Halloween: Resurrection (2002) Poster

Busta Rhymes: Freddie Harris



  • Freddie Harris : Trick or treat, motherfucker!

  • Freddie Harris : Let the dangertainment begin!


    Freddie Harris : Up in this motherfucker.

  • Freddie Harris : [walking through the house dressed like Michael Myers, not knowing the REAL Michael is right behind him. Suddenly, he turns around]  Whoa, shit, man! Charlie, where da fuck you been, man? Don't you know we been lookin' all over dis muthafucka for you? And why the hell are you dressed like me anyway? I'm not payin you to be Michael Myers! I'M playin Michael Myers! And if them kids come around and see us dressed up in the same shit, it's going to ruin the whole effect! God damn it! What the hell is wrong with you?

    [Michael remains still] 

    Freddie Harris : I said what are you looking at me like that for?

    [tapping Michael's forehead] 

    Freddie Harris : Huh? You don't get it? You don't get it? Your shit up there ain't workin or something? Huh? You need to get you ass back in the garage with Nora! That's your job! Go back in there and help her ass out! Go do your job! I left the back door unlocked for your ass to go out the back and into the garage! That's what I did! You need to get the hell out of here!

    [Michael's still motionless] 

    Freddie Harris : Go on! Skoot! Skadattle! Get the fuck out of Dodge!

    [Michael finally walks away] 

    Freddie Harris : God damn it... what the hell does somebody gotta do to get a little decent help up in this mothafucka?

  • Freddie Harris : Looking a little crispy over there, Mikey. Like some chicken-fried motherfucker. Well, may he never, ever rest in peace.

  • Freddie Harris : Hey Mikey! Happy Fuckin' Halloween!

  • Freddie Harris : [fighting Michael]  Let's see what you got!

  • Freddie Harris : Fear is good. Fear is what gives us the feeling of being alive.

    Sara : Fear makes me want to throw up.

  • Sara : I don't want to be famous.

    Freddie Harris : What do you mean you don't want to be famous? That's the American dream!

  • Freddie Harris : You hit me like I murdered your fucking Mother or something!

  • Freddie Harris : Michael Myers is a killer shark. In baggy ass overalls who gets his kicks from killing everyone and everything he comes across.

  • Freddie Harris : [while watching TV]  Kick his ass! Kick his ass! Kick his ass! Who's better than Wat Chun Lee? Whoopin' everybody ass while he's smokin' a cigarette.

    [knock on the door] 

    Freddie Harris : Oh, shit. Who's knockin' on my door this late? Whoever this is, is distracting me from seeing Wat Chun Lee whoop some ass.

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