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VOD Vault #2 – Ratter / Hazard Jack

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Welcome to the second installment of VOD Vault, where we take a look at another bunch of direct-to-market releases, many of which hit iTunes and the supermarket shelves without fanfare, walking you – our readers – down the fine line between spending your money wisely, or throwing it away on another slice of Dtv dross. Up this week are Ratter, and Hazard Jack


Stars: Ashley Benson, Matt McGorry, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Alex Cranmer, Michael William Freeman, Kaili Vernoff | Directed by Branden Kramer

Starring Ashley Benson and Matt McGorry, Ratter is the latest in an ever-increasing list of techno-horrors focusing on modern technology being used a tool for evil… The film tells the story of New York graduate Emma (Benson), who is excited about finally getting her own place in the city despite her parents expressing their worry about her living on her own. However when Emma starts receiving weird text messages from an unknown number,
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Shark in Venice Trailer is Here!

The fine folks who gave us Shark Attack, Shark Attack 2, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, Shark Zone, and Raging Sharks are now giving us Shark in Venice, a motion picture that combines the absurd notion of a huge man-eating shark prowling the polluted waters of the Venice canals with the even more absurd notion that people want to watch movies starring Stephen Baldwin. The trailer has arrived, and all I can say is Bruno Mattei has to be smiling down upon it from heaven.

A shark stalking the canals of Venice, Italy ... How exactly did Bruno Mattei or some other enterprising Italian schlockmeister neglect to come up with this idea first?

And on top of the killer shark terrorizing gondolas, the filmmakers have even tossed in a treasure hunt involving a lost fortune in a cave beneath the canals.

And on top of even that, just wait until you feast
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