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Season 1

1 Apr. 2001
Misfit Love
While Bob searches for a second job to pay for excessive medical expenses, Milo falls in love with "Debbie", who is actually an alien.
8 Apr. 2001
Narcoleptic Scottie
Forced to give their hyperactive dog to a good family, the Oblongs later discover that the animal is enduring experiments in a laboratory.
15 Apr. 2001
Milo Interrupted
Milo discovers a secret about Helga--she's been living alone for a year!
22 Apr. 2001
Pickles puts a bucket on Milo's head to keep him dry in the rainand sends him off to school. Funzie, the cool guy, thinks Milo's bucket is hip, so the next day, everyone wears a bucket on their heads. Milo finds himself running with the in-crowd, so he sets out to launch a strange new line of apparel--with disasterous results.
29 Apr. 2001
Heroine Addict
When Beth becomes enthralled with a television heroine, Pickles tries to regain her admiration.
6 May 2001
The Golden Child
Milo invents a sports drink that gains promotion-minded Bob attention at work.
13 May 2001
Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga
Helga gets stuck in the sewer and halts the town's water supply.
20 May 2001
Disfigured Debbie
The Oblongs help a disfigured Debbie adjust to her new ugliness by inviting her to stay with them.
25 Aug. 2002
Pickles' Little Amazons
Pickles transforms a Girl Scout troop into con artists to win a fundraising competition.
8 Sep. 2002
Get Off My Back
Bob accidentally glues Milo to his conjoined brothers.
15 Sep. 2002
Please Be Genital
Bob and Pickles learn they have more in common than just sex.
6 Oct. 2002
My Name Is Robbie
Bob becomes a new man after an accident forces his company to outfit him with mechanical arms and legs.
20 Oct. 2002
Father of the Bribe
Biff and Chip start a controversy after finding the mayor's bribe money.

 Season 1 

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