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"strong erotica" ?
rlcsljo25 May 2003
Somehow, it seems that bad porn from the seventies is now being reclassified as "strong erotica". This movie has all the trappings of the old porno 1) Very little pretense at plot (although more than "hardcore" of today): A bunch of hubbies at a hotel are having erectile problems with their significant others until a slut shows them, and everyone else in the hotel, how to do it. She even goes so far has to help them when they are sleeping. 2) Lots of oral contact with just about every erogenous zone, but surprisingly few hard responses from the guys. (a couple with phony spunk shots) 3) A brief explicit sex scene, without a spunk shot.

All of the woman, except Romay, are young and in fairly good condition. The guys are in good shape, but don't "stand out" very far, if you know what I mean.
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That Certain Taste
Michael_Elliott8 March 2008
That Certain Taste (1978)

** (out of 4)

Three couples are staying at a hotel and all are having sexual issues. One day a professional porn star (Lina Romay) shows up and teaches everyone how to do it. This hardcore film is once again from Spanish director Jess Franco and this one here is certainly the best of the three I've seen. Again, I'm really not sure how to rate this stuff but Romay, when not sexually servicing everyone, has a lot of nice, comedic moments, which is why I rank this the highest. It's also nice seeing Susan Hemmingway, although it took me a while to get use to seeing her in hardcore scenes. Again, this normally isn't my type of thing but my goal is to see every Franco film
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