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Sex and violence, Eastern style.
BA_Harrison18 December 2014
With shocking scenes of violent rape, murder, bestiality, necrophilia and torture, Beautiful Girl Hunter (my first foray into the 'pinku-eiga' genre) is certainly an eye-opener.

Tatsuya is a little messed up: he is the result of a vicious sex attack on his mother by a violent rapist/thief. His surrogate father treats him like dirt as a child, and degrades his mum (by tying her up, whipping her and having sex with other women in her presence) until she can take no more and kills herself.

Tatsuya eventually gets even by killing his father, inheriting a fortune as a result. But it seems that he has also inherited his real father's penchant for mistreating women, and is soon following in daddy's footsteps, abducting, raping and killing beautiful women.

A misogynistic, ultra nasty and disturbing movie, Beautiful Girl Hunter is certainly not for everyone. However, those who have an 'anything goes' attitude towards their viewing matter will probably enjoy this simply for its willingness to show pretty much anything in the name of entertainment.

A series of busty victims suffer at the hands of Tatsuya (and his biological father, who turns up towards the end of the film to join in the fun) and the humiliation they have to endure is certainly very imaginative: one is smeared all over with butter, only for it to be removed by a dog with an obliging tongue; another is forced to masturbate in front of her captor; and, in a particularly gob-smacking scene, one poor girl is denied lavatorial facilities until she can hold on no longer...

The forced sex, which occurs at regular intervals throughout the film, is also very unsettling and not for those who are easily offended. Peculiarly enough, though, for a film that is so extreme in places, the nookie is at times made rather laughable by carefully placed objects in the foreground obscuring the 'action' (think of that scene in Austin Powers and you'll get an idea of what I mean). I always find it amusing when I see what the Japanese find acceptable to show and what is deemed too obscene (for example, they have no problem with a scene in which Tatsuya masturbates over photos from the Nazi holocaust!!).

What is also rather surprising about this film is its technical excellence. There is no evidence of the low quality prevalent in many of filmdom's more seamy productions—the cinematography is great and the direction very effective. Director Norifumi Suzuki has managed to imbue this sordid tale with a level of class which is rare in exploitation movie-making.

And if Eli Roth thinks he is the last word in extreme bloodletting, he ought to check this baby out: his Mrs. Bathory bath scene in Hostel 2 pales in comparison with the bit where Tatsuya stabs a girl suspended by chains and is drenched in her blood! Beautiful Girl Hunter ends with a rather confusing and pretentious finale which might be a case of the director trying to justify his film with some kind of message. He needn't have bothered: viewers of this movie will be too busy gasping at the on-screen filth to care about any deeper meaning.
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Not for most tastes - or those wishing to stay awake
dbborroughs11 February 2005
This is a well made beautiful film about the kidnap and torture of women. Its great to look at but I have yet to determine why I should want to watch it. Don't get me wrong it has nothing to do with refined sensibilities, I can enjoy twisted exploitation as well as anyone, but there's simply something wrong.

I think the problem with it is that its rather a dull movie. Terrible things happen to good looking woman...and thats about it. There is some attempt at character, but its not all that interesting. Its as if its trying to be more than the bondage porno it is.

I had been drawn to the film when I had read several articles that mentioned its bad reputation, so when I found a cheap copy I figured I'd give it a try. Perhaps back in 1979 it was something, but today with these jaded eyes its unremarkable. I've seen films of every sort and this one didn't strike as much of anything.

Will you find it offensive? If naked tortured women offends you, or you have stayed in the mainstream in your tastes, you probably will be offended or made uncomfortable, but for anyone else, this is probably going to bore you much more than it will shock or excite you. It has not lived up to its reputation.
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Excellent pinku eiga shocker.
HumanoidOfFlesh13 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"Beautiful Girl Hunter" by Norifumi Suzuki is based on manga by Maasaki Soto.The film portrays the life of Tatsuya,a young man of proper descent whose outward respectability hides his urges for rape and torture.This handsome rapist seduces women,then brings them to the basement of the mansion he inherited from his well-to-do parents,where he indulges in lengthy sessions of sado-sexual violence.An explanation of sorts is given for Tatsuya's sinister urges:he was conceived when his mother was violated by a deranged serial rapist while his father was forced to watch.Then one night,one of his victims escapes.The young woman,who has been kept locked in a cage in the basement for several weeks and subjected to humiliation,degradation,torture and rape,runs from the house screaming,right into the arms of a passer-by.Though she thinks she has found safety,this person is none other than Tatsuya's natural father,the serial rapist.He brings her back to the house where he joins his son in his activities.From that moment the torture and violence shift into an even higher gear."Beautiful Girl Hunter" is a nasty Japanese pinku eiga shocker filled with with nudity,whipping and rapes.The cinematography is beautiful and the acting is great.If you liked this one check out also classy Japanese nunsploitation flick "Convent of the Sacred Beast" by Norifumi Suzuki.10 out of 10.
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Not so "offensive"
lazarillo20 September 2014
This movie is about young sex murderer. His mother herself was raped by a criminal and afterward his formerly milquetoast professor father abused both of them, believing his wife "enjoyed" the experience and his son was the product of the rape. Through either "nature" or "nurture" the son grows up to be a sex criminal himself, kidnapping women and sexually abusing them (onscreen) and then sometimes killing them (offscreen), even while he tries to have a conventional romance with a childhood friend. Eventually he meets his birth father, who is still and active rape-murderer himself.

This is a controversial movie, mostly because it has been more widely seen than most "pinku eiga" films and a lot people simply don't understand the genre. If people like violent action movies or slasher movies, no one (today at least) assumes they're homicidal maniacs because everyone knows that people aren't REALLY being killed. Well, the same thing is true in "pink" films. Of course, the women aren't REALLY being raped (nor are the girls in schoolgirl uniforms REALLY schoolgirls), and in fact the rape scenes are actually kind of ridiculous. Some people are either incapable of separating fiction from reality (notice I didn't say fantasy) or they don't give other people credit for being able to do so. The ridiculous rape scenes aren't necessarily even sex fantasies for all the male viewers (like me, for instance), but to the extent they are--well, even feminists acknowledge that woman have rape fantasies (yet don't want to really be raped), why is it surprising that many NON-RAPIST men do as well?

Ironically, the controversy largely comes about because the women in "pinku eiga" like this often end up enjoying the rape. After the "schoolgirl" is abducted, tortured, forced to masturbate for her captor and eventually violated, he lets her goes and sees her later back at school where she is now happy and well-adjusted. But this is exactly WHY these rape scenes are so unbelievable. It's an old-fashioned idea that men commit rape because they think the women "enjoy" it. Rapists are sadistic *bleeps* who probably would be very disappointed if the woman enjoyed it, or in most cases they are simply sociopaths who don't care (nobody thinks murderers, muggers, and burglars do what they do because they think their victims "enjoy" it). But you simply don't judge movies by how a child or a disturbed individual might react to them--or we'd only have movies fit for small children and disturbed minds. A NORMAL person will just laugh this off, or perhaps be titillated by the basically consensual BDSM. Besides, compare rape and sexual assault statistics in Japan to those of that "PC"/feminist fortress that is America and then you can try to tell me the problem is MOVIES. . .
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A Tour-De-Force Of Rapey Goodness...
EVOL66617 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Norifumi Suzuki's STAR OF David (aka BEAUTIFUL GIRL HUNTER) is a very strong entry in the Nikkatsu violent-pink genre and should be sought out by lovers of sexploit cinema. Unlike some of the other Nikkatsu pink films I've seen - this one has a very polished and professional look to it that makes it stand out amongst other entries. In fact, to my eyes the film resembles the more "mainstream" Toei pinky-violence films but for the slightly more twisted subject matter. This isn't surprising given Suzuki's background in Japanese exploit cinema, helming the equally excellent SCHOOL OF THE HOLY BEAST and SEX AND FURY.

Tatsuya is a handsome young guy who comes into a lot of cash after the "accidental" death of his father. Problem is, his REAL father was a serial rapist and Tatsuya is the product of his mother's rape session. His "surrogate" dad obviously resents Tatsuya's birth and treats him like garbage. Turns out that the penchant for rape must run in the genes - and Tatsuya is no amateur when it comes to the finer points of female abuse and degredation. Eventually Tatsuya's real father comes back into the picture and things go downhill from there...

STAR OF David has a little bit of everything for sexploit fans - Tons of erotically-charged rapes and rope bondage, lots of pantied crotch-shots, incest themes, a hilarious urination scene, some brief necrophilia, implied beastiality - all the things to make a sleaze fan happy. The only draw-back is that the pacing is a bit slow, but even so - STAR OF David is a very solid entry. Pair this one up with a few of Suzuki's other joints and have a sleazy good time...9/10
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Sensational stuff
fertilecelluloid29 December 2003
In two words: Sensational Stuff.

Films like this ("Star of David: Beauty Hunting" aka "Beautiful Girl Hunter") simply go places most other films fear to tread, and this is a route many (mostly unseen) Japanese shockers have taken.

As film's plot has already been described here, there's no reason for me to rehash that.

Suffice to say that, as an insatiable connoisseur of twisted and unique world cinema, I hold this film in very high regard and admire it for its amazing audaciousness and gorgeous aesthetics.

From the classical score, superb Bunto Sagawawa turn as an older generation rapist, to the elegantly directed scenes of graphic S & M to the erotically charged molestation scenes, this is the real deal and a credit to Nikkatsu for sinking major bucks into it.

Only the Japanese provide budgets this large for subjects this inflammatory and you've gotta love that.

The scenes of sexual abuse are both beautiful and brutal and the production design (the torture chamber, especially) is amazing.

Don't miss it!
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a precursor (of sorts) to "American Psycho"
Jonny_Numb6 October 2005
When a man's wife is raped and impregnated by a serial killer, the result is a handsome playboy who grows up with a fetish for sex, torture, and murder. This Japanese production is like a morality play with no morals, with a protagonist who is at once charming, intelligent, and unredeemable; the multi-layered script fleshes out the character and those he abducts, and makes some surprisingly insightful observations about a society fixated on religion, morals, and beauty. While not achieving a balanced mix of depravity and fascination like Pier Paolo Pasolini's "Salo," "Beautiful Girl Hunter" comes close enough, though the violence and sexual content becomes excessive near the end.

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Beautiful & disturbing 'pink' shocker
Falconeer28 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Norifumi Suzuki, legendary director of 70's pink films has fashioned his most shocking and controversial film in "Star of David: Beauty Hunting". Dealing with every inflammatory subject conceivable; rape, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, but somehow the film never for a moment looks ugly, or cheap for that matter. Suzuki is a genius indeed to film such horrors and make them look stylish and elegant. The story is evil and hypnotic as well; the child of rape who grows up to inherit the twisted traits of his genetic father, a man who brutally raped his mother and destroyed so many lives as a result. For the woman is raped in front of her new husband, who grows to despise her, as in typical fashion for movies of this genre, the woman appears to enjoy being violated! She becomes pregnant as a result of the rape, and gives birth to a son, equally hated and abused by his surrogate dad. The boy is exposed to violence and sexual perversions at a young age, which adds to his already twisted psyche. And he is made familiar with death when his tortured mother eventually commits suicide. The seeds of hate have been planted, and at the age of 20 he inherits a sprawling estate, when his father dies in a mysterious boating accident. Now in a position of great wealth and power, he is able to live out his most depraved fantasies. Girls are kidnapped and taken to a bizarre torture chamber in the cellar of the house. But the story has deeper meanings behind all the excessive sex and torture. Symbolic attacks on capitalism, family 'values', and religion are all explored in an intelligent way. A famous pop singer is kidnapped and humiliated, and is less upset at being brutalized than she is of finding that her song has dropped from the charts. And a pious schoolgirl, a virgin, but secretly addicted to masturbation, is exposed, broken, and remodeled into a somehow healthier, happier person, when the constraints of society are lifted, and she can be a sexual person at last. Here is Suzuki's most adult oriented feature, a horrifying vision, but with very intelligent jet black comic overtones. I felt guilty for laughing when the whip is placed in the hand of the singers assistant, as she goes wild at finally having the upper hand in a society that dictates that she should be on a lower level, because of beauty standards, or money. She savagely beats the arrogant pop singer, and forces her to repeat, 'I am a dark pig!' Make no mistake about 'Star of David', as it is a film of superior quality and beauty. This is not 'Guts of a Virgin' type trash, and not nearly as sickening and juvenile. In fact there is really not much actual gore here at all, other than a gruesome stab to the heart scene, and a couple other short scenes. In fact, the blood draining scene in Suzuki's 'Terrifying Girls High School' is more extreme than what is shown here. And this lends yet another layer of class to this production. The real terror is of the psychological kind. Not to say this film is not loaded with disturbing imagery, the scene involving a German Shephard being especially offensive. Those familiar with Suzuki's work will recognize his unique style here; his masterful use of color and camera angles, as well as attention to detail. The final scenes in a flower garden are especially beautiful, and a sex scene at the films climax comes across as romantic, even though it involves a brother and sister! 'Star of David' is one of the most infamous 'pink films' of all time, and for good reason. Highly recommended to viewers with open minds, and for those looking to venture out of the main stream.
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Rare, often sleazy and fully infamous Japanese sex classic
Bogey Man6 July 2002
Norifumi Suzuki's Star of Dave aka Beautiful Girl Hunter (1979) has been released in Europe by Japan Shock as Beautiful Girl Hunter, and the version is in widescreen, uncut and with original language. However, one sex scene has been optically censored/blurred as they always are in Japan. The film is based on 5-part animated series which itself was based on Masaaki Soto's adult manga. A young student is seemingly normal, but keeps a savage torture/bondage chamber in his cellar (he lives alone in a big house once his father died), and kidnaps school girls there for torture, sex games, rape and usually murder. There is one significant plot turn dealing with the film's brutal prologue, so there is no point in describing the plot anymore without spoiling this, and also beware other reviews which I've seen spoil this very badly.

This is very Japanese film in its themes, as once again the subject matter is the darkest sides of humanity, and the film tries to ask are these things "inherited" or is human nature just rotten anyway and based on instincts. There is one character, a pure incarnation of evil which is very close to the main character, too, and their relationship is the main point in the film. This same theme of darkness is even more brutally and very disturbingly handled and depicted in Katsuya Matsumura's All Night Long trilogy, and especially in part two, Atrocity (I have seen only the first two films, haven't seen part 3 yet). Once human being gives power to his instincts to kill and enjoy other people's misery and pain, all hell literally lets loose. All Night Long 2: Atrocity is definitely among the most depressing and disturbing films I've ever seen, and it was even denied a theatrical release in Japan due to its dark and extreme nature. All Night Long trilogy has also been released by Japan Shock, but only on DVD. They are very worth purchasing for fans of extreme (and also intelligent, but hard to take) Japanese cinema. In Beautiful Girl Hunter, the Nazi crimes and WW2 is handled and mentioned couple of times, so the theme of evil is global in this film as it is in our world.

Beautiful Girl Hunter uses some interesting camera techniques and details, and thus becomes even more noteworthy and worthwhile. At the end of the film, there are some elements found usually in Takeshi Kitano's films, like people between and among flowers and scenes at the sea etc. so it is obvious Japanese films are very unique and they have a style of their own. Camera is sometimes very twisted and used creatively, so this movie is technically very inventive.

It is a must to tell that the film is definitely not for all audiences, since there are many vicious scenes of bondage, rape, torture and whipping of hapless girls captured by the disturbed youngster. The sex scenes are among the most realistic and natural I've ever seen, and if you've seen for instance Gaira's "Guts" series, then you know what I mean about the authenticity of those sex scenes. Women masturbate, and as it is so realistic, it is perhaps not just acting, so if someone feels this kind of sexual, violent and also perverse imagery is off putting, don't ever try to watch this film, or others of its kind. There is also one bloody killing as the boy stabs one of the victims in the heart with Naked Blood like geysir of blood. Despite these elements from extreme horror films, Beautiful Girl Hunter has its message and theme, and also some cinematic elements, but due to its imagery, the film is very hard to understand.

The film is very slow moving, so it is not wise to try to watch this tired. There is not too much talk in many scenes and the film is very contemplative as a whole. I like this film and gladly give it 8/10 rating, and recommend it for fans of Japanese cinema, which is something that would never be made in any other culture, Western included.
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more than meets the eye
karlericsson15 November 2001
Gave this film a 10 out of 10, which it probably doesn't deserve if you compare it with 'Citizen Kane' but if it's about originality it deserves it.

On the surface, it's just another of those Japan-shock-films. But notice how one girl is set free and how another one is shot on top of a building for everyone to see.

Disguised as a Japan-shocker this is an anarchist smuggler-film. Of course it is not too obvious as such, but still enough to enjoy. Easily the best of Japan-shockers.
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The King of all "trash" films
RoboSlater7 January 2002
I heard about this film on the "cult film" message board of IMDB and, on his dare, ordered the video through WitchingHour Video.

How can one fairly review this trash? For what it is, the photography is well-done such that I was surprised the film was made in 1979 and not more recently. The plot has something to do about a notorious rapist/kidnapper father begatting a son to one of his rape victims, a son who grows up to be like his father (at film's end, they team up). Of course, the rape victim/mother of this son is flogged by her husband in the nude for several minutes when she tells him the rapist impregnated her and begs him not to strike her belly (which he does). Overall, as if plot was relevant, I thought it tried to imply that there's a "rape" gene that can be passed from father to son -- not just any rape gene, but one that causes its bearer to commit acts of ultra-violent depravity: prolonged rape, sexual torture, bondage, bestiality, caging women and everything under the sun (female masturbation and urination scenes are here too, although it's all exaggerated). Each scene seems carefully planned by the director (unusual in Western adult films). Some scenes are more realistic than others. A depraved filmmaker, this guy Noriyumi Suzuki. Japanese males must really be misogynistic that it could be made and distributed. School-age girls and even the rapist's sister aren't spared (although the sister, in a bizarre twist, doesn't find it at all offensive and turns on her co-captive -- so there goes the "gene" theory, unless she was a twin). Something in the story about hidden sexual desires in females, regardless of age or relation. About two hours of bondage, simulated sex and sexual torture, attractive and capable and surprisingly buxom Japanese actresses (acting defined as mostly physical bumping and grinding and hanging from ropes; oh, and some begging then being killed, others begging then submitting and later killed; Russ Meyer would be proud of the talent here). Comparable to Texas Chain Saw Massacre but with a prurient sexual theme. Oh, a pretty realistic, albeit simulated, bestiality scene is thrown in. The pacing from one depravity scene to the next is impressive; must have had a large budget; true, there is little story development in-between. Pretty graphic stuff, even if it is simulated.

Strange values, these Japanese film authorities: no male frontal nudity, no graphic penetration scenes but lots of the most realistic, prolonged simulated rape/torture scenes I've ever heard of. Still, if America allowed its distribution, it would be X-rated for its content alone and the realism of the "simulations" of murder and rape and degradation of the women... One could easily conclude that nothing like this could ever be made in a more civilized country that actually respected its mothers, sisters, and female children. I guess they call it "free expression."

More pornographic than what passes for "XXX" here, even though it is all simulated. Not a "date" movie. I can see only envision that hard up guys who blame females for their dating ineptitude and wish to vent on them, similarly-depraved minds and misguided liberals (an oxymoron) will champion this one.
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A typical Japanese exploitation film that gets 6 points out of 10 points just for its obscure plot
RectalGORE9 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Norifumi Suzuki's Beautiful Girl Hunter is a very sleazy film that can offer many rape scenes, an obscure plot, decent acting, shocking scenes, and few moments of boredom.

The story is about a woman who gave birth to her son after she had been raped by a sick rapist. When her son becomes a man, he starts raping and killing innocent girls exactly like his father used to do. Later on, the boy who has become a rapist by himself and his sleazy father meet for the very first time!

Beautiful Girl Hunter does have good plot compare to most of the films in this genre, but it also provides the viewer with some moments of boredom. However, I would like to say that Beautiful Girl Hunter is much better than some other sleazy Japanese movies like the series Guts Of A Virgin, Female Market and so on. Mowever, Beautiful Girl Hunter that actually has nothing to do with its title is the best Japanese exploitation film that I have ever seen, but don't take that as a strong recommendation because I am not really in favour of this genre.

I can only recommend it to fans of exploitation and odd Japanese cinema. 6/10
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This boy knows how to play
ministerbob19 December 2009
This might be up your alley, but chance is that it isn't. The whole thing starts of one rainy night with an escaped sex-convict, a happily married couple and some rope. You can sort of figure out the rest of that evening. The wife ends up pregnant and her husband can never get over the fact that it isn't his child, so he humiliates and tortures her until the day she 'off's' herself. The sons grows to be a man unworthy of his 'fathers' love and constantly reminded of his horrible heritage. Whit a dick like that as your dad, you just have to search for your roots, don't you? Hooking up with chicks isn't a problem for this rich playboy, so he builds himself a dungeon to store them in. The rest of the film is filled with torture, murder and mayhem, but also real lust and true love. Wait a minute, you might say. What ever happened to his biological father? What? You want me to tell you the whole damned movie? Just watch it already!

PS. All timid girls aren't as timid as they might look.
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Finally , i was looking for it
ergotgantriali7 January 2020
Finally , i was trying to find it for a long time !
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very well done
SoulVomit3 December 2005
The comment I read on the main page was very detailed, so I'll keep it brief. I agree with all the sentiments stated.

This film is unusually well done, with surprisingly good acting for the genre. In particular the scene of the girl realizing her sadistic side and whipping her female former boss (who was a total bitch to her). It may be somewhat subtle, but her facial expressions (and look in her eyes especially)... very convincing and definitely seems as she enjoys herself. Highly recommended, even if for this scene alone. At times it does move a little slowly, but I've watched it several times and can't say have ever found it to be boring. Of course you have to enjoy this genre. Overall one of the best of it's kind.
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