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MPAA Rated R for strong violence, language, some sexuality and brief drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • A young man and woman kiss passionately, she removes her top and camisole revealing her bare breasts, they kiss some more and lie back on the ground.
  • A young woman begins to lift her top exposing her bare abdomen and the bottom of her lace bra.
  • A young man points a camera down a young woman's cleavage.
  • A young man and woman back into a room holding and caressing each other and nearly lie on a desk when they realize someone else is in the room.
  • A young man and woman nearly kiss.
  • Young women wear tight-fitting clothing that reveals cleavage, bare abdomens and shoulders.
  • A young man caresses a young woman's underwear hanging on a hanger.
  • A woman kisses a man wearing a mask.
  • A young man says to a young woman "you've got great legs, what time do they open?"
  • A young woman makes a remark about the cameras being "so phallic."
  • A young man tries to talk a young woman into taking off her clothes for a camera and refers to her being "young and naked."
  • Young men and women dance at a party.

Violence & Gore

  • A young man fights with a man hitting him with a rolling pin and swinging knives at him; the young man is stabbed through the chest and onto a door, from where he hangs (we see blood drip from the tip of the knife on the other side of the door).
  • A young woman is slowly impaled by being pushed against a metal rod (we see the rod protruding from her abdomen).
  • A young woman's head is lopped off and it rolls down stairs landing at the feet of three people.
  • A young man is grabbed by the head and squeezed (we hear his skull cracking and popping and see his eyes and mouth starting to bleed).
  • A young man is grabbed, pulled through a hole in a wall and stabbed in the head.
  • A young man is stabbed through the neck with the pointed leg of a tripod (when the weapon is pulled out of his neck, he slumps to the floor, we see blood gushing from his neck and onto his hands and we see his legs twitching).
  • A man is stabbed twice in the shoulder or chest (we see bloody slashes).
  • Two security guards go to a dismal and dark basement to check on a patient; one is decapitated (we hear him scream) and we see his bloody head in a washing machine, the other trips over the man's body and backs into the killer who slashes his throat with a large knife
  • . A flashback scene shows a woman decapitating a man by hitting him with a shovel (we see the severed head rolling on the ground), and several people being stabbed and/or slashed on the throat (we see blood on the resulting wounds).
  • A young woman runs into a room where she slips on a large puddle of blood and when she looks up, she sees a dead young woman dangling from the ceiling.
  • Two men fight: One man kicks and punches the other man, a young woman wraps a cord around the neck of one man and the other man kicks him through a window where he dangles by the neck and we see his legs twitch and he goes limp.
  • A man hits another man with a shovel which breaks, the first man is shoved into a wall, the other man raises a knife over him and the man on the ground shoves a live electrical cable into his crotch (the man is jolted, sparks fly, he stumbles back into a bunch of other wires and cables, the puddle he's standing in is zapped with electricity and we see him surrounded by flames).
  • A man dangles by a rope tied around his ankle over the side of a building; he grabs a woman by the hand, the rope breaks, they both fall, the man grabs onto the ledge, the woman is pulled over the ledge, lands on the knife he is holding (she is stabbed through the stomach) and falls to the ground below.
  • A young woman pulls down an attic door and finds a blood-covered young man with his throat slit, and several other bodies are discovered through the course of the movie.
  • A man chases a young woman, she climbs out a window, the man crashes his head through the window and slashes with a knife at her, she climbs onto the roof and through another window where she discovers the body of a young man with a bloody neck wound.
  • A young woman attacks a man with a chainsaw and cuts him a few times.
  • A young woman is chased by a man who slashes her leg with a knife and she kicks him in the head.


  • Motherf*cker is used so many times that it gets very annoying.
  • 30 F-words and its derivatives (one is mouthed), 1 obscene hand gesture, 1 sexual reference, 22 scatological terms, 8 anatomical terms, 12 mild obscenities, 5 religious profanities, 9 religious exclamations

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People drink alcohol.
  • A man tries to light a cigarette.
  • A young man and woman smoke a pipe with a drug in it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A few scenes towards the end of the film may be considered suspenseful or intense.

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