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21 Sep. 1966
Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn?
In West Berlin, a man who lived his whole life under the thumb of his father, must get the coffin with his father's remains across the border. However, he is in for a not so pleasant surprise.
2 Nov. 1966
The Canterville Ghost
An American ambassador moves his family into a haunted English castle.
9 Nov. 1966
The People Trap
In 2067, due to a population explosion, couples must obtain a special permit in order to have a child.
16 Nov. 1966
Evening Primrose
A man becomes part of a secret society of people who live in a department store and quickly falls in love with their leader's young maid.
23 Nov. 1966
Noon Wine
Rough dairy farmer Royal Earle Thompson is trapped in a loveless marriage and tries to make amends for a past mistake.
7 Dec. 1966
On the Flip Side
A spirit and her musical combo are assigned to help a washed-up singer make a comeback.
21 Dec. 1966
A Christmas Memory
Its the last Christmas together in Depression era Alabama of a sensitive boy and his elderly cousin who was his closest friend. The two raise enough money to buy the ingredients for 30 fruit cakes, sent mostly to strangers like FDR. They spend Christmas day flying the kites the made for each while Capote's voice over explains their separation, followed by their dog's passing, and a few years later her's.
4 Jan. 1967
The Trap of Solid Gold
A mid-level company executive is assured by his superiors that he's being groomed for better things, and an upcoming project could assure his future at the company, but in the meantime he and his wife are spending themselves into near-poverty trying to "keep up appearances"--expensive house in the suburbs, pricey dinners in town with his bosses, etc.--in order to impress the higher-ups who hold his future in their hands.
2 Mar. 1967
Rodgers & Hart Today
Contemporary artists of the day perform the songs of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

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