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Over the top dramatics, but kind of funny really
mmccabe-32 April 2005
This telemovie appears to have been produced in Australia using a whole swag of local actors, and whilst it may appear to be a ridiculous movie from first glance, I think it doesn't take itself too seriously and neither should we. The use of modern technology set against 1940's melodramatics is quite clever and whilst the plot throws in every conceivable soap opera twist, the movie remains fairly light hearted. I find self effacing humour to be the best kind, and this production certainly won me over. Grayson McCouch does a great job as the All-American hero (and I suspect only American actor in this show). Tasma Walton pulls out a great sexy side to her that we could only guess at before. Marshall Napier, Salvatore Coco and a host of other well known Australian actors round out the cast, so it's great to see some American money being spent here. I know that because it's a TV movie, that you might not get the chance to see it again, but if it happens to come on one night, watch it - it's good.
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Airtight with a leak or two.
F1ame17 September 2001
Why does a heat sensor weapon only see the mouse on the table and not the people leaning on the table? Ok, maybe it had a range adjustment.

The film is not too bad, the plot is quite straight forward and revealed at an early enough point to stop you from getting bored. The objective of the main character is initially revenge and then takes a slight divergence, which is good to keep up the interest.

There are a few bits and pieces thrown into the mix, but information is regularly given in the dialogue so no nodding off or you may lose a thread or two, still that's Ok as the focus is still evident.

Occasionally I found the acting to be a bit dodgy and I felt like I was watching actors play parts rather than seeing the characters.

It is a hard thing to achieve in movies and this film failed in my view, the hard thing being; tempting me with the thought that the good guys might not win.

There is just not enough emotion in the film I guess to draw in the audience, and you just can't help but think of Total Recall or Highlander II at times.
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Awful, awful, awful!
Leofwine_draca2 May 2015
I thought American TV movies of the late 1990s were among the worst of the worst, but it turns out this Australian variant is even more terrible. It's a futuristic tale in which the country's air supply is being controlled and restricted by a sinister organisation, so a band of good guys have to get them overthrown, of course. There are extraneous sub-plots that go nowhere littered along the way, so that the main thrust of the story is extremely unfocused.

The story is boring beyond belief. There's no action here, no incident, just poor actors working their way through an incredibly stodgy script. Indeed the entertainment value is so low that I was hard pressed to give this anything more than a single star, except that I've seen even WORSE films by comparison. AIRTIGHT is a mess of a film, with stilted dialogue and the worst kind of melodrama dragging it right down. It's one to avoid at all costs.
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These movies would be okay...
ksaelagnulraon4 February 2002
...if they weren't always so DUMB!! In almost every plot development during AIRTIGHT, there's something that's just plain stupid...perhaps that's part of the fun of these low-budget Australian-made American telethrillers, but hell, how much more can we take? Why do they get made, anyway (though obviously I watch them, don't I)?? With so many scripts rejected before they even get past the planning stages, how can bottom-of-the-barrell stories like this one be selected for filming? On the plus side of these films, some of Australia's most well-known actors get paid a hell of a lot more than they would for appearing in locally-funded productions, and they don't damage their careers because hardly anyone sees these films. BLUE HEELERS fans always knew Tasma Walton had it in her: she gets to play your typical sex-goddess in this one. I've just got one major question: what's with the old-style clothing amid the futuristic set designs? Rating: 3/10 for Tasma.
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I can't breathe!
Torgo_Approves31 May 2006
This was one extremely boring movie! I'd rather hang out with Al Gore than force myself through this yawn-inducing crapfest again. Truly pathetic, a made-for-TV flick, complete with pauses for commercial breaks! Awful special effects, bad actors, a silly and boring plot... well, this is definitely one of those stuffed things you have for Thanksgiving.

In the not too distant future, Earth has run out of air because of nuclear explosions, or something. This would be a good enough plot for a sci-fi... if it wasn't ripped off from SPACEBALLS! Our hero, played by comatose "actor" Marshall Napier, sets out to avenge his father, or win back his girlfriend, or something... to be frank, I lost my way halfway through the movie because it was so terrible. There's a subplot involving an evil boss cheating on his wife, but it goes nowhere and is complete filler.

Miss this junk if it's on the air (pun intended). It's not even worth seeing for fans of B-movies, it's that boring. The only "tight" thing in this film is super hot Tasma Walton's... uh... outfits. (r#29)
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