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For family
coolkev22 July 2001
This movie is truly enjoyable. I can watch it may times. My wife and I are great fans of Winnie the Pooh and particularly Tigger. He can bounces and can talk really fast. The way that Tigger was looking for his family made it really fun!

I recommend that movie to everybody that have babies and/or toddlers.
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Cool movie.
CuriosityKilledShawn15 July 2001
But it should have been a bit longer. 77 minutes is not enough. I have always loved Disney's animation of the Winnie the Pooh TV show and I was way excited when I first learned of this movie. 100 acre wood looks as magical as it always has done and is presented very well in this feature.

The story itself is a bit childish but still manages to have balls when it has Tigger FAIL to find his family. Although I would have liked him too I respect the ending they went for.

Although this film isn't to everyone's tastes (I know it seems a little fruity a guy of 20 can like this film) I say you should see this movie, preferably with kids. It's perfect child fodder and good entertainment. Not just family entertainment. Should be longer though.
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A Fun Movie With A Great Message About Family
sddavis6331 August 2009
Starting with a lament from Tigger that all the Winnie the Pooh movies are about - well - Winnie the Pooh, this movie goes on to meet his complaint and crafts a story about Tigger, who suddenly decides that being the only one isn't the most wonderful thing about Tiggers. Frustrated because he can't get any of his friends to go bouncing with him, Tigger becomes convinced that there must be a whole family of tiggers somewhere out there in the Hundred Acre woods, and he sets out to find them, leading to a series of adventures for all the gang and disappointment for Tigger, until he suddenly realizes that he didn't need to go looking for his family - they were right there all the time. Having adopted my daughter from China a few years ago (at 5, she loves this movie, by the way) I thought the message was so important: Pooh and Eeyore and Roo and Kanga and Owl and Piglet and Rabbit were Tigger's family - because family doesn't have to look like you or even be the same as you. Family are the ones who care about you and love you, no matter what.

The movie includes some nice songs and a few laughs (although it isn't really "funny" and also includes a few sad scenes as well.) It's fun for kids and pleasant viewing for adults, too. 9/10
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I've Been Waiting For Tigger to Have His Own Film, and "A Tigger Movie" Accomplished Its Goal...
MovieAddict201612 December 2002
In this film, Tigger (voiced by Jim Cummings -- one of the least known yet well deserved voice actors) basically thinks he has a family, and is elated when he hears they're coming to the Hundred Acre Woods.

One knows everything that is going to happen in this film, but who didn't know Pooh would get out of Rabbit's hole in the classic "Pooh" film? I for one found that though predictable, "The Tigger Movie" is a film with a message, and it can be enjoyed by all ages. It isn't "rated PG for brief language." It doesn't have small print. It's harmless family fun, and I praise the film on that account. Tigger swearing or aiming a gun at Roo's head just wouldn't do for me (though it would be funny to see on "The Late Show," or something that can twiddle with the animation :)

I give "The Tigger Movie" 3/5 stars -- it has the Disney magic in it.

John Ulmer
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Cute Movie
SweetHolly7 August 2001
I thought that this movie was darling. The characters were cute. The story was very good. Everyone who worked on this movie did a wonderful movie. I highly recommend this movie for people of all ages to watch because it was so good.
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Tigger's going to bounce, pounce, flounce and trounce critics of this movie.
Phillemos18 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The people who have been posting that this movie is too depressing are missing the point. You can't make a full-length movie about anything, even the mighty Tigger, and just have two hours of "life is wonderful" hoo-has without making it terminally boring. So, this movie decides to expand on one of the staple features of the great Tigger... He is the only Tigger alive, as far as he can tell. He wants to meet his long lost family. Since nobody in the Hundred Acre Wood knows where he came from, they all decide to dress up in Tigger costumes. Tigger figures it out, is hurt and upset, and vows to leave the Hundred Acre Wood, forever I might add, during a blinding nor'easter. When he's almost died of hypothermia, he gets rescued by the Hundre Acre folks and realizes that they are all the family He needs. First of all, this movie is no more depressing than "Bambi," "Lady and the Tramp" or any "Charlie Brown" movie, all of which are geared toward kids. If you cried when Tigger got upset and left in a snowstorm, then this movie did its job. Second, the movie is well done and keeps you enthralled throughout. I actually saw this with an ex-girlfriend and she said it was one of the best movies anyone had taken her to see. This gets a 9 out of 10.
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Tigger rocks (or should I say bounces?)
Shiva-1112 February 2000
The Tigger Movie: With everyone preparing for winter, Tigger (spell that T-I-double GRR) can't find anyone who will bounce with him. He decides that what he needs to do is find the other Tiggers so he'll have someone to bounce with whenever he feels the urge. But isn't, the wonderful thing about Tiggers is that Tigger's the only one?

As you may have already guessed, unlike the previous Pooh adventures this is a Tigger vehicle (and it's about time I say). It has been a long while since I watched the originals, and it felt strange to hear the characters voiced by different people, most notably Eeyore and Rabbit. And did they have so many songs ? I stopped counting at four. Also, I found the inconsistent animation a bit distracting. But whose kidding whom? It was a fun movie, with humor, action, pathos, and resolution, and I bet more than a few people will leave this movie with a tear in their eye.

Take the kids, or just tell them you're one at the wicket.
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Remember the fun....
void-715 February 2000
If you liked Tigger and crew as a child, then go back and see them again.

The kids will enjoy it, and the adults will, too. One can't help but become involved with the characters, and eyes will become misty no matter how hard you fight it.

The songs are original and funny, and even have subtle references that older viewers will catch (they are NOT inappropriate in any way) and younger ones will miss, which allows many age levels to enjoy it.

You have to be quick, though, because Tigger sings faster than he bounces.
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"The Tigger Movie" Blu-ray teaches children the value of friendship and family
ersinkdotcom10 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I've never been a big Winnie the Pooh fan. As a child who grew up in a household full of sic-fi nerds, the 1,000 Acre Woods really didn't hold any fascination for me. I was more interested in a future world where fully dressed apes spoke to each other and tortured humans the same way they had been.

Who wants to hang out with a bunch of bears, kangaroos, and rabbits in the woods when you could fly around space with Luke Skywalker battling stormtroopers and Darth Vader in a galaxy far, far away? I may not feel an emotional tie to Winnie the way many children and their parents do, but I can enjoy one of their adventures every once in a while.

Tigger longs for a family of his own kind. He searches high and low for any members of his orange and black striped breed but can't seem to locate any. Can his friends help him find his direct relatives while teaching him the real definition of friends and family?

This movie has a message just like all Disney movies do. It concentrates on the importance of friends and shows viewers that your family isn't necessarily made up of people you're immediately connected to by blood. Families are made up of individuals who care for each other but don't share the same lineage.

The world of Winnie the Pooh is timeless. Obviously, that's part of the attraction to the stories and movies. Everyone wants to escape to a fantasy world like Christopher Robin. They want to hang out with their childhood toys and forget about all the cares of the world for a while.

"The Tigger Movie" is a great addition to the Disney library for fans of Winnie the Pooh. Even though it concentrates on the bouncy tiger, there's still plenty of the lovable bear in the movie to please enthusiasts. It's a wholesome movie that families can enjoy together over and over.
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***** a perfect 5 stars,the first "great" movie of the year.
PJS-529 September 2000
Cast:Jim cummings(Who framed roger rabbit),Kath Soucie(Rugrats),Peter Cullen(Transformers the movie),Ken sansom(Transformers),John Fielder(Fox and the hound)


MPAA rating G(although it had an intense avalanche scene in it)

Star rating:5 out of 5 stars(Excellent)

Summary:Its kinda like "Muppets from space" it stars Tigger(Jim cummings) who is starting to get tired of his "I'm the only one" reputation. And then he tries to find his family while Pooh (Jim cummings) and piglet (John fielder) and kanga (Kath soucie) and roo (noptika hopkins in her 1st performance) and owl (andre stojka) and eeyore (Peter cullen) help tigger. While rabbit (ken sansom) isn't all that thrilled with that idea while he is preparing for winter.

Well the cast is very good.The movie is very thrilling.This movie did the original one justice. (It almost surpassed the original)

Its basically the finest animated film featuring Peter cullen ever since "Transformers the movie" (He was optimus prime and ironhide in Transformers the movie).

The sight gags are truly a treat because with "tiggerish" parodies of art pictures like "american gothic","venus de milo" or even things like Jerry Springer. (Don't worry parents it is still a good kids movie anyways).

Its a great treat for all those who remembered the first film & then some. I admit it was quite tear-jerking. It has very fine simplistic animation. And those are just some things I could say. Not too mention that this is one of the finest movies featuring Kenny Loggins music ever since Top Gun.

And there are only 2 disappointments. While cummings did a great job as tigger it was kinda sad that the original voice of tigger (paul winchell) wasn't in the film. Because this could've surpassed the original. What happenend to gopher how come he wasn't in the film? I know its a small question but still.

Quote:Yes you bounced me many times-Pooh
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A delightful animated film for the whole family
TheLittleSongbird21 September 2009
The Tigger Movie is just a delightful heartwarming film, and has a great message about family. Although it is primarily a kids movie, this is one of the few animated films of recent times, when an adult feels comfortable watching it. The animation is very colourful and crisp on the most part, and the songs aren't at all bad, in fact they are fun and on the most part memorable. And I also want to say, at 17 I still love Winnie the Pooh, and maybe I am being biased for really liking this movie, but Tigger is such a lovable and fun character, he truly deserved his own movie. Speaking of Tigger, as much as I love Paul Winchell, who IS the voice of Tigger as far as I'm concerned, Jim Cummings voices him marvellously, and his singing is beautiful. (Cummings is also a very underrated voice artist, he is just incredible, born to voice Darkwing Duck and Rasoul from the Aladdin movies is a great character mainly because of Cummings' vocal input) The story is a very heartwarming one, and there are some truly touching scenes like the ending, which made me cry when I first saw it. Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Roo especially are great supporting characters. My only complaints for the Tigger Movie, are that it is too short at just over 75 minutes, and while the story is heartwarming, not very much happens in terms of action. However, despite these minor flaws, it is a hugely enjoyable animated film, that is really pleasant not only for kids but for adults too. A solid 8/10 Bethany Cox
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A good film for kids. Not as good as the one in the 70's
MisterWhiplash14 February 2000
The Tigger Movie is a good movie for kids, but for people who expect the original film (The Classic: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh) should just stay home. The film is worth seeing if you are a rabid Winnie the Pooh fan, a kid who likes it, or are just a movie buff. The songs are not as creative as last time and the story line isn't as good as the last one(also, you may notice John Fiedler is the only original voice from the first film in this one), but if you are looking for similar characters, some of the same animation techniques, and some new surprises, this film is for you.
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Revlis322 August 2001
This was a wonderful movie, not only for children but for adults. It shows what families are all about - love. If you love Winnie the Pooh, you'll love this Tigger movie. All the guys are in it. And nobody is loved as much as Tigger is!
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deedrake3 May 2000
Completely fun! The Tigger Movie is great! Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo, Eeyore, Owl...every character is wonderful. And it's great to see Roo more centerstage. He's such a cute character. And it's wonderful to see them on the big screen. Tigger's very own movie...what could be better.
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A nice addition to the Pooh films
Figaro-812 April 2000
The gang from the Hundred Acre Wood is back on the big screen, and it is nice to see them there again. Writer/director Jun Falkenstein has fashioned a nice story that keeps the spirit of the characters intact, and art director Toby Bluth has created some gorgeous visuals. After the disappointing video "The Mighty Kong," it's nice to see the Shermans back on track with the songs. (Then again, this is not exactly unfamiliar territory to them.) While the original cast will be missed (only John Fiedler returns--good luck trying to find a replacement voice for Piglet after he's gone!), the new cast does a fine job.

But this is not called "The Tigger Movie" for nothing, and indeed the film belongs to Jim Cummings. He may not be Paul Winchell, but he brings a lot of energy to Tigger that comes through the speakers. I imagine it is not very easy to play the lively Tigger and then do a complete 180 and voice the laid-back Pooh, but Cummings pulls it off nicely. Praise must also go to Nikita Hopkins, whose wonderfully sincere performance as Roo will melt your heart like butter--just listen in the winter scene where Roo asks for Pooh's help in finding Tigger because it is his fault Tigger's gone.

Oh, yes, about the hauntingly beautiful "Your Heart Will Lead You Home," co-written and performed by Kenny Loggins--that song deserves to win every award it can.
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JSForth23 February 2000
This was truly good old-fashioned fun for all ages. The animation was crisp and clear, but still retained a gentle, golden quality. The story was sweet. The songs were cute. And, of course, Tigger was wonderful.
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Tigger's Truly Tearjerking Tale!
chrisbishop500014 July 2006
Whenever I even think of this lovely movie, I cry. It is such a sad story with a very moving ending. Adults as well as children need this - it's about family and how important any family should be to anybody! All I want to do, apart from cry my heart out, is give poor, forlorn Tigger a big, big hug and let him know that his family are right there with him. All of them; Pooh, Piglet, Owl, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo and even Rabbit they all love him. You see this is what I love about Disney's Winnie the Pooh movies; every single one of those beloved characters love and care for each other, there's never any hate and the messages to them all make me feel very humble.

I've always been a fan of Pooh and all his friends and won't ever stop doing.
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Somewhat fun, fun, fun
StevePulaski12 August 2011
The Tigger Movie is a first in the Winnie the Pooh franchise for being named after one character. Later we would get Piglet's Big Movie, but for now, Tigger takes the stage. What we get is an on-par children's film, but not enough fun, excitement, or laughs to be compared to the two previous Pooh films.

Tigger has been curious about his family recently, and is now looking for his family tree (a real tree, he mistakes). He prances around with his buddy Roo in search of his family before he decides to write them a letter. Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, and Kanga worry about Tigger being letdown by his family's no-show when they see he has thrown a party for them. So they all dress up like Tiggers to make Tigger feel loved.

The bouncy, stripped character sure has enough energy to carry a mere seventy-five minute film, but when compared to the gentleness of the previous two films, Tigger's antics grow tiresome after a little while and then the rest of the cast joins him giving a likable performance.

The animation, events, and the cheery nature brought from the three short stories in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, lacks here greatly because Tigger is such a rambunctious and silly character that a lot of the joy and easy-flow that occupied the stories is kind of neglected here. But I'm in no way trying to put down the beast, he is quite an uppity character, that has some high points in this film.

Children will enjoy this because their is always something on screen that is either fast-paced or musical. Parents might enjoy bits and pieces, while at other points may be annoyed by Tigger's antics. The Tigger Movie packs a wallop, and the wonderful thing is that it's a semi-wonderful thing.

Voiced by: Jim Cummings, Nikita Hopkins, John Fiedler, Ken Sansom, Peter Cullen, Andre Stojka, Kath Soucie, and Tom Attenborough. Directed by: Jun Falkenstein.
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Not much to it but enjoyable
bob the moo28 December 2003
After causing more trouble than good with all his bouncing, Tigger realises that he is different from the rest of his friends and gets depressed. When overhearing about Owl's family tree, Tigger realises that he needs to find his family tree to be able to have people to bounce around with. He sets out to try and find his family's tree in the forest.

Having seen the pretty poor movie featuring Piglet I didn't hold out much hope for this film even if Tigger is one of the more fun characters of the series. However the plot is a little better than that film and the whole thing has a lot more energy to it. The basic plot is reasonable enough but it will be no surprise to anyone that lessons are there to be learned. The film moves along easy enough and is light enough to enjoy without being hard to watch.

The songs are OK and aren't overdone to the point that their averageness becomes a major drag. The animation is pretty basic though and this is matched by the voice work, which doesn't really do anything and actually sounds quite bland. The film isn't great though - it's just passable enough to watch. Kids should enjoy it but even for them it may be all a bit bland and `nice' to compete with sharper cartoons. As for adults, it is unlikely that they will take much from it apart from having the kids distracted for an hour or so.

Overall, fans of Pooh and all will probably enjoy this film, I liked it because it was undemanding and quite a pleasant little story. The animation is OK even if the voice work is poor and the humour of the film couldn't compete with the much sharper kids animations that are out there.
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a wonderful first movie for my two year old daughter
markc-422 February 2000
The animals in the Hundred Acre Wood have been my favorite characters to read stories of to my little girl. My wife and I told her all about movie theaters, popcorn, etc., and we bought her the Tigger Movie book to prepare her for this great event, her first movie at a theater. We were not disappointed. The animation was outstanding, the story meaningful and insightful, and I particularly enjoyed the songs, especially the end title song, which was performed by Kenny Loggins. My little girl screamed with delight and shouted often to the characters and our little eight month old, who also accompanied us, tried several times to reach out and grab Tigger and friends off the screen. A great movie and a truly fun day for us. Tiggerificent!!!
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Cute for Winnie-the-Pooh fans
locotilly20 February 2000
This was a cute movie for kids and fans of the cartoon character. I could actually watch it without becoming bored which is a plus.

The story line was pretty good, yet not too original. It made you feel warm inside which is what all Disney movies do.

The songs were good, and everyone loves The Tigger Song especially. A good movie for the family.
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A movie with bounce!
marion-822 February 2000
I thought a movie with Tigger as the main character might be a bit grating, but I have to admit I ended up liking "The Tigger Movie" more than I expected (even with a squirming four-year-old on my lap). The songs are good, the performances excellent, and there are some wonderful visuals (watch for the Tiggerized art masterpieces in Tigger's fantasy sequence!). There's enough to keep both kids and adults entertained, and the lesson Tigger learns about the true meaning of family is sweet and touching and well-developed. A movie with laughter, tears, not to mention a lot of bounce!
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Cute but Disappointing.
Zycho-321 July 2000
I have been a fan of Winnie The Pooh since....God knows when, and I was expecting The Tigger Movie to be one of the cutest flicks ever. I was sure right, it was cute, but it didn't get up to the high standards of the other Pooh movies. The story moves just a tad too fast, and the screenplay could of been improved.

The Tigger Movie is a fun, worthy watch for all Pooh fans, but for the rest, I don't really recommend it.

Rating: 6
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It's a kids' movie
martacampos28 June 2000
Warning: Spoilers
The story of this movie is as simple as can be... (I've no intent to be spoiler, so I won't go into it). But it's its simplicity that makes this film so good for little children. Even so the most important feature in this film is the complete inexistence of a sexual content. ( And by this I mean there are no women who look like Lara Croft, and no filthy old man grabbing some barbies!! Like in Toy story!) I do think that this is a good movie for children, and I'm glad to see that Disney could still make movies FOR CHILDREN!
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