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Episode List


Season 1

6 Oct. 1993
Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad
Dr. Robotnik organizes a bounty hunters convention to capture Sonic but when it doesn't go to plan, Robotnik builds Scratch and Grounder to be part of the new Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad (or SSSSS Squad for short).
16 Sep. 1993
Subterranean Sonic
While on pursuit with Scratch and Grounder, Sonic and Tails hide in an underground mine which a miser mole think that they are trespassers.
15 Sep. 1993
Lovesick Sonic
Sonic saves a female hedgehog from Scratch and Grounder which Sonic falls in love with, while Dr. Robotnik plans to flood a village by stealing the water from the Mobius reservoir.
28 Sep. 1993
Slowwww Going
Sonic and Tails goes to protect a home where a family of sloths live while Dr. Robotnik builds a ray that slows people down for one hour.
20 Sep. 1993
High Stakes Sonic
Desperate to get workers to build a Robotnik statue, Dr. Robotnik opens Casino Night Zone with his pal Smiley but when Sonic stops Scratch and Grounder, Robotnik traps Tails so Sonic has to make a choice to save his pal.
13 Sep. 1993
Sonic Breakout
When Dr. Robotnik gets offended by a talking comic, he arrests the comic writer. Since Sonic is a big fan of his comics, Sonic has to save him.
14 Sep. 1993
Trail of the Missing Tails
Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts set up a chili-dog trap which then resulted with Tails been captured by a mysterious person so Sonic has to find Tails and for Robotnik and co to capture Sonic.
20 Oct. 1993
Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind
While Scratch and Grounder try to catch Sonic using a Suction plate, two aliens, one being a prince, crash lands on Mobius. Sonic meets the prince when he finds out that the prince's baby brother would blow up Mobius which Sonic must save.
27 Sep. 1993
Momma Robotnik's Birthday
Robotnik's momma escapes from the home for mothers of villains and demands her birthday present! When she endangers Sonic and Tails, and they manage to have her taken back to the home, even Robotnik is glad to see her go.
23 Sep. 1993
Big Daddy
Coconuts is exiled by Robotnik to a remote jungle, where he uses a giant baby ape to destroy villages. But Sonic exposes Coconuts as a robot, and the baby ape's real Dad takes Coconuts and the baby ape away for a spanking.
19 Nov. 1993
Sonic's Song
A country and western singer released a song about Sonic which is making Dr. Robotnik mad and builds a music destroyer robot.
21 Sep. 1993
Birth of a Salesman
Disappointed for failing to catch Sonic, Dr. Robotnik needs help until a pushy salesman comes offering Robotnik traps to catch the hedgehog.
6 Sep. 1993
Best Hedgehog
Sonic frees a prisoner who has been locked at Robotnik's Fortress for 30 years who wants to find his long lost girlfriend which Robotnik also loves.
24 Sep. 1993
The Robotnik Express
Scratch and Grounder goes for a delivery for Dr. Robotnik on The Robotnik Express so Sonic and Tails would try to stop them while dealing with two bears.
5 Oct. 1993
Too Tall Tails
Dr. Robotnik with help of a tied up professor invents Gismo Gas that makes objects larger; while Sonic and Tails are in Weiner-Ville eating chili-dogs the machine explodes causing Tails to become a giant which Sonic must find the cure.
7 Sep. 1993
Tails' New Home
After Sonic saves Tails from danger, Sonic decides that Tails should have his own family.
13 Sep. 1993
Over the Hill Hero
While Scratch and Grounder are destroying Hill Top Village, Sonic and Tails meets an old raccoon superhero, but can Sonic stop Scratch and Grounder while the superhero gets in his way?
29 Sep. 1993
Blank-Headed Eagle
Scratch develops amnesia and believes he's a superhero.
4 Nov. 1993
The Mystery of the Missing Hi-Tops
There is a Sonic Apprication Day happening which Sonic is the guest in a hotel, however someone then stole his power sneakers causing Sonic and Tails to find the culprit.
1 Oct. 1993
So Long Sucker
Tails adopts a cute and fuzzy pet named Walter who turns out to be a black hole who sucks up everything in Mobius. Realizing that Walter is from another dimension our heroes have to return him and they soon find themselves spinning through interdimensional limbo.
4 Oct. 1993
Momma Robotnik Returns
Momma escapes again from the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre People, disowns Robotnik for failing to capture Sonic, then with the help of an obscure Mobius law, adopts Sonic! Sonic is miserable as a Cinderella hedgehog with Scratch and Grounder as the evil stepbots, till Robotnik and Coconuts find another obscure law which frees Sonic.
10 Sep. 1993
Pseudo Sonic
Dr. Robotnik builds a robot Sonic which is controlled by a lab rat, to ruin Sonic's reputation.
17 Sep. 1993
Grounder the Genius
Dr. Robotnik creates a genius chip so he would have enough brains to rule Mobius, however a computer hacker got hold of it which then the chip landed inside Grounder causing him to be smart.
11 Oct. 1993
Tails in Charge
Sonic leaves Tails in charge of protecting a squirrel village food supply, when he zips off to stop a dam from breaking. Robotnik sends Scratch and Grounder after Tails, who defends himself the best he can with "Home Alone" booby traps for Scratch and Grounder. When Tails is finally caught, Sonic speeds back to save him.
22 Nov. 1993
Sno Problem
Dr. Robotnik invents Servitude chips that can respond to commands and puts them in Scratch and Grounder, while freezing Mt. Splatterhorn to annoy Sonic and Tails who are relaxing there.
9 Sep. 1993
Submerged Sonic
When Robotnik invades Labyrinth, an underwater city, and kidnaps Princess Bubbles, a seahorse-dude named Surff seeks Sonic's help. It seems Surff and the Princess are in love, but the royal family deems Surff "unworthy". Sonic, Tails and Surff must avoid the undersea traps and Mobius sea monsters while Sonic rescues the Princess and reunites her with Surff -- making it look like Surff did the whole thing.
22 Sep. 1993
Robotnik reprograms a machine created by Von Schlemmer capable of turning dreams into reality, unleashing a Nightmare Monster upon Mobius.
12 Oct. 1993
Musta Been a Beautiful Baby
Robotnik invents a ray that ages people but when Sonic and Tails are having free samples in Robotnik's Food Factory, Grounder presses the wrong button that turns Sonic, Tails and by mistake Robotnik into babies.
22 Oct. 1993
Robotnik, Jr.
Robotnik plans to block out the sun and extinguish all life and nature on the planet Mobius. Then he creates a robot son and tries to train him in the ways of wickedness. But when Robotnik Jr. meets Sonic, he becomes a naturalist and teams up with Sonic to thwart Robotnik's evil scheme.
12 Nov. 1993
Full-Tilt Tails
Robotnik invents an electron altering generator which makes Scratch and Grounder twice as fast as Sonic. When they lose it and Tails picks it up, Tails speeds through the Mobius countryside leaving disasters and accidents in his wake. Seeing this, Robotnik convinces the villagers that the little fox belongs in jail, and Tails is forced to flee. With Tails all alone, Scratch and Grounder attack, and Sonic makes a last minute rescue.
10 Nov. 1993
Robotnik captures a Kangaroo named MacHopper, and uses his "brain-wipe-reprogramming-computer" to transform him into a resourceful demolitions expert (Ala MacGiver). But Mac escapes before Robotnik installs the final "Get Sonic" program, and teams up with Sonic and Tails to BLAST Robotnik.
19 Oct. 1993
Sonic Gets Thrashed
Sonic joins up with a group of Dr. Robotnik's rejects who have been banished to the dump and helps them understand that their shortcomings were really their strenghs.
9 Nov. 1993
Spaceman Sonic
When S and G rocket to outerspace to mine a radioactive mineral from asteroids, Sonic and Tails stow away. Through a blunder by the robots, all are stranded in space, and Robotnik tries to blow all of them out of the stars. Sonic builds a rocket out of S and G's spare parts, and all return to Mobius.
24 Nov. 1993
Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior
When a Rebel Base is threatened by Robotnik, Sonic and Tails team up with Big Mike and Da Bears to run a booby-trapped gauntlet in their gigantic Road Warrior-like truck, breaking through every obstacle S and G put in their way until they save the rebels.
15 Oct. 1993
The Last Resort
Robotnik pretends to retire, and lures Sonic and Tails into a phony vacation resort, laden with booby-traps set by Scratch and Grounder. But Sonic takes the bungee jumping, hang gliding, and skydiving in stride, and gives the bashes the bots.
30 Sep. 1993
Robotnik's Rival
While Dr. Robotnik is trying to catch Sonic, a new scientist comes and wants to stop Sonic as well.
25 Oct. 1993
The Magic Hassle
When Dr. Robotnik plans to change the Sonic 12 Mobium bill to a Robotnik one, a salesman comes and offers magical items but Robotnik throws him out causing Coconuts to have an idea to catch Sonic using the salesman's goods.
13 Oct. 1993
Sonic the Matchmaker
Sonic plays Cyrano to bring Robotnik Jr. and Breezie together. The problem is, Breezie's crazy about Sonic. So Sonic gets out of the way, but when he does, Junior is captured by Robotnik, and Breezie comes to the rescue, finally falling for him.
21 Oct. 1993
Tails Prevails
When Tails invents a Hover-Hanglider for Sonic's birthday, Sonic suggests he assist Prof. Von Schlemmer with his new Robotnik-Nabber machine. Robotnik hears about this, and poses as Von Schlemmer to trick Tails into inventing a Sonic-Nabber instead. Sonic must use the Hover-Hanglider to rescue Tails and the Prof., and destroy the Sonic-Nabber.
8 Oct. 1993
A female space hunter named Katella, who is capturing animals all over Mobius for a Zoo, teams up with Robotnik and captures Sonic. To Robotnik's great fear, she then plans to marry the eggman! In an attempt to stop the ceremony, Robotnik accidentally frees Sonic, who poses as a minister and sees that the ceremony takes place as scheduled.
14 Oct. 1993
Attack on Pinball Fortress
Robotnik invents a giant AMNESIA RAY in his booby-trapped PINBALL FORTRESS (based on the Sonic game per Roger Hector) in order to erase the bad memories the Mobius citizens have of him, and make them think he's a great guy. Sonic teams up with Sgt. Dobermann, and Wes Weasley (who sold Robotnik the booby-traps in Pinball Fortress) to destroy the ray.
2 Nov. 1993
Mass Transit Trouble
Robotnik decides to cripple Mobius' three major transit systems: Rail, Air, and Sea in order to fully gain control of the planet. Sonic has to circumnavigate the planet in order to save the day.
18 Oct. 1993
The Coachnik
Robotnik invents a robot coach -- the "Coachnik", to put S and G through a "Training Camp" to improve their skills. Then Coachnik puts a bomb in Grounder's head as a booby trap for Sonic, and a football game ensues with Grounder's head as the ball.
1 Nov. 1993
Untouchable Sonic
Sonic goes to Mobius Corners when he finds out that Robotnik's protection service is terrorizing people and stealing their cash.
5 Nov. 1993
Super Robotnik
Coconuts accidentally knocks some potions into a bathtub that Robotnik slips in and turns into Super Robotnik, which then challenges Sonic while the Mobius World Leaders are in Robotnik's dungeon.
8 Nov. 1993
When Robotnik puts a meteor on a collision course with a village, Sonic is forced to compete in the Robolympics to save the village. After a series of wild, booby trapped events, Sonic is victorious.
7 Oct. 1993
Magnificent Sonic
When outlaws chase a sheriff out of a western town, Sonic takes over. But the outlaws are robots built by Robotnik. And when they capture a pretty possum of a saloon girl, Sonic meets Robotnik for a showdown.
26 Oct. 1993
Blackbot the Pirate
First in a four-part Time Travel series. Robotnik invents a time machine to go back in time and gather four powerful gemstones. His first attempt is on the high seas, but Sonic goes into hyper-Sonic-overdrive, and reverses time to go after him. Robotnik finds the gem stone in a buried treasure, but loses it again and is forced back to the future by Sonic.
27 Oct. 1993
Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table
Part two in the four part series. Robotnik goes back to medieval times, and enlists the help of Merlink the Magician to get his magical gemstone. But first he must defeat Sonic (in blue armor) in a jousting tourney. Sonic is victorious, and is knighted by King Arfer (a dog) before he forces Robotnik into the future again.
28 Oct. 1993
Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme
Part three in the four part series. Robotnik timetravels back to Mobigypt, makes himself a pharoah, and enslaves everbody in an effort to find the gemstone of immortality. Sonic and Tails follow after him, and have to chariot race him, then search "Indiana Jones-Style" in a pyramid for the gem, before sending Robotnik back home.
29 Oct. 1993
Prehistoric Sonic
Number four in the four part series. Robotnik learns that the most powerful gemstone -- able to create life itself -- is located in Prehistoric Times. So off he goes again, followed by Sonic and Tails. When he arrives, Robotnik turns dinosaurs into robosaurs, and Sonic has to lead the Cave dwellers in a "football team" defense of the gemstone located at the top of a volcano. In the end Robotnik fails again, and Sonic boots him back to the future, then destroys the time machine once and for all.
11 Nov. 1993
Baby-Sitter Jitters
Sonic and Tails get roped into babysitting a trio of rambunctious baby beavers.