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8 Jun. 2006
Episode dated 8 June 2006
The lead story focuses on the death of Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi in a military air strike. The report looks at reaction to the death in Iraqi, Washington, and Zarqawi's homeland of Jordan and offers analysis on the impact to Al Qaeda. Other reports look at FDA approval of a cervical cancer vaccine, the Senate's rejection of efforts to abolish the estate tax, and Shoemaker High School where over 90% of the student body has parents in the military.
18 Jul. 2006
Episode dated 18 July 2006
The lead story focuses on the latest developments in Israel's invasion of Lebanon including rocket attacks from Hezbollah, evacuation of Lebanese civilians to Cyprus, and the anxiety of Lebanese Americans. Other reports feature a suicide bombing in Iraq, an update on Indonesia's Tsunami, the heat wave in the United States, the Senate vote on embryonic stem cell research, and a report on doctors killing patients in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
10 Aug. 2006
Episode dated 10 August 2006
The lead story focuses on a terrorist plot to bring down commercial airliners bound for the US from Britain. The report offers details of the plot, the impact on air travel in the United States, the reaction from the White House, an investigation into a possible Al Qaeda link, and a special interview with terrorism analyst Michael Sheehan. Other reports offer information on the economy, a suicide attack in Iraq, and a UN proposal to end the conflict between Israel and Lebanon.
5 Sep. 2006
Episode dated 5 September 2006
Lead story focuses on the discovery of a huge expanse of oil deep in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Other stories examine a change in focus in the war on terror away from Iraqi and back to Al Qaeda, army opposition to a rocket-propelled grenade defense system, an examination of first responders' health issues, the hospitalization of Justice Anthony Kennedy, a change in leader ship at Ford, recent layoffs at Intel, and a special story on the disappearance of barns from the American landscape.
13 Nov. 2006
Episode dated 13 November 2006
Lead story focuses on the Iraq War and President Bush's resistance to Democrats' calls for a troop withdrawal. Other reports look at the new Democratic congress, the agenda for the lame duck session Congree, the steps Giuliani is taking toward a presidential run, amputee war veterans, ethnic cleansing in the Darfur region of Sudan, the dangers of Tamiflu, the link between red meat and breast cancer, Gerald Ford becoming the oldest living president, and ground breaking for the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial.

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