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Village Voice
It's a kick to see the Tim Robbins version of the man recently described by the Microsoft trial judge as "Napoleonic" installed in a disgustingly opulent Bond-villain HQ/pad, and the overwrought Boiler Room-meets-The Game scenario is not without its own schlocky pleasures.
Wall Street Journal
I do wish Mr. Robbins's one-note co-stars had been worthy of his performance, and that some of the melodramatics hadn't been quite so slapdash.
Entertainment Weekly
While Robbins has a good time playing the boyish devil, the rest of the principals transmit on an awfully low baud rate.
Boston Globe
An example of a film that begins with a provocative idea and then runs itself into the ground with clumsy structuring.
Ironically, the filmmakers seem to think the audience for this movie about super-smart people is super-dumb.
Chicago Sun-Times
They might have been able to make a nice little thriller out of Antitrust if they'd kept one eye on the Goofy Meter.
New York Post
An inferior factory product, cranked out with little care and less imagination, that seems all the dumber because it's pretending to be smart and topical.
Libel on one of the true visionaries of American business in the 20th century, a man unfairly demonized for doing what others strove to do but doing it faster and better.
A crap film that's steeped in liberal paranoia, but it's also so ludicrous that it falls under the guilty-pleasure category.
Washington Post
It's too bad we don't have red, glowing DELETE buttons next to those soda cup holders. I could have done the world a favor.

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