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A solid entertainment weel done action heist movie
ivo-cobra817 October 2015
The Fast and the Furious (2001) It is solid decent action film of the film franchise. I love this film it is my third favorite film in the series. I wasn't watching this film for the cars or street races this film is about robbery, as a string of high-speed electronics truck robberies rocks the area. The Team stole $1.2 million worth of major electronics and the cops doesn't have any leads who has done it. There is only one team that could be responsible, Dominic Torreto (Vin Diesel) and his gang of street racers. During the night Torreto and his crew of street racers are driving cars in Los Angeles. Brian O'Conner (Paul walker) a undercover LAPD officer under the alias "Brian Earl Spilner", is he assigned to find out who is stealing the merchandise.

This is my favorite film, it is an decent Action film about heist $1.2 million and not about the cars. Why I love this film? Because It is clever, intelligent, Entertained, fast paced and not boring film. The girls are beautiful in this team. The Action sequences are real and perfectly done. I love that late Paul Walker plays Brian O'Conner and undercover L.A. Police Officer who try's to do the right thing. I am Paul Walker fan and Brian O'Conner is my favorite character of the whole franchise and series. I am saying The Fast and the Furious is better than 2,3 and even 7 so the film is pretty good.

Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster did a terrific job playing their characters.With these players set in motion, it's up to the script to deliver the real substance of the movie. (One often sees great performances in mediocre the story transcends the performances -- an impressive feat.) The script delivers. These themes are reinforced by the fine performances by Paul Walker and, particularly, Vin Diesel. Diesel's Toretto is a tough, no-nonsense, street-smart and highly-skilled racer on the outside, but as O'Conner and the audience come to know him, it is revealed that he is a human being with feelings, a troubled and hard past, and doing his best to get along, even if it means skirting or breaking the law. He's the head of a household, and the patriarch of sorts of a gang that is more family than it is a collection of members. Diesel brings hard-nosed and gritty energy to the role, but compliments that with a softer, more accessible side that makes him an odd sort of antihero, a man clearly in the wrong but not maliciously or spitefully so. Walker, too, is excellent as the undercover officer that finds the world of underground racing not-so-seedy as it seems.

On the turbo-charged streets of Los Angeles, every night is a championship race. With intense full-throttle action, awesome high-speed stunts, and full-on pedal to the metal intensity, this fast and furious assault puts you in the driver's seat and dares you to exceed all limits.Los Angeles police officer Brian O'Connor must decide where his loyalties really lie when he becomes enamored with the street racing world he has been sent undercover to destroy.

It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning.

The Fast and the Furious is a gritty and gratifying cheap thrill, Rob Cohen's high-octane hot-car is a true rarity these days, a really good exploitation, the sort of thing that would rule at drive-ins if they still existed. The Fast and the Furious is a good Action movie. It offers a conventional plot but populates the story with well-developed primary characters that draw the audience in and make them care about their stories. In the movie, the line between good and bad becomes blurred to the point that, by the end, it matters not which side of the law the characters call home.

I love this film to death! It is my 3d favorite film in the series franchise. The Fast and the Furious kicks ass! Even for PG-13 film they kick ass! Brian O'Conner kicks ass!!!
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One of those underrated movies
Jashhh5 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was an actual 'movie'. The sequels were just entertainment takes. People forgot about the actual contents of this movie.

The main part of the movie is the trust-and-suspect-relationship between (undercover agent-) Brian and Dominic with his team. This is a red line in the movie and made you want to keep watching.

Somewhere along the way, you lose awareness of Brian's mission and start respecting Dominic's team. You want Brian to get into the group and be with the beautiful cute girl. It is about 'the family'.

It was also about Dom being a unique character who tells you about his past, his father's race, the 10-second-race story and all. It was exactly how a movie about cars, races and action should be. Simple but powerful and beautiful.

This was all build up really well. In a cool traditional (unforced) way, we were introduced with cool cars, cool people, street-racing and stuff.

Before the end, a series of events happened that made you very excited. These events that happened are somehow connected and brought a sort of realistic thrilling experience. Here, the acting skills were superb and the drama in the scenes were pictured in a pitch-perfect traditional way. Brian was a lot tougher here than in the sequels where he was like Dom's slave or something.

It's beautiful to see Brian and Dom at the end: Brian betrayed him and should arrest him but instead, they do the 10 second-race and don't know what to think about each other. This race was one of the most memorable scenes in film-history. After Dom hits the truck and survives the air-spinning of his car, Brian gave him the keys of his car, his car that has just also finished the 10-second-race. So, he finally gave Dom a 10-second-car and by doing that, he officially shows that he is not going to arrest him anymore.

Somehow, he knew that Dom should not be sent to jail all along, even though he appeared to be a trucker-thief after-all......
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MR_Heraclius23 February 2020
A mindlessly entertaining film, The Fast and the Furious features fun action, sexy cars and women as well as having some cool characters. Don't go into this film expecting it to engage your brain though or any Fast and Furious film for that matter. Thank you Rob Cohen for starting this franchise!
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The beginning of it all
Maniac-918 January 2013
This is the movie that created a brand new mega movie franchise. Generally when there's movie franchises they make movies in the form of trilogies. But later this year when Fast and the Furious 6 comes out it'll be the sixth movie in the series which shows the level of box office appeal the series has to be able to pump out an average of 1 movie every two years is quite impressive. The only other series doing that kind of productivity with different directors on basically a once every 2 year rate is the James Bond series.

Vin Diesel who outside of his other series Riddick movies generally puts out mediocre to bad performances was basically made to play the role of Dominic Torretto. Same goes for Paul Walker, normally when I see he's going to be in a movie I don't bother watching it. But somehow when these 2 guys get together in a movie about driving fast cars with hot girls it turns into a guilty pleasure.
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There's something about Vin
baumer25 June 2001
Every summer a film comes around that takes everyone by surprise. Last year it was Scary Movie and I'm sure in 1977 it was a film like Star Wars and then in 1981 it was Raiders of the Lost Ark. Now I am not saying that The Fast and the Furious is in the same class as Raiders and Star Wars, just that it surprised everyone on the same level. F&F is short on plot and dialogue and even some of the acting is lame, but what it is oozes is testosterone. It pumps your blood, increases your adrenaline and attacks you with fast cars, sexy women and that one invariable that I think it has going for it... Vin Diesel. There is just something about the guy, something that you really can't put your finger on, but he just has it. Maybe it is charisma, maybe it is charm, maybe it is just that he resembles some of the action heroes from the 80's with his chiseled triceps and his slabs of pecs. Maybe it is all those things and maybe it is none of those things, all I know is that F&F is exactly what I had hoped it would be and nothing more. This is the summer movie that I have been waiting for. It's not that the films that have been out so far aren't that great because some of them are, it's just that this is the one that epitomises what summer as a teen ager is all about. It is no wonder that exit polls for this film were around 65-70% under the age of 21. And maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much. I am pushing 30 but isn't it cool to lose yourself in a film that reminds you what it was like to be in highschool. And isn't it cool to watch street racers break 140 miles an hour wile they shoot NOS through their vehicles? Well isn't it?

F&F doesn't contain any machinations similar to a film like Mission Impossible and it doesn't dazzle us with special effects of impending doom like Armageddon did, but it takes us into a world where people live life "a quarter of a mile at a time."

Vin Diesel plays Dominic Toretto, a massive, bald mechanic that owns a garage but street races on the side to make some extra cash. Paul Walker ( The Skulls, Varsity Blues) plays Brian Spindler. He is a cop that has infiltrated the street gang to find out who is highjacking trucks and stealing all their merchandise. There are about four rival street gangs in L.A. and one of them is pulling this off. He has to figure out which one. Of course along the way he seduced by the life, but that is not what we really care about. All we want to see is lots of racing, a few crashes, some fights and some sex. F&F doesn't disappoint. If what you have seen in the trailers of the film excites and entices you, then you know exactly what you're in for. This is not going to win any Oscars for anything but what it will do is entertain you. It will expedite you for 90 minutes into a world where Honda's are souped up to look like Dragons and junkyard scraps are rebuilt from scratch to be better than they were before, better, stronger and faster. If this film appealed to you in the commercial, it will appeal to you on the screen.

And of course there is Vin Diesel. He first made a name for himself in Saving Private Ryan where he played Capparrzo. Then he jumped onto the scene with his excellent and grandiose turn as Riddick in Pitch Black. I think this is the film that got him noticed because no one had even heard of him before this. Then he did Boiler Room and he showed a different side to him. But F&F is all muscle and sheer bravado. I think Vin is going to do great things in the years to come. He is not a nobody anymore. This film will take care of that. And face it, isn't it cool to see the genesis of a new action hero?

8 out of 10- The ultimate summer rush!
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Damn I miss Paul Walker!
UniqueParticle29 December 2019
The most traumatizing installment but very enjoyable none the less! I love so much of the film, the colors, cars, dialogue, and the fun vibes. Such a great movie, it's been many years since I've seen it. The motorcycle gang is such an annoyance to the plot would've been better without them.
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Solid movie... Worth renting
skternate21 June 2006
Today I saw Tokyo drift and yesterday I saw 2 fast 2 furious for the fifth time, but I still find myself drawn toward the original. It stars Paul Walker as an undercover cop who infiltrates the street racing underworld of LA to catch a crook who has been hijacking millions of dollars worth of electronics from 18wheelers, causing the truckers to take matters into their own hands, ultimately ending in deaths and multitudes of money stolen. Now, you would think that because of the semi weak plot, this movie wouldn't be that good, however, the main storyline is just a small part of this movie, the other elements being action and some interesting relationships regarding vin diesels character. Diesel plays a street racing god, one of the best in the LA scene. Walkers character, Brians, way into the world is through Dominic Toretto (Diesel). Toretto has an air about him which draws other in, and Brian is no different. Throughout the movie, Brian is getting to know Dom, earning his trust, etc, but at the end of the movie, both Dom and Brian are forced to make a decision about each other... The whole relationship is interesting to watch. As for the action, there is plenty of it. Besides the many races, there is also some gunplay and some hand to hand fighting, and some interesting hijacking sequences.

All in all the cars are hot, the girls are hotter, the cars are fast, the guns are loaded, and for the more serious, the relationship between Dom, Mia, Vince, Letty, and the others is amazing.

If you haven't seen this movie, rent it tonight
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Great movie.
Jonathan-K_9719 March 2015
I've been watching the first five movies in the series recently. Must say, all of them are great movies if you're into cars and action. Really not that much to say, lots of action, lots of cars and really entertaining to watch. Actors are/were great, according to me Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are/were great actors. Too bad that Paul Walker is gone now, he was one of the best if not the best actor in the series according to me. Although all the actors were great but Paul was probably my absolute favorite. Very short review, I know, I can't find many bad things to criticize about this movie. Great actors, full of action and lots of awesome cars but not the greatest movie according to me, just a great movie that is entertaining to watch is all I can say really.
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It's more than just an action movie.
PWNYCNY24 October 2011
This is a great movie. Far from being superficial pulp, this movie has a complex plot. Vin Diesel's performance is tremendous; his screen presence is dominating. He succeeds in carrying the movie. Although the movie contains lots of glitz, it also tells a story that deals with themes such as loyalty and betrayal. The rest of the cast is excellent too, especially Jordana Brewster and Paul Walker. Michelle Rodriguez is as usual wonderful. It would be easy to dismiss this movie as being little more than a live action cartoon, but the movie really is full of surprises. It has several intensely dramatic scenes, some of the most incredible car chase scenes, and some deeply esoteric verbal exchanges fraught with emotion. Whether it's Vin Diesel pouting or Paul Walker being heroic, the results are same: nonstop action, intense dialog, and interesting characters, all of which together produce great entertainment. It's more than just about automobiles.
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Great modern classic!
Bruce7221 June 2013
There aren't many movies over the last dozen years to have a bigger impact on society than this one. The Fast and the Furious glorified street racing and made the Honda Civic and the other cars featured in the film must buys for teenage boys across America. The reason is pretty obvious, the movie is outstanding. The cast of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, and others is outstanding and the story is really interesting and unique. The plot and characters are all really well developed, creating an immersive viewing experience not often seen in movies under two hours. The cars and race scenes are fantastic and the action has you sitting on the edge of your seat. The only negative for me was some of the cinematic effects. The director tried to get cute and a lot of those effects actually hurt the scenes, not helped. Nonetheless, those few sequences aren't enough to ruin the film and the entertainment value for the movie is still sky high.
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A joy ride of entertainment.
k-dhesi31 May 2009
The fast and furious will not exactly WOW you. But it will do enough to keep you entertained through out, thanks to it's excellent cast and furious race scenes. The film was a good idea and it could have not been executed any better then it was. The not so familiar director Rob Cohen did a very good job. Most scenes were well panned out and ribbon tied with it's cool racing or just brilliant acting. For that it really does deserve 9 stars.

The major impact this movie had was it's pride. The fast and the furious did not get too a head of them selves and also didn't have the biggest budget to work with. But the movie reflects on a job well done. The movie is just simple plain fun, it take you for a enjoyable ride. The racing scenes were well though out, intense and very fun to watch. Some scenes were all the friends are together were witty and fun to watch too. The script was nothing major but decent. The acting was the brilliant, Vin Diesel knew and played his role very well, his role had the major impact. The plot was interesting but nothing real special. Overall the movie was very enjoyable, great racing, cool cars with a touch of action and humour.
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An action movie with a some-what plot, hot babes, fast cars, great action and a meet-expectations.
departed071 May 2008
The Fast and the Furious is probably the first movie to get me into cars while at the same time enjoying myself without having to worry about a plot.

Paul Walker plays Brian O'Conner, a hot shot police officer, who goes undercover as a car junkie Brian Spilner to see if a local street racer/mechanic by the name of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diseal) has anything to do with hijacking a bunch of cargo from DVD's, TV's, entertainment sets, and so forth while at the same time falling head over heels for Dominic's sister Mia (Jordana Brewster). Brian comes so close while at the same time gaining trust to the target (Dominic) itself where it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

The film itself has the best action sequences involving street racing and high octane action where despite a so-so plot to follow, or one that's been seen before (such as Point Break), you don't have to worry about a thing. It's just pure fun.

The film also stars Michelle Rodriguez (S.W.A.T.) as Dominic's girlfriend, Letty; Ted Levine (The Silence of the Lambs) as Sgt. Tanner, and singer Ja Rule in a small cameo as a contestant against Dominic.
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Insanely Fast
jaded_aero25 June 2001
This movie, has by far the best car racing scenes ever filmed, as well as the best cars. They are gorgeous machines, and these guys certainly can drive them. Great story, not just another Gone in Sixty Seconds where all they did was steal cars, there actually weren't very many race scenes as you might expect, but every shot is filled with cars, and lots of them. The acting is great as well, as usual Vin Diesel gives a brilliant performance, as Dominic Toretto. It has already earned a massive following, and when you leave the theaters you will be filed with such a massive adrenaline rush, that you and all your buddies will be left with the feeling that you must go out and race. Everybody I have talked to have said the same thing, it just has this crazy adrenaline rush it gives you. I highly recommend this to all fans of cars, and racing, but it has something for everybody so see it even if you are not a fan of either, bottom line, just see it!!!!!!
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"Winning is winning"
Angelus224 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Paul Walker is a undercover cop who has just infiltrated the most infamous street racing families; led by Vin Diesel; is mission is to find out who is robbing truck filled with electronics while in motion.

The film is pure adrenaline rush; from great cars to great looking girls; this film brings a fun filled experience.

Paul Walker's character Brian faces a dilemma as he falls in love with Dominic's (Vin) sister; he then investigates further only to find out that there is more then one street racing gang who is into electronics.

The film is a true action classic, Paul Walker is okay as the undercover; but Vin steals the show, with his great lines and muscular arms.

This film was the very first I think to introduce Nos; Nitrogen oxide. A lot of my friends had no idea what it was before this film came out; I felt a sense of pride, explaining it to them.

Remember one last thing, Winning is winning.
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Mainstream fluff but this first instalment works for them
Robert_duder8 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The first Fast and Furious movie I stumbled into by accident was Tokyo Drift and much to my surprise I loved it. So now because I have heard so much about how great the latest instalment was I have been going back and watching them all. The first film certainly has a strong appeal to it. Car movies are not necessarily my thing, I don't know a lick about cars except how to drive (and my wife would say even that is questionable.) Still the original film in this series also is one of the only ones I have seen outside of Tokyo Drift that is still truly about fast cars and racing. The series eventually evolves into more of a heist/criminal underworld sort of spin but this is truly about the cars. Right off the bat you're dropped into the action and there is some truly excellent action scenes. The characters are not brilliant but they are well defined and interesting despite being very predictable and stereotypical. One thing the Fast Furious series forces down your throats is the idea that this group is a "family" and will do anything for each other. They start this concept in this movie and then repeat it over and over and over again. A smarter series would let you feel that devotion and friendship with character development. But it is what it is, a simple action flick that entertains.

This cast has made their bread and butter with this series. Vin Diesel is a star from this series and a few other roles but mostly this. He fits into it like a round peg into a round hole. He is a good anti-hero and his rough tough as nails charisma works in the movie. Paul Walker also made his name in this series. He is the yin to Diesel's yang. He is softer spoken, the red blooded all American type who is undercover within this gang and becomes one of the family. Walker is a little stiff in his performance and he certainly isn't flexing any major acting muscles but he is a necessity to the story and his chemistry with Diesel works very well. Jordana Brewster is Diesel's sister and Walker's love interest and she does decently. Her character gets very little development but she has a purpose and serves it well. Her chemistry with Walker is solid and their romance is definitely worthwhile. Michelle Rodriguez is Diesel's love interest and I think they actually have great chemistry, very hot on screen but she is very underused in this movie. I was surprised she got such a name from being in this because she is definitely a supporting character and way in the background most of the time. Rick Yune is decent but completely underused and under developed as the "villain" o sorts. He could have been much better but the character is too weak. Chad Linberg does a terrific job in a very small role and gives one of the stronger performances especially in a supporting role.

The film relies entirely on its stunts, fast cars and action scenes. The cast and performances are adequate at best but thanks to a constant stream of adrenaline it ends up being very entertaining. Rob Cohen has a history as a director of relying on adrenaline to make his films. He might be one of the most shallow directors in the way that his movies have very, very little depth. These films, especially this one, is the definition of mindless entertainment. You have to turn off your brain and sit back and enjoy the spectacle. I'm not in any way saying there is anything wrong with that because I was thoroughly entertained. I don't quite understand the massive following this series has but this time I was pleased with the film so what can I say. Be ready to be entertained but not overly impressed. 8/10
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It truly is Fast and Furious
celtic_girl19909 September 2006
What makes this film so great? One of the many questions you find asking yourself as soon as you pick up the DVD or Video of this film. Well firstly before you dare to watch this film you must be one of these three types of people to be able to sit and watch this film (in my opinion) 1)A person who knows fast cars, 2)A person who likes to see these cars, and 3)A person who knows why you race them.

If you aren't one of these people and just want to watch Vin and Paul in action then I'm afraid to tell you that you won't do this film any justice (although they are great in this film). I believe that the character that Vin plays was made for him and so was Pauls' character. Vin already has the style, the mood of Dominic Tretto (we have seen this in XXX) i personally couldn't have picked a better actor for the job for no one could pull it off like what Vin does. As for Paul i think it's great that they have used a so-called "tall, lean, blonde pretty-boy" for the part of Brian O'Conner because it brings out the fact that he is an under-cover cop. He's new in the field, it's his first mission and therefore he needs to look it too. We see his character evolve in the second film, which is also truly brilliant. So from me i think that the film should be at least rated at a 7 or 8 out of 10 even though the story does seem to drag on for awhile it is still a pretty good film and i hope you will agree. So from me watch this film and enjoy it too.
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Pure Adrenaline!
tsettles9830 March 2011
THE best of TFATF movies. As all first-movie-in-a-franchise movies are.

This one was the pure adrenaline rush that is Rob Cohen, the director. The first movie of Rob's that I saw was xXx and that was amazing! I loved that movie. Of course I mostly love all brainless high octane action flicks.

But, there is something else about this film that makes me love it beyond my own comprehension. Maybe it's the heart and the whole leave-no-man-behind theme that rocks around throughout this film, especially in the last half-hour.

Most people only don't like this movie because of it's absence of a plot. I agree. There isn't much of a plot here, and if there was, it's all over the place.

But who needs a plot in a movie that is meant to be just a movie to hold your attention. And that's exactly what it does! 8 out of 10.
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Live life 1/4 mile at a time.
Lady_Targaryen21 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I love ''The Fast and the Furious''. Many people are criticizing it in a bad way, saying that this movie have ruined the street car culture among other things.Well, I can't judge very much because I am not(yet) a car expert, but I can say that what this movie did was show to other people who never saw or heard anything like that, another reality that they are not used to see or hear. I became much more interesting in cars(specially tuning them) after watching ''The Fast and the Furious''and a whole new world have become a reality to me. Vin Diesel is awesome and hot (as usual)as the character Toretto,the respected leader of a famous street gang that is under suspicion of stealing expensive electronic equipments. The plot itself is not a profound or a big thing, but the cars and the races in this movie are really awesome!

You gotta love or hate it! :)
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Bye, Bye "Gone in 60 Seconds"!
JensenHawk25 June 2001
OK, Fast and the Furious might not be the earth shattering movie of the summer, but...for car people, there is a new kid in town. Before TF&TF, my overall #1 in the car movie category would have to be "Gone in 60 Sec" Which I am sure that most fans like myself would agree with. And I still enjoy that movie, But! TF&TF, though is was quite predictable, still got my engine revving with the tricked out cars and engines. Overall, TF&TF was basically a good dose of ear and eye candy, which was enough for me and my friends! Excellent movie!
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Don't take this movie too seriously(a classic!)
hootiefan31 July 2002
When you watch Fast and the Furious, please don't take it as a serious work of drama. Watch it as a mindless movie with fast cars and attractive women. With that said you would consider it a masterpiece.

True, the movie has bad acting and poor story, but that is what makes it a marvelous popcorn film. My friends and I spend hours mocking the film and its horrendous dialogue. The movie is full of silly lines bound to make you laugh. Just check the memorable quotes section. There are so many classic scenes that make it a campy movie. Some scenes and dialogue is so ridiculous that it is too much fun to ridicule and imitate. It so bad it's good. Plus it is very watchable because of the fast cars and hot girls. I'm not sure if the filmmakers intentionally had the goal of "so bad it's good" but the cast and crew have made this into one of the best unintentionally funny films of all time.

I urge each living soul to witness this magnificent work of art with an open mind and sense of humor. You won't regret it.

(Another note: Ja Rule is terrific in this film. He produces the all-time greatest cameo. Unintentional or not it is a work of genius in the comedy department. He is a pure delight to see him on screen.)
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Hot Cars, Hot Girls, Hot Action, What more could you want?
daniel_velker22 May 2013
I don't remember when the first time was that I saw The Fast and the Furious but it dosen't matter because it gets better with each viewing. This movie is filled with what guys want to see; Hot and fast tricked out cars, beautiful women, and kick ass action sequences. The world that the characters live in in this film is the world we can only dream of, to race in cool tricked out cars with dozens of beautiful women surrounding you and cheering you on. All of this is what I love most about this film but I also love the cast; Vin Diesal, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster all clinch their roles. If I were to pick my favorite cast member I would have to go with Michelle Rodriguez because not only is she a talented actress she is beautiful and bad ass in everything she's ever been in and this is probably my favorite role of hers. This is a movie were you really don't have to care about the plot because all the eye-candy and fun of this movie is the cars, girls, and action which is enough to pull you into the driver's seat. The cars are fast the action is furious and that's why this movie rocks.
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It will leave you dazed and breathless.
first_person_shooter16 July 2001
It begins with a spectacular action scene where three Honda Civics execute a high-speed highjacking of a cargo truck, and from there, the action never stops. With The Fast and the Furious, director Rob Cohen seeks to capture and thrill the audience with a booming soundtrack and non-stop action, and he seems to have succeeded.

The film follows officer Brian O'Connor as he infiltrates a street-racing gang in order to capture the drivers of the three enigmatic Hondas, which have been terrorizing truck drivers in Los Angeles. The gang is led by ex-racer Dominic Toretto. Toretto immediately takes a liking to O'Connor, while his gang seems a bit skeptic. Toretto's right-hand man Vince is O'Connor's main problem, as he suspects the truth about his identity from the very beginning.

The plot is slightly dry, as the movie incorporates many typical aspects of other films of the genre. For example, there's the fact that Toretto is the only one to trust O'Connor. The rest of his gang except for, of course, Vince, quickly follows him. Then there's the whole falling-in-love-with-the-sister-of-the-guy-I'm-about-to-get-arrested subplot. And then there are your typical problems from rival gangs and the hero's attempt to prove himself by striking against them. Yet despite the many stereotypical aspects of the script, the well-developed characters and interesting relationships save the movie from becoming just another heap of typical Hollywood sensationalism.

The movie features strong acting, as the actors work well together and compliment each other's performances. This is only Michelle Rodriguez' second major performance since her film debut in the independent drama Girl Fight, which was a hit at the Cannes Film Festival last year. Not just another bad girl, Rodriguez shows a strong acting ability, which is apparent in her portrayal of Lena. Vin Diesel is also a fairly good actor who seems to be climbing through the ranks of Hollywood. Best known for his role in the failed science-fiction thriller Pitch Black, Diesel sports a memorable attitude and strong screen presence that promise to make him a contender for future stardom. Opting to cast less known, yet strong actors instead of more commercially viable ones, Rob Cohen has created a well-rounded cast, which gives the movie its fresh attitude and memorable mood.

Yet it is the action scenes that are the real stars of the movie. Featuring three races and four equally spectacular action sequences, the movie delivers fast and furious action from beginning to end. Accompanied by a rocking soundtrack, the action sequences are put together by flawless editing and elaborate stunts, effectively creating a maddening adrenaline rush in any viewer.

A long time producer and Harvard graduate, Cohen has achieved success a director, with movies such as Dragonheart, The Skulls, Daylight, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (which he also wrote and starred in) and several episodes of the series Miami Vice. He is also a screenwriter and has had small roles in some of his movies. He plays a pizza delivery boy in The Fast and The Furious.

Although the slight semblance of a plot does not make this something for the serious moviegoer, the relentless action more than makes up for it. Not too long and filled with fantastic cars and non-stop entertainment, The Fast and the Furious will leave you dazed and breathless.
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Not as bad as the current rating suggests
mentalcrime5 October 2007
If you like cars - this movie is for you. Sure, the cars in this movie are not what an ordinary European lad would regard as decent, some of the parts are quite alluring (T66 with NOS you know... ;-)) but among the car bodies there are some that look way too stereotype (Honda Civics...?).

The story is entertaining, though rarely sophisticated. This, I guess, is the reason for why someone reader of IMDb commented that in this movie Vin's talent was wasted. I consent to this to quite some degree and really suggest to those of you, who haven't already familiarized themselves with the work of this convincing actor to do so as soon as there is a chance to.
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Comes at you Fast AND Furious
SupraTurbo25 June 2001
The Fast and the Furious comes at you like it says. It's not a long movie and really never slows down much at all! Those looking for a movie delving into a complex plot with in depth charachters need not watch it. The movie is as the preview shows, a lot of great car chase scenes held together by a loose form of a plot. It does what Gone in 60 Seconds only wishes it could do. In gone in 60 you have 2 scenes with cars driving fast at all. Here you have at least 6 or 7 distinctly different and memorable scenes. Although acting ability and some of the lines lack severely, this can be forgiven and is made up by the cars. This movie is perfect for anyone into speed and tuned import sports cars for the most part(yes, even the occasional despicable economy car made to "perform" is present)I saw the previews knowing this was going to be basically an adrenaline rush of a movie, and I gave it a 10 because that's what it delivered.
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