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A Jewel in the Rough
dmul5318 April 2003
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam is a jewel of a film in many ways. Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit turn in a couple of really fine performances. Salman Khan, in spite of having a good chemistry with both Dixit and the other Khan, fails to excite me much, however. He was competent, but I felt that his musical numbers were an unwelcome intrusion into what is otherwise a very mature, realistic look at a married relationship. As in real relationships, it is often the little misunderstandings that fester until they threaten to destroy lives.

In this case, the husband Gopal (Shahrukh), although devotedly in love with his new bride Rhada (Madhuri) is self-centered and short-tempered, and misinterprets the fond affection she feels for her childhood friend Suraj (Salman) as romantic love. In their turn, Suraj and Rhada are too immature and blind to realize how their relationship is tormenting Gopal. Gopal, instead of being honest with Rhada and expressing his frustrations, remains silent until it is nearly too late to save the marriage.

I think this is one of the best performances of Shahrukh Khan's career. Not generally known for restrained performances, he shows here that in the hands of a competent director he is a wonderful actor with a huge range; he goes from subtle to frantic to silly without ever losing the honesty of the character. His performance as Gopal is mature and finely nuanced with a depth of layers not generally common to Hindi films. Madhuri is wonderful, as always.

The two Khans always share a good screen chemistry, in spite of Salman's stilted acting talents, and they share one really well-acted scene together when Gopal, nearly mad with frustration, presses a gun into Suraj's hand and invites Suraj to shoot him, shouting "Don't you know I die each day because of you?"

It's a shame that this film didn't get more attention, but admittedly it has some problems. The sets are often shabby and cheap looking, the story doesn't always flow well, and as mentioned before, Salman's dance numbers are overblown and out of place. On the plus side, however, is the hauntingly beautiful title song, beautifully picturised with Sharukh and Madhuri. But on the whole, the film doesn't quite measure up to the callibre of Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit's performances.
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I'm yours, baby! An outdated yet enjoyable dramedy with good performances.
Peter_Young22 February 2010
Many people seem to dislike 'Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam', but according to me it was a very entertaining and watchable picture. The film deals with such themes as marriage, friendship, crisis, envy, ego and separation. I cannot say these issues were dealt with in a very realistic way, neither can I say the writing was at its best, but the film was generally well-made and the issues did provoke some thoughts in my mind despite the uneven execution.

This is the story of a newly married couple - Gopal and Radha. Radha is very close to Suraj, a childhood friend and a popular singer at present, and this is the film's main conflict. Gopal is increasingly more suspicious of his wife's continuing friendship with Suraj, whom she actually treats like a brother, but this leads to tensions and makes Gopal's life miserable. The story follows this conflict, Gopal's frustration, and looks at this triangle from many angles, letting the viewer have mixed feelings about the situation.

I liked the story and the concept was quite efficient. The dialogues ranged from poor to good to amazing, and the film, though fairly outdated, remains thoroughly enjoyable and engaging. Although towards the second half the proceedings become more intense, it for the most part works as a dramedy. The editing could have been better, but the music was excellent, especially the title song "Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam", which was a pleasure to the ears and which was well pictured on-screen. Another beautiful song is "Sab Kuchh Bhula Diya", sung by Sapna Awasthi and Sonu Nigam.

Where acting goes, the film is dominated by Shahrukh Khan who steals the show with his hilarious yet relatable character of a suspicious and principled husband. He is sincere, witty, sharp, uninhibited and impulsive here, and that's what makes his performance so entertaining and moving. Madhuri Dixit is as always very compelling and beautiful, while Salman Khan plays the golden-hearted pop star with restraint. Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam has many nice moments, and though it may not be an extraordinary film, it should definitely be a worthy watch for lovers of this genre and of Hindi films in general.
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Good plot, bad direction
pranil9 August 2002
I have a mixed feeling about this movie. The plot itself was refreshing, and performance by the actors were fairly decent, though it seems to have suffered because of the prolonged production time. The movie sort of fits little bit in the mid-90's feel (if it was made today, the title song would probably have been shot in Switzerland or some other scenic location rather than in some dry grassland in India - this was disappointing). The songs list could have been lot better as there is was a good selection on the CD but unfortunately some really bad numbers made it to the movie instead. Nevertheless, it's enjoyable if you don't set your expectations too high. Should provide for some interesting debates for newly weds!
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Long in Making
silvan-desouza16 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When a film takes many years in making, it looses it's freshness and many times comes late in a day when the theme has already become outdated. Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam was started in 1995 fresh after the success of Hum Aapke Hai Kaun(the initial title was Hum Aapke Hai Sanam) In fact when the promos hit the air, All were surprised as there was hardly any buzz of the film, It was the first film after Karan Arjun(1995) that brought Srk and Salman together(though they had worked in kuch Kuch Hota Hai), even Salman and Madhuri didn't work much after Hum Aapke Hai Kaun.The film also has Atul Agnihotri who hardly appeared in films post 2000. The film has an interesting concept but due to it's delay in making it comes across regressive. In fact the problem of the film is lack of continuity not only the looks of the actors keep changing but also the narrative which had scope for dramatic scenes. There are several well handled scenes like Srk's jealous nature but the story telling and direction is very old fashioned. Yet several scenes are well handled like the scene when Srk and Salman fight, Srk's drunk scene but the second half does begin to drag.Even the climax looks too sudden. As the film has been in making for 6-7 years, several scenes do surprise you, One being Salman Khan's dance numbers(In one song Salman looks straight out of his Judwaa days). Another thing is just before the title song we are shown Srk fighting that he wont go to Switzerland but suddenly the title song comes which is shot in Switzerland(perhaps before the release). Also several scenes do look outdated especially some comic scenes. The back story of Alok Nath and Aruna Irani which is wrapped up quickly in initial scenes itself looks straight out of 80's films. Even Madhuri's character is shown too naive which doesn't suit for a 2002 production. There are several scenes which are tough to be taken seriously too typical in films made by South directors.Like for e.g. the song Gale Main Laal Tie which is very redundant. One funny aspect of the film is that throughout the film, the scenes shift from the ones shot during 1996-1997 to the scenes shot in 2001. Like in several scenes Salman Khan looks straight out of his Judwaa days with long hair,enthusiastic and over the top yet lively and in some scenes he looks straight out of his post 2000 days when he started acting very dull also his hairlength reduced. Even Srk alternates between his Koyla days to his 2000 days while Madhuri too aged in between.

Direction by KS Abdiyaman is outdated, though he does handle several scenes well, the delay in making does hamper the prospects. In fact his next film Shaadi karke Phas Gaya Yaar(2006) too was stuck in cans for 4 years. Music by various directors Nikhil-Vinay, Daboo Malik, Bali Brahmabhatt, Nadeem Shravan.etc is average, several songs sound outdated as there were recorded many years before. The title song(Nikhil Vinay) is a typical love song and it's okay(perhaps added later). Khoye Khoye Din(Daboo Malik) the best song of the film is not in the film. Taaron Ka Chamakhta(Nadeem Shravan) is a superb song while Aa Gaya sounds dated yet is good, Dil Thod Aaya(Sajid Wajid) is typical.Gale Mein lal Tie by Bappi Lahiri is terrible. Sab Kuch Bhula Diya by Bali Brahmabhatt is good

Amongst actors Srk is the best part of the film, the film was in making in the days when Srk had become a superstar but normally he hammed it up in several films yet he controls his act here and gives a believable performance. Salman Khan's act alternates between his lively, loud 1997 days to his dull 2002 days and the inconsistency shows throughout, also it's evident how Salman has changed his acting style during the period. His change of hairstyle throughout does do harm. Madhuri gets a typical heroine role and she does do well in dramatic portions yet her act is hardly memorable. Also her role is very stupid She too has several scenes where she looks aged while young in some. Amongst rest Atul Agnihotri who was hardly seen post 2000 is annoying with his Amitabh fan role. Suman Ragnathan another name which was slowly dissapearing is also okay. Laxmikant Berde is as usual, Alok Nath is typecast, Dinesh Hingoo is okay Aruna Irani is hardly there, Aishwarya Rai makes an appearance in the end(Another aspect that hints the film's delay as Aish didn't work with Salman after HDDCS due to personal problem). rest are okay.
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Not like the taste of viewer
mohsinleghari300022 December 2002
The script of the movie was not as bad as it is directed. Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan all acted very well but the scenes and situations are not like the taste of viewers. The music by Bappi Lehri was also disturbing. One song by Nikhil Vinay "sub kuch bhula diya' was nice. Salman and Madhuri looked as if they does not know the inner feelings of Shahrukh Khan about their relationship but even a fool can determine how a husband will feel if his wife is so close with someone else.
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Good movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terror_Eyes16 August 2007
pretty good movie. nice songs especially the title . great performances from everybody but SRK tops everyone. kind of weird with the appearances of stars as it took eight years to make, some times too young or 90's look but other than that great. I would recommend at least one time if you are big SRK fan or even Sallu's fan. The only thing ruins the movie is special appearance by Aishwarya Rai. It was totally unnecessary and even worse her character is blind. I wonder what the director was thinking. There are some sequences which need to be badly edited. One thing you have to keep in mind when you watch this movie don't except lavish background sets like Devdas just deal with it. Worth a Watch.***
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Beautiful and Moving
AmidalaSkywalker23 August 2005
This is a very, very beautiful movie which will move fans of heartbraking stories. I admit, that it is a little far-fetched at times, but that's what makes it so good. It wouldn't be interesting to have a story about a loving couple without anything happening. This is clearly a movie for lovers of romance-novels. One misunderstanding after the other, people who dearly love each other but can't tell what moves them, Shahrukh Khan, in short, everything that a good romance needs. I didn't award 10 stars because of the sets which are so totally ugly and the songs which are besides one(HTHS) worse than average and the dancing choreography which is not at all nice to look at. And, although Madhuri's acting was very good, she does, in my opinion, not stand out from the other actresses. Apart from that, this is a movie that most romance fans will totally enjoy!
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shaans_honour22 February 2009
i have seen so many movies in my life time and i must say this is the movie which has touched mt heart so deeply,, i would like to congratulate the cast of this movie and also the production team for making this marvel, its an excellent movie with a very amazing collection of songs,sung in the most beautiful voices,..so real and so interesting... i must appreciate the king khan who acted so excellently in the movie and made his mark. in a nutshell its a fantastic movie. any body wants to see what all a married life is,,this movie will guide him through, indeed every one played the best he or she could, each scene of the movie is so beautifully produced that one feels himself present on the set. a fantastic movie.
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Nice film, but the finished product offers no hint as to why it took so long to be released!
Sherazade5 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The chemistry between Madhuri Dixit and Shah Rukh Khan continues in this not so new story of a man who marries a woman who he has reason to believe is having an affair with her best-friend (who happens to be a man) SRK is the husband, Madhuri is the wife and Salman Khan plays the popular superstar best-friend. Girlfriend-at-the-time Aishwarya Rai makes a 'blink and you'll miss it' cameo as the blind fiancé of Salman's character, who finally sets SRK on the right note and back to his senses in time to save his wife from making the most drastic sacrifice of all. Nice songs, great chemistry is shared amongst the 3 leading stars, colourful sets and costumes but the story is a tad bit weak and old.
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Anachronistic plot saved by good performances
rsensarma20 June 2002
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam is a total misfit in the age of Lagaan and Dil Chahta Hai or even Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai. Gopal (Shahrukh Khan) gets married to Radha (Madhuri Dixit) whose childhood friend is Suraj (Salman Khan). Gopal is suspicious of Radha's continuing friendship with Suraj which leads to tensions between the married couple. That's about it! Other than that, the movie consists of long, boring and regressive monologues from Gopal on his ideas of an ideal wife and marriage. And how poor Radha suffers as a result of her husband's archaic beliefs. Paradoxically, the saving grace is Shahrukh Khan himself who incredibly manages to pull off each scene quite convincingly. However the movie is interspersed with light moments which provide relief from the hi-pitched drama. Madhuri expectedly looks quite old in some scenes (the movie took 8 years to complete) but delivers a reasonably good performance. Salman Khan, as always appears comfortable with his happy-go-lucky role. Aishwarya Rai in a guest appearance is completely wasted. The songs have the feel of the eighties (sample the 'khatiya' song making a comeback!), except for the hummable title song. On the whole the movie is just about watchable. But, if you have something else to do, give it a pass.
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New concept in Hindi movies, portrayed well by the actors and actress.
ckirri13 June 2002
I was not so sure of how the movie would be when I rented it, but maybe my low expectations caused me to be pleasantly surprised and kept me in my seat and watch the movie completely. The idea is good...the actors/actresses did Ok, but it could have been much better handled by the director. Still, kudos for such a "brave" project.
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There must be better ways or better movies to spend your time on.
horsie_girl1521 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was not impressed by this movie, maybe because I have seen too many movies with SRK recently or maybe because I couldn't figure out how to turn on the captions. It just seemed to me that SRK's range of expressions and emotions was rather limited- I saw the same techniques used during the "emotional scene(s)" in Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam (when SRK confronts Salman Khan with a gun, and when SRK finally explains how upset he is to Madhuri Dixit)as I have seen in all his other movies (Asoka,Kal Ho Naa Ho, etc.) Also, I thought the relationship between Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan was too over-the-top and obvious- it left the viewer very frustrated that Madhuri's character didn't realize how her closeness to Salman Khan's character was eroding her relationship with her husband, SRK. It was also very frustrating that SRK didn't speak frankly with Madhuri Dixit earlier in the movie about his jealousy, but maybe that is something that Indian families don't usually do? Who knows, maybe the film makers were trying to show how real marriages are ended-with a gradual build-up of frustrations that never get released, and a weak bond to begin with.
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Lovely movie!!!
Dream_Woman7 January 2008
I really enjoyed watching this movie from start to finish, and the music was great especially the soundtrack, that would have to be my favourite song.

All 3 actors Salman Khan,Shah Rukh and Madhuri gave great performances, Shah Rukh and Madhuri are a couple and Salman plays her best friend and of course like every bollywood film things get complicated, but in my eyes i believe that a man and woman can be friend, i have loads of guy friends and if i need some relationship advice i would go and see one of my guy friends, they can offer better advice than a woman can.

The ending was really nice as well, i don't want to say much but i can say that it is worth watching.
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Excellent Drama
GypsiB17 February 2018
Radha (Madhuri Dixit) has been friends with Suraj (Salman Khan) since childhood; they are as close as siblings and spend much time with each other. Radha marries Gopal (Shah Rukh Khan), previous ward of her grandfather (Alok Nath), and each is very much in love with the other, though Radha is uncertain how to show it. This brings misunderstands, which grow as Gopal becomes jealous of Radha's obvious affection for Suraj.

Shah Rukh Khan does a fantastic job as Gopal, slowly cracking under the strain of his jealousy. Dixit gives a good performance as well, displaying convincing emotions. Salman Khan's character had very little development, and the result was a 2-D performance. His musical numbers were quite good, though. My only complaint with this film is the erroneous (to my mind) advice given by Gopal to his secretary about her marriage. Other than that, this is an excellent drama, showing realistically how problems can arise in a relationship.

Cast also includes Aishwarya Rai and Atul Agnihotri.
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Over the top melodrama, Terrible overacting by Shahrukh
long-ford27 February 2009
'Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam' was a disaster in big cities but did well in rural areas and small towns. It's not hard to see why. The film is way way way over the top! Every line of dialog is practically screamed out and the histrionics are at a fever-pitch. This makes for very uncomfortable viewing. The script is clichéd and fifteen minutes into the film, it's possible to guess the complete story. Shahrukh Khan overacts with a vengeance and makes his role a caricature. His scenes with Madhuri tend to grate. Salman Khan does an adequate job but can't rise above the flawed script. Best avoided.

Overall 2/10
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Prioritization of Relationships and Establishment of Personal Boundaries
meena004721 July 2008
Gopal's (Shahrukh Khan)performance as a hard worker, responsible, romantic and a neglected husband was Outstanding.

Radha's (Maduri Dixit)performance as an unloving, uncaring and not understanding wife was Excellent.

Music, songs and dances were lovely and lively.

Gopal is a successful and prosperous business man. At the same time, he was a neglected husband because his wife Radha was obsessed with her Best friend, Suraj (Salman Khan); was overly concerned about him and was extremely busy taking care of him.

Suraj was a famous and demand singer but he depended on Radha for his emotional support.

On the second day of their marriage, Suraj who was in his thirties called Radha because he was having stomach problems and didn't know what to do about it. Negleting her husband, Radha was too busy giving her Best friend, Suraj step by step instructions how to take care of his stomach problems. She also told him to call her back if he was not better or gotten worse. How sweet!

After their wedding, Radha did not prioritize her relationships with her husband, brother and her Best friend. She always found the time for her Best friend, Suraj as to the point their behaviors interfered in their marriage.

At first, Radha did not want to go to Switzerland for their honeymoon because it was too far away, it was very cold and she got motion sickness. As soon as she found out Suraj was also going to Switerland, she became exceptionally excited to go to Switzerland for their honeymoon. She complimented her Best friend Suraj all the time but never complimented her husband, Gopal.

It is appropriate for married people to have friends with opposite gender but there should be an agreement between husband and wife to have friends. There was no agreement between Gopal and Radha for her to continue her friendship with her Best friend, Suraj. Her husband, Gopal was the last person on her list of relationships. A married husband had to burn his finger on a hot pan on the stove to get his wife's attention.

Gopal did not display any behavior problems before their marriage and he was not a "Complexed Man or a Bloody Weirdo".

A bedroom is someone's private space. Married or not married, a bedroom is not the appropriate place for brothers, sisters, parents and friends to communicate and to socialize with each other. There are common areas and rooms in a house where they could have communicated and socialized.

It was improper for Radha's brother to enter their bedroom and to sit on their bed to communicate with his sister, Radha. It was inappropriate behavior for Radha to invite her Best friend, Suraj into her bedroom. It was unacceptable behavior for her Best friend, Suraj to enter her bedroom. It was indecent for Suraj to take his shirt off in Radha's and Gopal's bedroom. Suraj and Radha respect personal boundaries.

It was so mean for Radha to give Suraj the shirt that she had bought for her husband, Gopal during their honeymoon. Later, Radha offered her husband, Gopal the red shirt that no one wanted.

Radha made a number of phone calls to Suraj on a daily basis but she never called her husband. Radha couldn't remember whether or not her husband liked coffee or tea but she remembered that Suraj liked Horlicks and wanted to make it for him. Suraj gave a birthday party for Gopal's wife when they were separated.

Yes, those were little things but little things add up. Radha was faithful but she never told Gopal that she loved him the most. Radha's and Suraj's inappropriate behaviors that they had displayed had definitely affected Gopal's emotional health.

Because Gopal was feeling jealous, was feeling insecure and was feeling inferior about his marriage with Radha, he wanted to able to sing like Suraj. After hearing Gopal singing, Radha laughed at him and told him that he didn't know how to sing but Suraj was an excellent singer.

Gopal loved his wife very much and was faithful husband to Radha. It was not appropriate for his Administrative Assistant to confide her marital problems to her boss and a married man, Gopal.

Yes, she had the right to love Gopal and no one could stop her from loving him, but he didn't have to accept her love. Even when she had made advances toward Gopal, he had rejected her advances.

Intentional or intentional, Suraj and Radha had misbehaved. They didn't examine their behaviors, but chose to label Gopal as a "Complexed Person", "Bloody Weirdo", Suspicious Nut" and "Crazy Man".

Suman who had never met Gopal said that he was not a good man; he was not a good husband and he was an arrogant man. She was not bothered by how many phone calls Suraj had made and received.

She was not bothered by it only because she was not engaged or married to Suraj. Suraj is still a "free man" and she had no right over him.

Yes! There is always a woman behind every successful man but Radha was obsessed with Suraj as to the point she neglected her husband.

When people get married, relatives and friends should back off a little to provide them the space and privacy they need to adjust to their married life.

Divorce was not the answer. It was good that Gopal asked Radha to leave because separation can give people the needed space and time to reexamine their behaviors and to sort out their feelings. I am happy that everyone who was involved was able to ask for forgiveness and to receive forgiveness each other.
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