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The University of Virginia is a-tingle with excitement, just before the great football game between Virginia and Hillside University. Ralph Everly and Harry Daniels are valued members of the team. Ralph is in love with Georgia, Harry's sister, and has urged her to give him her answer. She tells him he shall have it after the game. Harry has been consorting with gamblers, and they urge him to throw the game, as they are putting up money on the side of the opponents, and the betting is heavy on the home team. Just as the game begins, they send a note to Harry, on the field, offering him a thousand dollars to throw the game. By a mistake Ralph gets the note, but does not read it, as the whistle is sounded for the game to begin. The first half is played, and Virginia is victorious, the score being 3 to 0. Between the halves Harry managed to get the note from Ralph's helmet. He makes a fumble at a critical moment, and Virginia loses the game, the final score standing 7 to 3. The bystanders ...

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