last confession of condemned killer Henry Carter Crowe (Gregg Henry) has suddenly become very important. Someone has kidnapped the son of Adam Kondos (Phil Reisen), the District Attorney who successfully prosecuted Crowe for murdering a family. Now the kidnapper is threatening to kill the young boy if Crowe doesn't receive a stay of execution. The Feds enlist Danny to impersonate a death row priest, in order to try to get Crowe to end his life by doing the right thing and reveal the kidnapper's location. Can Danny get the ...
14 Jan. 2001
Vegas Mother's Day: Part 1
The Arnos travel to Las Vegas when Danny is assigned to go to a fading, off-the-strip casino to protect Ed Linson the Oasis casino's owner and a former mobster who's been cooperating with the FBI. The casino is the perfect place for Danny to revive his lounge act, but when mobster Lon Colomby and his mother arrive for a "vacation," playtime is quickly over. Linson thinks Colomby is there to kill him. Lon hits on Barbara. Lon meets Danny and says Danny has lost his touch-as if he had seen his act before. Mary wants to go home-she isn't having fun. And she will never be...

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