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Why Freddy Got Fingered Isn't the Bomb Everyone Remembers

Why Freddy Got Fingered Isn't the Bomb Everyone Remembers
At the height of his fame, Tom Green was allowed to make his first standalone movie as a leading man. But by all accounts, 2001's Freddy Got Fingered was a substantial bomb, and decimated his future in film. Case in point, he hasn't been in one for a long while. But as Tom Green sees it, the movie didn't bomb. In fact, according to him, it was a financial success and could have done a lot better in theaters had it not be rated R. He has his own theory on why the numbers weren't bigger. He places the blame on Crocodile Dundee.

People probably haven't been thinking much about Freddy Got Fingered. It enjoys its own limited cult cache, and it made the news in early 2016, when a man was arrested for not returning his VHS rental of the asinine comedy after 14 years. But the movie has pretty much
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Are These Really The Best Films Of The Year?

This week, Neil Calloway questions another films of the year list…

On Friday, Sight & Sound Magazine announced their top films of 2016. It’s an eye-opening list, though perhaps for the wrong reasons.

According to the critics surveyed, Toni Erdmann is the winner. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s the name of Angela Merkel’s deputy, but it turns out to be an Austrian-German comedy. If you haven’t seen it, it’s because it hasn’t been released in the UK or Us yet. It’s been shown at Cannes, and at the London Film Festival, but its general release is yet to come, and you can be sure when it does come it won’t make it to the Showcase in Walsall.

Sight & Sound bills itself as “The International Film Magazine”, but it is still the in-house magazine of the British Film Institute. Despite this, of
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Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles: revisiting the film

Matt Edwards Aug 2, 2016

There was a third Crocodile Dundee film? Really? Was Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles any good?

Yes there was. Honestly, yes. No, not particularly.

I think we might have all been understating the cultural importance of the film Crocodile Dundee. It’s sort of mandatory that you do, I think, if you value your sanity. In 1986, when the film came out, it was a massive success at the box office. It grossed $174m in the Us, making it the second highest grossing film of the year, taking just $2m less than Top Gun. The films writers, including Paul Hogan, were nominated for an Oscar. As much as I think Crocodile Dundee is a fun film, that’s a lot to take in.

In the 1980s, the box office charts looked different to the charts of today. Where now multiplex listings are dominated by brands and superhero films with wince-inducing budgets,
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Costuming The Dressmaker

Twenty-five years ago, costume designer Margot Wilson was a student living in Paris when she picked up a roll of red, moire silk fabric during a shopping trip to Milan. She didn’t know why, or what for; she wasn’t even a costume designer then, just a talented young fashion grad from East Sydney Tech on a six-month scholarship to France. When it was time to go home, she took the beautiful roll of fabric back down under with her.

Fast forward three decades and a couple of dozen films later (including Lantana, Bran Nue Dae and Lawless), and Wilson has finally found a screen role for her magnificent weave – on Oscar winner Kate Winslet in the film adaptation of Rosalie Ham’s bestselling novel, The Dressmaker. “I’ve been carrying that roll of fabric around forever,” laughs Wilson, who designed all of Winslet’s costumes in the movie.
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Looking back at The Phantom

Sergio Leone and Joe Dante at one stage were linked with The Phantom. We look back at Billy Zane's moment in the superhero spotlight.

“Where’s your spirit of adventure?” asks Drax, the film's villain, before setting off in search of the final skull of Touganda. This sums up The Phantom nicely. It might not work, but they went on an adventure and tried something interesting and different. Cinema would be richer with a greater sense of adventure. That said, the spirit of the film being expressed by the villain does serve as an example of what a muddle the team behind The Phantom movie got themselves into.

The 1996 film The Phantom is a bit of an oddity. It gets a lot of stuff really wrong, yet there are other areas where it comes up with a really interesting approach to the challenge of making a comic adaptation. It
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Review: Greg McLean’s Horror Sequel 'Wolf Creek 2'

“What the bloody hell are you buggers doin’ out here?” That peeved query is one of many threatening lines said by Aussie isolationist Mick Taylor, the cheerfully rational monster patrolling the outback in Greg Mclean’s “Wolf Creek 2,” the odd, occasionally effective sequel to 2005’s unhinged horror surprise. In the original, actor John Jarratt played Taylor as a kind of cannibalistic "Crocodile Dundee"(surely we can all agree that cannibalism would’ve drastically improved “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles”). Jarratt’s scenery — (and people) — chomping performance, coupled with the pleasingly dusty setting, made “Wolf Creek” a nicely atmospheric — if grotesquely brutal — horror treat. “Wolf Creek 2” is certainly a recognizable sibling to McLean’s debut feature. But where “Wolf Creek” could be called straightforward slasher-horror, its sequel is... something else, begging the question, what is “Wolf Creek 2,” exactly? It is a horror film, to be sure, a dash
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No One Took Down A Movie Like Roger Ebert

No One Took Down A Movie Like Roger Ebert
No one loved movies like Roger Ebert. But perhaps more importantly, no one panned movies like Roger Ebert. He turned taking the piss out of a reprehensible film into an art form, leaving you giggling days later.

While we're heartbroken at his passing, we'll always remember him for his big heart, his humanity, his passion, his fortitude, and, most of all, his incredible wit in the face of so many terrible, terrible cinematic train wrecks.

Here are a few of the funniest Ebert take downs of movies. Let us know which one's your favorite.

North, 1994

"I hated this movie. Hated, hated, hated, hated, hated this movie. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience-insulting moment of it. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Hated the implied insult to the audience by its belief that anyone would be entertained by it."

Stargate, 1994

"The movie Ed Wood, about the worst director of all time,
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"Crocodile Dundee" Stars -- See Them 27 Years Later!

  • TooFab
It's been 27 years since "Crocodile Dundee" came out in theaters -- and Mick and Sue are still together!Costars-turned-real life couple Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan hit the red carpet this weekend at the G'Day USA Black Tie Gala on Saturday night in Los Angeles ... and showed how much they've changed since the 1986 flick.The two, who met on the set of the first movie and married in 1990, still looked like one loving couple as Paul embraced his wife ... just like he did in a 1986 promo pic for the movie (above left).And they weren't alone on the carpet. Joining them was the couple's teenage son, Chance (below left). Both Paul and Linda have kept relatively low profiles since they costarred in the box office bomb "Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles" back in 2001.See how some other manly men of the '80s and '90s have changed through the years in the gallery above!
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It Came From 1980X: VHS Halloween Triple Feature!!!

It’s the month of October. It’s Halloween. No, not the day itself, but tis the season. That means we need to focus on some truly excellent 80’s horror surrounding our beloved holiday. Sure we could give the rehash job to Halloween and its subsequent sequels, but that’s not entirely in spirit of the game although I can assure you that I’m working on something that focuses on the Carpenter magnum opus. Today we’re going to focus on some horror flicks that are about Halloween, but aren’t John Carpenter’s Halloween. Let’s talk about The Day After Halloween, Trick or Treats, Lady in White in our first It Came From 1980X triple feature offering. Each of these movies incorporates something of the Halloween spirit and only one of them actually gets any street cred for being an honest to goodness creep out. There’s
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52 films unfairly rated lower than 6 stars on the IMDb

Democracy is a flawed concept. Here are 50 films that the IMDb voters would unfairly have you believe are worth no more than 5.9/10…

Six out of ten isn’t a very good score, really. It’s barely over half marks. 60 per cent. It’s alright, but it’s not great. You wouldn’t be proud of getting six out of ten on most kinds of tests, would you? So you might assume that any film that scores under six stars out of ten on the IMDb isn’t very good – possibly even terrible.

But that’s not always the case. Averages don’t tell the whole story; anything that’s potentially controversial or divisive will end up with a score that suggests most people weren’t that bothered about it, since high and low scores will be averaged – and IMDb users often exaggerate their scores anyway, giving a film one star
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Did you know? Apparently, moviegoers don't like crocodiles.

Did you know? Apparently, moviegoers don't like crocodiles.
If you’re a crocodile hoping to make some money at the box office, you better grab a safari hat and add a “Dundee” to the end of your name because chances are, audiences won’t want to see you otherwise.

As you may have heard, Creature, a schlocky B-movie about a half-gator, half-human monster, utterly bombed at the box office this weekend, swamping up a disastrous $327,000 from 1,507 theaters. That opening, which ranks as the worst-ever debut for a film playing in more than 1,500 theaters, means that each screening of Creature had an average of fewer than six viewers. No matter you look at it,
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Jackman Pays Tribute To Aboriginal Actor Ngoombujarra

Hugh Jackman has paid tribute to his Australia co-star David Ngoombujarra, who passed away over the weekend, aged 44.

The aboriginal actor, born David Bernard Starr, was found in a park in Fremantle, western Australia, on Sunday, before being pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Police are now waiting for toxicology reports in a bid to determine the cause of death, but representatives insist they are not treating it as suspicious.

Jackman has rushed to pay tribute to his pal, who he worked with on Baz Luhrmann's 2008 epic, writing in a post on, "So saddened to hear about the passing of David Ngoombujarra Starr. An extraordinary man, actor and friend. His laugh, warmth and humanity will live on with all who knew him."

Ngoombujarra was one of Australia's most famous indigenous actors, winning a number of Australian Film Institute (AFI) awards throughout his career and appearing in movies such as Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles with Paul Hogan, Ned Kelly opposite Heath Ledger and 2003's Kangaroo Jack with Jerry O'Connell and Christopher Walken.

Do belated sequels work?

As Scream 4 picks up the story over a decade since the last film, Simon salutes the principle of the belated sequel, but wonders if this is to be Hollywood’s next big trend…

Next month, a decade after it last left our screens, the Scream franchise is returning to cinemas, with Scream 4. This is no reboot of sorts, either, as the original gang is all in place. Wes Craven is directing, Kevin Williamson has written (most of) the script, while Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox are all back before the camera.

Yesterday, meanwhile, it was revealed that Universal was pressing ahead with a proper American Pie 4, which will arrive in cinemas nearly a decade after the first film. The original directors are on board in a producing capacity, and pretty much all of the original cast are back, too.

This points to an increasingly popular trend within Hollywood,
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Sam Worthington to Spend a Lot of Time Shirtless

  • kidspickflicks
Sam Worthington is going surfer dude in Drift, a movie about the Australian surfer community that promises to be another Point Break (literally, the financier Screen Australia's spokesperson actually promised it would be another Point Break!). IMDb describes the 1970's-set action drama's storyline as "Two brothers battle killer waves, conservative society and ruthless bikers to kick-start the modern surf industry."

The action drama will be co-directed by fellow Aussies Morgan O'Neill (better known in Australia as an actor who had a role in Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles) and Ben Nott. Myles Pollard (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) co-stars.

Source: Variety
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Paul Hogan to sue Australian authorities over tax inquiry

Crocodile Dundee star, 71, says bad publicity from failed criminal investigation into his tax dealings cost him £50m in lost earnings

The relatively few cinemagoers who viewed 2001's Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles – "I've seen audits that were more thrilling", was one reviewer's verdict – might have assumed Paul Hogan's career was on the wane some time before the Australian government began to investigate his tax affairs.

But the leathery comedian-turned-Hollywood star, 71, sees things differently. He plans to sue federal authorities for up to £50m over what he claims were lost earnings caused by damage to his reputation amid the five-year investigation.

Six weeks ago the Australian Crime Commission (Acc), which tackles serious and organised wrongdoing, announced it would not be pursuing any criminal charges against Hogan as these were "not justified in the public interest". Hogan was the most famous face implicated in the Acc's Project Wickenby, a crackdown on
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Paul Hogan Appalled At Facelift Reports

  • WENN
Paul Hogan Appalled At Facelift Reports
Crocodile Dundee hero Paul Hogan was horrified by reports that he has had a failed facelift. The Australian film legend recently brought his most popular character back to life in Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles, in the third instalment of the well-loved films. Stunned Paul says, "A story came out that I had a failed facelift. That was the worst of all worlds. A report on a successful facelift sounds bad enough, but please, not a failed one!"

Hogan Defends Latest Croc Flick

Hogan Defends Latest Croc Flick
Aussie star Paul Hogan has defended his decision to bring Crocodile Dundee back to the big screen after 13 years. Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles sank without trace in America, but the actor says he has high hopes when the movie - the third in the series - is released in Britain next month. The $40 million film focuses on Hogan's character Mick Dundee, taking on the mob in Beverly Hills. The 60-year-old says of the new film, "The thing about Mick is that nothing has changed for him. He's a mythical Australian that we hope is still out there somewhere and you want to run into him in the Bush. I know I said I wouldn't make another but I began to miss him. I wondered what he was doing with himself." Crocodile Dundee took over $286 million worldwide in 1986, and the sequel two years later netted $221 million.

Hogan Threatens WGA Over Dispute

  • WENN
Hogan Threatens WGA Over Dispute
Paul Hogan has threatened to take The Writers' Guild Of America to court in a dispute over the credits of the third Crocodile Dundee movie. Hogan is furious that his name will not appear on the writing credits for Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles because he also acts as the film's producer. Hogan claims to have written the screenplay, invented the characters and dreamed up most of the gags for the third movie in the hit series. He says, "I have an ongoing problem with The Writers Guild Of America because I am also the producer... the producer is the natural enemy of the writer. Once I became a producer, they suddenly decided I wasn't the writer." He says the snub is a "rather silly, extraordinary sort of move."

Hogan's Olympic Dash

  • WENN
Hogan's Olympic Dash
Aussie star Paul Hogan made a 30-hour dash to his native Australia to take part in the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics last Sunday. The proud actor flew from Los Angeles, where he's filming the Crocodile Dundee in L.A. (2001), the third installment in the popular series, to Sydney and back again. He says, "I had to set the movie in Los Angeles because it's the oddball capital of the world."

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