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a bit over-long, not to mention disgusting
BlackBalloon30 July 2001
A lot of this isn't very effective, simply because it's overkill and a lot of the footage and photographs used are old and of poor technical quality. After they hit the major points of death and destruction in the 20th Century, it seemed to get old...The stills or photographs of dead bodies in Mexican gore magazines are surprisingly more frightening than many films of actual death. The most disgusting thing by far is the footage of the Twilight Zone: The Movie deaths, which is repeated in slow motion...Vic Morrow and two child extras. Sad. How any journalist could have the cojones to stick around while someone is being executed in the streets is beyond me...Other highlights include Manson crime scene photos (including the famous carving of "WAR" on Leno LaBianca's abdomen), late-term abortion footage and the famous suicide of a Pennsylvania politician. And to correct the previous comment, Anton LaVey does not host this tape, he merely appears in the beginning of it in reference to the previous tape, which he did host. His voice is never heard.
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It achieves it's goal!
acejm20012 August 2001
I gave this movie a five because it simply does what it sets out to do. Some of the scenes are downright disgusting and the final shot of the suicide will no doubt live in your memory for a while! This one is defenitely not one to watch alone.
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The best at what it tries to be
eddie-1774 February 2006
This isn't a "Good" movie in any normal sense. Or any sense, really. I have only a vague idea of why I've given it a high score and even then I'm a bit ashamed at giving it anything aside from a one-a little afraid someone who matters might see the score and think me a weirdo.

It's certainly not because I enjoyed it. It-it was more like I was fulfilled by it.

This is what young kids imagine "Faces of Death" to be. This is what very old people think that Marilyn Manson concerts are like. This--this is about as genuinely depraved as something can be. No other death video comes close. It's as depressing and sick and sad as humanity, and in that respect it deserves laudation. No other film has ever so accurately captured the misery that is life, the retardation that is war, and the sad transience of all those impulses, feelings, and moments that make us humans ever think we are anything but a collection of cells that will someday wither and die.
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Stomach of Steel Warning
kickassandhitgirl13 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
(This is the the Manson one I am talking about not the Uncensored Scenes of Death.) This was a pretty good film with some rather sickening moments in it. We begin with photos and stock footage of WWII and eventually worm our way to events caught on live video. THIS IS A SICKENING MOVIE AND IT REQUIRES PEOPLE WHO HAVE BALLS TO WATCH IT!!

Highlights Include: The Vic Morrow Decapitation WW2 Photographs The Manson family Crime Scene Photos Vietnam Footage About 10-15 worth of Drivers ED Car Crash footage AND OTHER THINGS I wasn't necessarily freaked out by it but BE WARNED IT IS INTENSE! But i have seen worse things on the internet nowadays
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Worst of the worst..
Out of all the shockumentaries I've seen, this one by far was the worse. The classic of the genre, Faces of Death, at least gives the audience a few breathers and campy humor between scenes of death and carnage. No such safety net for this film, which immediately bombards the mind with the most gruesome scenes of death captured on film until total numbness sets in. Just shot after shot easily snuffing out the worst sights you could ever imagine in your own mind.

After the watching the film, I just wanted to seek human contact. I have never watched another shockumentary after seeing this video over a decade ago, nor have I ever forgotten many of the scenes witnessed here.

Most people share a curiosity of death. This film, however, will assault your senses to the limit.
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VERY bad..
goya-428 February 2001
As described this is a video depicting death scenes..hosted by self proclaimed satanist Anton takes the viewer on a journey of death scenes from car accidents, drunk drivers ( ad nauseum) along with a few 'famous' scenes (Sharon Tate photos and the Budd Dwyer video - a PA state rep. who committed suicide during a press conference) all in vivid color with an alleged "now be careful out there" moral Quite sick.. This is one of only three movies that i rated a -1 the other two were a porn flick and "sleepaway Camp"
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