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MPAA Rated R for strong violence, sexuality and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Sex, Nudity, Implied Sex and Sexual references
  • Sex scene; the woman's bare back and the top of her bare buttocks are visible when she's in bed post-coitus.
  • A teenage girl drives off with an older man; we see her kiss him and perform fellatio while he's driving.
  • We see a man wearing only a towel; a woman lies in bed with him and puts her hand up the towel, implying sexual touching on a man.
  • A man stands behind a woman and thrusts his hips several times.
  • There are numerous shots of scantily clad female dancers and lots of cleavage.
  • Lots of sexual innuendo, including references to casual sex, prison sex, masturbation, homosexuality, S&M, and male and female genitalia.
  • Implied sex with sexual noises in this scene (the woman's young son is in the room during this scene).
  • A woman and man are lying in bed together and the woman has her legs propped up.
  • A woman lifts up her skirt and shows her bare thighs.
  • A man stares at a woman's clothed buttocks, as she stands on a chair (we see several close-ups of the top of her mini underwear).
  • A woman in her bra on a bed.
  • A woman pushes them up her breasts.
  • A man fills out a questionnaire with several sexual questions on it about masturbation, having sex with another man and bondage.

Violence & Gore

  • Numerous instances of threatening with guns and numerous shots fired, with many people killed.
  • Two men are shot in the chest and killed, and blood gushes out of their backs.
  • A man is shot numerous times in numerous places by several machine guns and blood splatters all about him (on the floors and walls); his body also twitches and shakes violently as he's being shot.
  • A man is shot in the head and blood splatters out on to the wall.
  • A man is shot in the forehead at point blank range and blood drips out of the hole and flows down his face.
  • Three men are shot to death and one's blood squirts on the white wall behind him.
  • A man is shot in the neck and blood flows down his neck and over his yellow coat; he dies a slow death, after one man tries to save him by mouth-to-mouth (and the man trying to save him gets blood all over his face and hands); then the corpse is tossed out of an airplane.
  • A man is shot in the leg and a lot of blood squirts out of the wound in slow motion; then the man is shot in the chest and killed, with blood coming out of the wound spilling on to his white t-shirt.
  • A man in a gun showdown is shot in the chest and apparently killed; then the winner walks up to the loser -- who appears dead on the ground -- and shoots him again (either to be brutal or to finish him off).
  • A man kills another by shooting arrows into his chest at close range; we see a close-up of the blood-covered corpse.
  • A man kills a woman by shooting her with arrows (we see her corpse as well, with blood coming out of the mouth).
  • A man is shot in the forearm and blood drips out.
  • A man is shot in the chest and knocked off a pier, falling several feet to the ground.
  • A man is shot and killed while hanging upside down suspended from a cable (blood drips down him).
  • Several men are shot in the chest and killed.
  • A man is shot in a few places and his leg and hands are covered in blood, as are the walls around him.
  • A man driving a car runs into a coyote, which smashes into the windshield and causes the man's head to slam into the steering wheel making the car go off the road; the man has blood on his face and is knocked out.
  • We see two dark bruises on a man's bare chest after he's been shot (but he was wearing a bullet proof vest; hence the bruises and not bullet holes).
  • A man is barely nicked in the face by a bullet; we see a small bit of blood come out of the wound.
  • We see two corpses who've been shot and killed.
  • A man drenches a gas station in gas from the pump's hose, lights a match and drives off; we see the tanks and station go up in flames (there's also a recently killed corpse inside it).
  • A man who's been elbowed in the face pulls bloody gauze out of his nose.
  • Twice a man hits another in the head with the butt of a rifle.
  • A woman driving a car tosses a man out of it and he rolls on the road but isn't injured.
  • A woman is gagged and thrown in a trunk.
  • A man strangles another.
  • A fast-moving van runs into a moving car several times, causing the car to crash.
  • A man hits a woman in the gut with a metal bar.
  • A man punches a boy in the shoulder.
  • A small animal skeleton is run over by a car.
  • Lots of reckless driving.
  • Several police cars are shot several times and blown up.
  • Two animated monster scorpions fight; blood and green slime ooze out of them when they're injured.
  • Twice we see men urinating.
  • A boy vomits.


  • fuck used 50 times shit used 20 times.pussy used 2 times.cock used 2 times.middle finger used 1 time.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • alot of smokeing.alot of drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • very intense very graphic

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