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Season 5

10 Jun. 1999
I Are Terraformer!
I.M. Weasel and I.R. Baboon are terraformers.
22 Jul. 1999
I Am Viking
Weasel and I.R. are Vikings, who are ready, willing and able to pillage and plunder anything in sight. However, is it not too late to join The Red Guy in being a Viking cheerleader?
22 Jul. 1999
The Drinking Fountain of Youth
Weasel and I.R. set sail to find the Drinking Fountain of Youth.
29 Jul. 1999
Leave It to Weasel
Weasel and I.R. are called in as replacement kids after a couple's real children go away to camp.
29 Jul. 1999
The Fairy Godfather
Cinder-Weasel tries to make it to the evening ball, despite the interference of his evil stepbrother, I.R. Baboon. Can our Weasel get help from his Fairy Godfather (rhe Red Guy)?
29 Jul. 1999
I Are Robin Hood
I.R. Baboon takes the role of Robin Hood, with Weasel being his ally, Little John.
5 Aug. 1999
The Incredible Shrinking Weasel!
Doctors Weasel and I.R. shrink themselves in order to perform an operation, which is to repair a crack in The Red Guy's butt cheek.
5 Aug. 1999
Baboon Man and Boy Weasel
Baboon is the hero known as Baboon Man, whereas Weasel is his sidekick, Weasel Boy.
5 Aug. 1999
I.M.N. Love
Whilst at the gym, Weasel and I.R. fall in love with Cow and Chicken's teacher.
12 Aug. 1999
I.R.'s First Bike
I.R. gets a bike for Christmas. Learning of his inexperience, Weasel tries to help him.
12 Aug. 1999
The Sorcerer's a Dentist
Back in the medieval times, Weasel is a dentist with wizardry powers with Baboon as his envious nurse.
12 Aug. 1999
The Wrong Bros.
The Red Guy narrates a documentary about The Right Bros. and the Wrong Bros. (Weasel and I.R.), competing to see who could invent the first plane.
19 Aug. 1999
I Am Cave Weasel
Weasel and Baboon are cavemen living back in the prehistoric times. Weasel tries to invent new products to create the future.
19 Aug. 1999
My Blue Hiney
Weasel is a country music singer, and his first big hit is the song "My Blue Hiney". The Red Guy acts as his manager.
19 Aug. 1999
Mission: Stupid
Weasel and Baboon are troops enlisted in the U.S Ground Force and must rescue a lone kitty stuck in a tree.
26 Aug. 1999
Back to School
Weasel and I.R. are sent back to repeat the fourth grade, in which they would go to the same school as Cow and Chicken.
26 Aug. 1999
I Am a Artiste
The Red Guy narrates the story of when Weasel and Baboon moved to Paris in 1909 to become famous artists.
26 Aug. 1999
Fred: Last of the Idiots
Weasel is out to capture the elusive wild idiot known as Fred who's the last of his kind and bring him into civilization.
2 Sep. 1999
I Are Bellhop
Weasel works at a hotel as the manager, whereas I.R. is his incompetent bellhop. However, Weasel needs to rely on I.R.'s help when an acclaimed cannibal actor (the Red Guy) wants to eat him for dinner.
2 Sep. 1999
Take I.R. Out to the Ballgame
Weasel attempts to take I.R. out to a baseball game.
2 Sep. 1999
I Bee Weasel
Weasel and I.R. are worker bees, and the red-butt baboon wants to do a honey dance like all the other bees but it soon results in further problems.
9 Sep. 1999
I Am Franken-Weasel
A mad scientist wants to make an experiment with someone who is dead. I.R. goes to the graveyard and finds The Red Guy who is alive. Weasel's experiment goes wrong.
9 Sep. 1999
A Troo Storee
Weasel's theory on monkeys typing Shakespeare goes wrong when almost every monkey involved walks out on him. However, he sees hope in the form of I.R. Baboon, who writes a book entitled "A Troo Storee", despite the fact that it lowers people's I.Q. level.
9 Sep. 1999
Rodeo Weasel
Weasel is a famous cowboy working in a rodeo in which Baboon is a clown.
16 Sep. 1999
The Legend of Big Butt
Weasel and I.R. are in search of a legend known as Big Butt, which later turns out to be the Red Guy.
16 Sep. 1999
I Am Dragon Slayer
It's the Middle Ages, and Weasel and I.R. are looking for a dragon to slay.
16 Sep. 1999
I Are Legend
Weasel finds himself alone in an empty area. Baboon soon finds him and they do crazy things. Soon they search for survivors and find the Red Guy who claims to be a "zombie". Weasel finds out that nobody else was around because everyone at home was watching HIM, but I.R. instead.

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