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  • Why was it in ruins?

    The house was burned down by the people of Burkittsville after Rustin Parr was convicted of and executed for the murder of seven of the town's children (known as "The Burkittsville 7"). Edit

  • a "Book of Shadows" is a book that contains spells, incantations and other material that is kept with a high priest or priestess within a Wiccan coven. Solitary Wiccans may also have such a book for their own individual use. In the film "Blair Witch: Book of Shadows" there is no such thing. This may simply be for the sake of an interesting title as it has some reference to witchcraft but the "Book of Shadows" may also be pointing to the tapes that the group had. When played backwards, the tapes revealed all the knowledge they needed to learn in order to find "the witch" and a "Book of Shadows" also contains knowledge of witches when read. This may or may not be the exact connection. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • On the DVD there is a special feature called "secrets of ESREVER" at the end of this feature, rewind the video and at the bottom of the screen you will see letters-in turn-words. Throughout the film, based on the words, you will see hidden messages. Here they are: (keep in mind, some were find by constant view, others were given in ESREVER) FIRE-when kim and erica are sitting at the fire the flames spell "seek". *must pause quickly at right time GRAVE-kim is lying on a grave tomb which says treacle. the next shot it says "further" GRASS-when erica lays her back on the grass after seeing picture of blair witch, the word "me" is to her right in grass. MIRROR-the sheriff craven's reflection is of a skull/ghost in the two way mirror when he is talking to jeff. RUG-during the scene where erica is chanting, the word "or" appears on the rug. DOOR-the fridge door that erica opens has a child's face. WINDOW-after erica slices steven in the dream, look at the window behind erica and "no" appears. WATER-when tristen has the dream of drowning the baby, to the far right is a large stickman shadow made by the ripples. The message i got with the words were, "Seek me no further or die." -- Blair Witch. ESREVER is "reverse" spelled backwards. Edit

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