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A true treasure and a showcase of Taylor's early genius
JBrown@gonegold.com29 August 2003
The short film "Memory Lane" was recently screened as part of a welcome event for new students in New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where Jim Taylor attended film school. To say the film is anything less than extraordinary would be a crime. The production values may not have been nearly as high as the modern films showcasing Taylor's writing, but the wit, sincerity, and social satire are all here in spades, and it is admirably directed.

Knowing Taylor's current work, like "About Schmidt" and "Election," makes this film all the sweeter. What you see in "Memory Lane" is one of the first works of a genius, and like an early Mozart or Beethoven piece, all of the elements that would make Taylor's later work so outstanding are all here shining through. Taylor's humor and style is front and center, and for a fan of Taylor's work, seeing this early demonstration of his talent was extraordinary and inspiring. With an audience of 800 freshman, and most laughing at the tops of their lungs, I can honestly say "Memory Lane" was not only hilarious, but a genuine crowd-pleaser. Quality, substantive films are a rare delicacy to be appreciated and enjoyed no matter in what packaging they come. If you ever have the chance to see this film, do not miss it.
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