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Marvelous, unusual, rare
Ed-9016 September 2002
What a film. Done in watercolors, with great jazz music (by Dizzy Gillepsie, among others) this details the "ride of a lifetime," how people develop from birth to death. It's based on Erik Erikson's "8 Ages of Man" and is the type of film one doesn't see anymore, either in the western hemisphere or Europe...Lovely film, good for everyone. One more comment: It's a work of art. See it and see if I am exaggerating!
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Odd and symbolic narrative of Erickson's social development theory.
Caleb Stunkel11 December 2006
WOW! This film is incredible, and if there's anything to be said for the film, it's that it is very true to its basis. It follows the theories very closely and is a fine educational tool. In fact, that's how I was introduced to the film. But aside from the educational value, the film is extremely entertaining. The score is amazing; true 60's jazz... such a wonderful era.

However, if I were to make a suggestion for anyone wanting to watch this film, I would strongly recommend that you pay close attention to any symbolism. Half of the details surrounding Erickson's theory are hidden in symbolic images and gestures, but if you're a conscientious viewer at all, you'll pick up on them.
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Excellent, effective, educational film
taylorsc6 August 2004
In my opinion, not only is this still one of the best educational films that specifically illustrates Erik Erikson's 8 stages of "psychosocial development" that is useful in intro courses in psychology, but it has great potential value for adolescents, parents, teachers, and others in helping professions. Specifically, it does an excellent job showing how difficult experiences at different points in people's lives can have long-lasting, qualitatively different (depending upon when it happened) negative impact on a human beings experience of the world. As I recall it won awards for its animation but the bottom line is: This is an excellent, effective educational film!
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srbriere13 April 2003
This film has got to be the trippiest thing that I have ever seen, and I've watched Waking Life (which is actually really good, I recommend it). But Everybody Rides the Carousel has got this weird little jester guy and they go through all of Erikson's Eight Stages of Development without really explaining them. It is true that they don't make films like this anymore, and I personally think that there is a good reason for that. This film is only to be watched while high, it is the only way is can possibly be construed as good.
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