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Haugesund primed for 42nd edition

  • ScreenDaily
Haugesund primed for 42nd edition
Norwegian festival will open with Beatles; record number of works-in-progress; 350 delegates for New Nordic Films.

This year’s 42nd Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund (Aug 16 – 22) will open with a film that is receiving plenty of local attention.

Danish director Peter Flinth’s Beatles is adapted from one of Norway’s most popular coming-of-age novels.

Scripted by Axel Hellstenius, it follows four Oslo boys in their adolescent and early adult years between 1965-1972.

“True friendship endures all, and no band in the world is better than The Beatles,” concludes the film which will have its world premiere in Haugesund and stars Halvor Tangen Schultz, Jonathan Chedeville, Louis Williams and Håvard Jackwitz.

“It was like climbing a mountain, starting with getting the rights to The Beatles’ music,” said Norwegian producer Jørgen Storm Rosenberg about his new film.

The opener is a fitting send off for festival director Gunnar Johan Løvvik, who will step down after having run the event
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11 Smurfy Facts to Get You Ready for 'The Smurfs 2'

  • Fandango
Faster than you can say "Smurf Berry Crunch," the Smurfs are back in theaters tomorrow for more smurfin' adventures. Before you head to the theater, make sure you have your tickets and then check out these Smurfs trivia facts along with our exclusive video cast interviews. Smurf on, Smurf fans! The Smurfs made their debut in 1958 in a comic strip drawn by Pierre "Peyo" Culliford in the Belgian magazine Spirou called Johan & Pirlouit. The comic centered on a medieval page and his tiny goat-riding sidekick who discover a mushroom village of tiny blue men called the Schtroumpfs. Greedy Smurf in the cartoon series combines the personalities of two Smurfs found in the original comics: Chef, the village cook and Greedy, the villain glutton and food thief....

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