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A hugely enjoyable mondo crock doc
Woodyanders23 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Director Lee Frost was one of the all-time great drive-in grindhouse filmmakers who made everything from biker flicks to blaxploitation items to hicksploitation outings throughout the course of his remarkable career. Frost churned out more than his fair share of mondo documentaries as well. This wild, racy, and snappy number rates highly as one of Frost's finest and most entertaining entries in this particular beloved exploitation sub-genre. Among the topics addressed herein are a terrifically trashy commercial for a karate school complete with a nasty would-be rapist and a hot chick taking a shower, a portable topless bar, an underground lesbian club in Geneva where two gorgeous gals get it on with each other as part of an initiation ritual, rowdy teenagers protesting a strict curfew on the Sunset Strip, a middle-aged Swedish woman killing both her husband and his younger mistress in a grisly automobile accident, and a French femme fatale who murdered three guys in order to get a man she was smitten with closer to her. The footage on strip clubs and their often bizarre customs all over the world is especially choice stuff: a risqué Paris nightclub, sexy Brussels strippers, virgin strippers at some posh high-class London club, and, best of all, Nazi strippers in East Berlin whose acts have heavy political overtones. Naturally, there's an absurdly solemn narrator relating lots of rather dubious "facts" throughout. The neatly varied score includes some sweet bluesy wailing and an insanely rippin' surf-rock instrumental. Of course, there's a wondrous plethora of tasty female nudity on constant parade as well. The sharp cinematography alternates between bold color and crisp black and white. At a brisk 65 minutes this flick is never dull and races along at a ceaseless speedy clip. A total pip.
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Sleazy 60s mondo film
Love-Old-Wierd-Flicks27 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The forbidden is a thoroughly enjoyable mondo film. Most of the subject matter is very adult and very sexual in nature. There is a TON of nudity in this movie. That being said, I found it really interesting. Some of the subject matter that is touched on are a karate school that advertises with an extremely risqué' commercial, a portable topless bar, prostitutes that drug their johns and steel their money, a jealous wife who smashes her car into her husbands car killing him and his mistress, a strip club in Brussels, a private lesbian club in Switzerland, a riot in Los Angeles, a London strip club that only hires virgins, a stripping school for housewives, and Nazi strippers in Berlin, I really enjoyed this one.
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Great if you accept what you're watching
dave-76-49061515 November 2020
Done in 1966 by Frost and narrated by Bob Cresse, it's another "Hey naked girls" picture that were rare in 1966. It is not a documentary. It is not a reality show. It's nothing but an excuse to film and display nude girls. If you can place yourself back in 1966 it's fine. If you project 2020 mores on this film, you won't enjoy it.
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Waste of Space
dcarroll7431 October 2020
I started watching then I stopped. Make a documentary out of that.
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Baby Bubbles!
BandSAboutMovies3 June 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Get ready for sixty-six minutes of pure scum from 1966, presented by Lee Frost (who wrote Race with the Devil and directed A Climax of Blue Power, along with The Thing With Two Heads) and Bob Cresse (whose Olympic International Films also brought The Scavengers and Love Camp 7 to the not so silver screen).

AGFA, who got the print of this out to the world all over again, says that it is "packed with staged scenes of Swiss lesbians, L.A. rapists, Parisian tarts and Nazi strippers."

There's also a sexy karate school commercial that for some reason has a girl taking a shower, murder and lots of strip club footage because it was 1966 and that's the kind of thing that wasn't widely available yet.

There's also a great jazz/surf rock soundtrack under the hyperbolic narration. This had to blow minds fifty years ago. Today, it's all pretty tame. But hey - somebody had to break ground, right?
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As much of a documentary as The Muppet Show is.
Angry_Santa31 October 2020
This "creation" defies classification. Despite its claims, it's NOT a documentary - not even a mockumentary. It's not a comedy, and it's definitely not a movie. It seems that these seeming devotees who refer to it as "Mondo" are actually getting their terms confused - it's more "Gonzo."

I can only think that it might have been a piece of military propaganda of the time; the level of intellect it appears to be aimed at would be appropriate.

Give it a miss if you value your time and your sanity.
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