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The theme song remains in my head
florow23 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie when I was 6. The thing I remember most about it is the closing scene (or opening scene?), with the Indian boy riding his pony and throwing his hat into the wind. I can still hear the song in my head. I'm glad others have seen this movie, because no one I know has any recollection of it, and I'm sure I was with 1 or 2 of my siblings when I saw it. Anyway, I'd love to see it again with my young boys.
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Good family/ children's film.
dsayne19 January 2001
Even though it has been more than thirty years since I have seen this film my memories of it are quite vivid. I do not remember many plot details but the images of this little indian boy and his pony are very strong. It made such an impression that having seen it only once I never forgot how much enjoyment it gave me. I remembered the title and searched for it by name. This movie would be an excellent change of pace for children reared on a constant diet of magic and super powers. Show this to your kids and you will show them that normal people can have adventures too!
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j a lowe-sanchez9 August 2003
I was only five when I saw this film and only saw it once - the image of the Indian boy remains. I have thought about this film all these years and am still trying to locate a copy. I remember it being about a boy wanting to fly. I think that an Indian legend was retorted stating something about an Indian that turned into an Eagle....and Indians that tried to fly and failed. The boy, of course follows his dream of flying.....
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